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Written on Budget time – Marco Island City Council: All-day sessions close in on fiscal year budget :

Im tired of the carte blanche this police dept has with the council. Come on folks additional cops? This isnt Miami,we could easily be sufficiently protected with 20 officers.

Written on Bike committee strives for two-wheeler safety :

Bike paths are a joke. They put them in on Marco Lake Dr.Everyone still walks and rides their bicycles on the road.I dare you to take a drive there after dark.You see riders and walkers in dark clothes with no lights on.Why are headlights and taillights not required?

Written on Driver reaching for cell phone crashes into fire truck, state police report:

Until they ban cell phone use while driving the carnage will continue

Written on Letter to the Editor: Police have better things to do:

I agree she should have recieved a warning but with 30 some officers on this island they have to do something to try to show their worth.

Written on Firefighter charged with disorderly conduct on Marco Island :

Hats off to the officers,they didnt taze any bystanders or crash the new gas guzzlers we just bought them.Im impressed

Written on Keeping Marco beautiful: Committee works for beauty in lean budget times:

The city has some of the nicest street signs ever,however take a drive on San Marco from the fire dept to Barfield.You cant see the signs til your at the street,what a waste

Written on Bike collisions with vehicles on rise on Marco; three bicycle committee members hit:

You can drive anywhere on marco at night til early morning and see bike riders wearing dark clothes and no headlight or taillights. I believe on Naples theres an ordinance that you have to have lights. Why not here?.Another point,we dont need bike paths the city poured sidewalks on both sides of Marco Lake Dr and everyone still rides on the road.

Written on Man accused of driving over, crushing car at Redneck Yacht Club:

Dats wat rednecks do.Didnt u ever see roadhouse?

Written on At the pump: Marco Island residents feel the pinch a bit more than some tourists:

By the way,what is the MPG on the gas guzzlers we just bought the police dept. Are all 35 officers gonna get one?

Written on Six months down, six to go? Ex-sheriff Hunter hits half-year as Marco police chief :

I think Don is doing a fine job,what with he has to deal with. He has to hire back a moron who was previosly let go.He cant fire a couple other idiots who shouldnt even be able to wear a badge. He has to deal with a force twice as big as needed, I wouldnt blame him for leaving especially having to deal with this city council. He deserves much better than this

Written on Group wants Lee Sheriff's Office to absorb Fort Myers police force :

Hey come to Marco im sure we can loan you about fifteen officers we dont need.

Written on Marco Chief takes fire-rescue boat out of service after vessel’s poor performance in powerboat explosion:

Les buy a nice thirty foot Scarab with a big water tank on it that way they can go fast to a boat fire which happens every few YEARS. and build a covered shelter to keep it in along with a full time crew around the clock that should be housed in a nice million or so dollar facility. By the way whats the MPG of the the gass guzzlers MIPD just got, Is that enough vehicles for the thirty or so officers to cruise around in.

Written on VIDEO: Man punched, pepper sprayed in Marco patrol car settles lawsuit for $50,000:

The majority of these comments are against M I P D Whats it gonna take to disban them?

Written on Gibson: ‘People are dying ’ - Council discusses emergency needs on Marco:

I can see it already. a five million dollar buildind,two transport vehicles,a staff of another 20 or so union employees.Dont laugh just look at our police force

Written on Pruning the budget: Marco Island Beautification Committee works to keep island landscaping up with budget down:

One thing that Ill never figure out is the city put up the finest examples of street signs,nice blue and easy to read along San Marco Rd. and then put trees in front of them so you have to be on top of them to see them .Bad planning folks.

Written on Marco officer fired for role in August car crash:

Usually these guys get only demoted rather than fired,Good job chief now lets cut this force in half.

Written on Marco Island City Council budget workshop: Millage rate increases unless more cuts can be agreed to:

What is in going to take for the council to even consider the idea of cutting the police dept budget?We dont need 35 officers

Written on Marco Island City Council budget workshop: Millage rate increases unless more cuts can be agreed to:

Cut the police in half and dont let them take police vehicles home, guarantee we will not see an increase in crime

Written on Man accused of rear-ending motorcycle, killing passenger charged with careless driving:

He kills a person and may get poins on his license are you kidding?

Written on Marco police car involved in wreck that shut down Collier Blvd.:

In every organization you always have a few problem members.In this one its Rambo and the guy who wears his girlfriends white glasses. Sorry folks we dont dont need 35 officers on this island.Im startind to see more deputies on the island and 951.Hopefully theyre gonna take over

Written on PHOTOS: On his first day, Hunter discusses his new role:

Good luck chief. Many of us hope you realize we need about half of the officers we now have. Lets get to a reasonable budget.Also I dont think officers need to take police vehicles to and from work off the island.

Written on Barbara Berry, left, of Marco Island and retired Collier County Sheriff's Office secretary, greets n:

I wish Don the best.He will soon discover he has some bad talent to deal with. I hope he realizes we dont need or cant afford 30 some officers.

Written on Officer Thompson demoted; neither side happy with outcome of internal investigation:

No wonder yhe deputies refer to the MIPD as the keystone cops

Written on Officer Thompson demoted; neither side happy with outcome of internal investigation:

in response to dc5799:

Is Diaz the obese one?

yes hes the one who yhinks hes John Rambo

Written on Editorial: Marco Island police chief Hunter is a good choice, but process was flawed:

I feel sorry for Don. He is inheriting some real morons for employees. I just went down Barfield Sat.2;45 Some cop with white girls sunglasses on had someone stopped. Over half of the front of his vehicle was on the road where everyone had yo go completely in the wrong lane to get by.Where do they find these guys?

Written on Back to the badge: Marco Island names former Collier Sheriff Don Hunter as new police chief:

Congrats to Mr. Hunter. I met him a few years back and proud to have him here.I hope he considers cutting the overblown budget by cuttig
the department in half.The deputies I know laugh at most of the MIPD so it shouldnt be hard to figure where to start.Good Luck chief,I know u will bring us a department we can be proud of for the first time ever.

Written on New Marco police chief to be announced Monday:

I hope whoever we get realizes we DONT need 35 officers on this island

Written on Marco Island Budget Sub-committee: All departments looked to for cuts in expenditures to keep from raising taxes:

The police I believe is our largest expense. We dont need 30some officers on this 20some mile island. Lets start cutting budgets here on an experimental basis.I dont believe we will see a spike in crime,it is worth a try.

Written on End of an era: Marco Police Chief Thom Carr resigns, says lawsuits not part of decision:

Now that we need a new chief lets revamp the whole department. We only need half of the force we now have.I also think there is no need for the officers to take taxpayer funded and gassed vehicles home.

Written on Marco Island City Council okays dollars to operate second fire station full-time:

Speaking of waste why do we need 30some cops on a 25 Sqare mile island? Theyre way overpaid,they have yo have gas guzzling S U Vs.Patrol boats 4 wheelers give me a break this is not Miami. And why do they get to take Police vehicles to and from work from Bonita or Naples. I followed one to the island last Tuesday.He was going to his job just like thousands of others . I paced him at 66 M P H no lights no siren just going to work at our expense Guess the laws dont apply to them. A bunch of arrogant overpaid folks that probably couldnt make it in a big city force or left it for a gravy job. If were paying for the Sherrifs Dept,let them do it

Written on Forum: Email sets off flag debate on Marco Island:

I dont know either individual but I am aware of their companies. Mr. Rice advertizes as a landscape Contractor. Does he indeed have a designated license for this?I may have been misinformed by a city employee,just asking

Written on Marco police officer accused of abusing authority after felony traffic stop:

I dont know if this officer is guilty or not.I do know our police force has one or two people that need to go back to the big cities they came from.It took many months of complaints from citizens to have another officer finally let go.Obviously this force makes up the biggest part of our budget.I will NEVER understand why an approximate twenty eight mile island needs a force of over thirty full time officers.They get to take their patrol S U Vs to Naples or Bonita back and forth to work thats wear and tear plus fuel we are paying for. I followed a Marco officer from Naples to Marco recently.He was heading to work. I followed him at a distance at sixty nine lights or siren on. He was just going to work like the thousands of people who cross the bridge.Does speed limits not apply to the police.We could save a lot of money cutting employment in half and let the Sherrif do the job we as taxpayers are already paying for

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