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I have walked Tigertail 40-50 times and have never seen a "walkway from Tigertail Beach to Hideaway." Have you? Where is it? Am I missing signs? It is on the City of Marco map that I am also missing where it is found? Why isn't this walkway known and easy to find?

Written on Chief Hunter restructures Marco police department :

How many officers and staff make up the MOIS Police force? Is there a public/government website with this information?

Written on Vanishing beachfront: County’s Coastal Advisory Committee denies emergency funds for Hideaway Beach:

I have walked Tigertail 100 times. There is no beach access I can walk to. Please respond how you walk to it?

Walking Tigertail ... I see the fence wire keeping people from the HB area and get hot.

Where is the bathrooms? How do I get to them?

No Way they should get a dime of my tax dollars. They have had plenty of time to play fair and the have chosen not to. I wish them well ... but NOT a dime of my tax money.

Written on Marco Island city manager: On Mackle Park plans:

Let the citizens decide, by vote, with a referendum.

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Marco has become a substantially different city from 1997? I don't think so. More houses more people no reason for more policeman.

If crime hasn't shot up substantially from 1997 ... why has the MOIS police cost shot up substantially from 1997?

Please don't tell me the reason crime hasn't shot up is because of the number of policeman on Marco. There is no relationship. Having more policeman hasn't impacted, to a major degree, criminal activity on Marco.

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"The City of Marco Island pays roughly $4.4 million a year for the Marco Island police department. This 2011 budget figure is up from $3.9 million in 2010. Yes, even in a time of economic recession and significant cuts by the city, our police department’s budget increased."

The bottom line is there has been no stop to increasing the budget of the police force. People have had it.

The people have been offered on thing (small police force at city founding) and given another (today bloated ever increasing costs with no end in sight).

The City has allowed this to occur. This conversation would never been raised but for city managers lack of control.

Past city managers actions REQUIRE us to shut down the MOIS police. The madness must stop. If we had better past city managers controlling the police we would NOT need to do this now.

As the limb is bent so grows the tree.

This limb needs to be cut off because of poor overview/maintenance and the lack of trimming over the years.

No one likes this but the people are going bankrupt paying their real estate taxes. It is not a taxing problem it is a spending problem.

If the MOIS police returns to 1997 staffing levels I have no problem keeping them.

If the police budget was at 1997 staffing levels no one would complain. But I'm sure the police force today would say it is impossible to be at or around 1997 staffing levels. THUS the need to shut them down.

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Marco was safe before it was a city and it will be safe after the Marco Police leaves town and the Sheriffs return.

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Boehner should use the perfect Democratic excuse ... "If it wasn't for me ... there would be more people unemployed."

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There is no "Arleen Perrotti" that pays real estate taxes on Marco Island. Is anyone surprised?

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How can it be selfish if you don't want to pay twice for police?
Only when you don't pay taxes in the first place and someone else is paying for your police protection.

Written on Marcophiles: Marco city manager talks payrolls, cutting costs and more:

The city wants to open a second firefighters station? What are they thinking? Only that more government is "more better".

The bigger the budget the more they want to spend.

Written on Marcophiles: Marco city manager talks payrolls, cutting costs and more:

His colors are starting to be seen ... talks a good game but no action.

Written on Guest Commentary: An update on the tide leveling culverts on SR92:

Thanks for the work done. What can one person do? Change the world.

Written on Marco Island approves 15 percent tax rate increase, limits oil spill reserves:

When will we elect "grown ups" onto the Council? Where is the fiscal responsibility that was promised? Perhaps we can elect some in the next election.

People don't hear what they say. Watch what they do.

Written on The Farmer File: A no-brainer in Marco Island politics:

Don, what planet do you live on when you say ...
"He shaves the budget, realizing fiscal responsibility".

He cut $300K so he is deserves a job in Marco?

Written on Dealing with foreclosures: Marco Island creates position to handle problems:

Fines as a profit center ... that is OUR MARCO ... the only one benefiting is the City ... citizens don't benefit.

Who has is it backward? Who controls who?

Written on Dealing with foreclosures: Marco Island creates position to handle problems:

Great hire another person ... what happened to doing more with less .. having people step up ... Nope not in Marco ...

"There are 192 bank-owned properties on Marco Island, according to Carr’s records"

Wow with each 192 properties needing assistance every 6 months .... then she has to an hour of work each day for 6 months ... instead of 8 hours of work to do .... typical Marco government worker.

Written on City plagued by debt; audit reveals potential cash flow problems:

This years budget looks like last years budget. Millions spent. There is no recession in Marco ... borrow and spend ... borrow and spend ... borrow and spend each year. When will the party end?

Written on Marco Island looks to increase taxes by 20 percent, beef up reserves:

Success ... we should applaud the council ... iguana abatement went down to 3K from 12K last year.

Are they dragon slayers when they want to be? Obviously yes. Ok only on one item in the budget. But lets be happy for all those little things they do for us .... NOT.

Written on City plagued by debt; audit reveals potential cash flow problems:

Marco has and STILL today ... the City of Marco ... hasn't figured out they are spending "Other peoples money". And eventually "others peoples money" will disappear - it will all be spent.

If you are thinking of buying on Marco .... think again.

Written on Marco Island looks to increase taxes by 20 percent, beef up reserves:

I thought we would see an improvement in the new council but no. I'm disappointed. Something must be done we can't continue spending.

Borrow and spend ... Borrow and spend. Please Please people pay attention to who is for this.

Written on Mangroves die off from blocked culverts; private donors raise money to clean up muck:

When everyone ones something (multiple jurisdictions) ... no one owns it ... and it will decay. This is what big government does.

Written on Marco taxpayers not seeing immediate benefits from employee cuts, consolidations:

The council has not thought "outside the box" for cuts. That is needed right now. We can't have a future of a little change from the past budgets.

Written on 2 top Marco Island cops fall victim to city budget cuts:

Help me out ... I'm a financial person ... cost savings of $150K for 2 people. So let me walk backwards into the numbers. Something doesn't make sense.

Miscell - uniform, pens paper etc $1200 x 2 = 2,400
Cost savings of police car/gas - $5k x 2 = 10K
Retirement Cost paid by city (not employee)-$5*2=10K
FICA/Employment Tax pd be city(not employee)5x2=10K
Health Care paid by city - $6K x 2 = 12K

As a consequence one Lt is paid per year approx $53K.
What am I missing?

What make more sense is that there is a cost savings of $300K not $150K.

Written on Utility breaks away from Public Works:

86 people are employed in the water department? What do they do besides getting paid?

Written on Guest Commentary: Parting thoughts from community development director:

What does a ... "Community Development Department consisting of a staff of 16 employees in 3 divisions and an operating budget of $2.1 million" .... do each year?

If they bring in funds or benefit the city by 2 or 3 or 4 times the budget then perhaps they should be kept around.

For a normal tax paying citizen I don't see them of much value.

Written on Does Marco need a new downtown? :

When will a politician say we need to help small business employ people. Let small business decide to establish a downtown or not.

Reduce taxes and small businesses can survive and thrive. Government shouldn't take over enterprises that small business can provide the service.

Written on Marco’s Canine Cove dog park opens Saturday :

Great news ... next the City of Marco is planning a cat park, then maybe just maybe a bird aviary.

Written on Guest Commentary: A Marco Island Thanksgiving:

I am thankful for America and Marco Island.

I'm not thankful for the power grabs from local and federal politicians. Each time we trust politicans to do the right thing ... they spend our money ... to fund contracts with their buddies.

If I were a "buddy" or in the boys club then I would be VERY THANKFUL for the City of Marco Island.

Written on Letter To The Editor: A better America?:

Ask yourself. Are you better off today than a year ago? Is America better off with Obama? Is your neighbor better off?

Written on Letter To The Editor: Council consensus, the 2010 budget, and the future:

If any work unit manager doesn't have a plan for his/her unit to decrease his spending by 10/20/30% then that person is not doing his job.

This plan should be in the work unit manager's desk to be pulled out, at any time, at request of their higher level manager.

This is called good business ... something not done by the City of Marco Island.

Written on Letter To The Editor: A review of water meter rates:

Recently a condo, I know, replaced a water valve(s)/pump? for $24,000-36,000 ... so I know the condos pay considerable amounts to maintain the water supply to the units.

These costs are not paid by non condo owners.

Written on Letter To The Editor: Rates seem fair:

Mr Putnam, a user should pay his/her cost, that it took, to provide a gallon of water. Why should condo owners pay for the cost to subsidize a home owners use?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Majority not always right:

I can see very few people happy with the direction of Marco Island. The majority constantly talked about is fractured. Promised leadership has not been kept.

Written on Marco’s million dollar question morphs into more :

We all know where the "$600,000 paid by new sewer customers to pay for $1.2 million utility plant upgrades." went. It went for salaries, cars and travel with no intention of saving it for equipment.

If the funds aren't sitting in a reserve account (asset on the balance sheet) .. they are gone.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Unite at the booths:

1) who nominated you to be the speaker of the "majority". If no one has then DON'T speak for the majority in you ramblings.

2) I want to believe you that
"Marco Island has the smallest, lowest paid city staff. Our budget, per capita, is much lower than anywhere else in Florida."
BUT where can I confirm these facts? Please give me the top 3 websites to prove your facts?

Written on Editorial: In public is the only way to handle public business, Marco Island City Council :

An other example of the "not ready for prime time ... leaders of Marco Country Club (aka "City of Marco Country Club" ... where every council member is smarter and better looking than the average citizen)

Written on Letter to the Editor: Musings:

Mr Kiester, I couldn't read anything more than your first full paragraph. You say "$5.4 million, ... of which would be lost forever."

As a taxpayer let me explain my view of liberty as it relates to paying taxes.

The golden rule is ... the one with the gold makes all the rules. I don't want the City of Marco to make any more rules. There has been a long and unsuccessful history of the City making the rules.

I can spend my money better than the City of Marco can do for me.

Written on City Charter review: Raises for City Council, spending cap up for discussion :

How can anyone consider the cap to be unconstitutional? What planet do these people live on?

Decisions have consequences ... live with them or leave Marco.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Shame on all of you:

Welcome to the City of Marco Country Club. At the end of each year they just divide their overspending by the amount of homes over $250K ... you have an issue with that? That's how it is done.

Heck someone else is paying for it. So lets keep hiring and overspending. We can't have a budget line that isn't overspent.

Written on Marco’s public beach access a “shore” thing, parking a different story:

"Marco" How do I get to Hideaway beach? You say in your post "There is adequate parking available in Hideaway especially at this time of the year."

I thought it was a gated community and I could not get to Hideaway beach.

Written on Marco’s public beach access a “shore” thing, parking a different story:

"Tiger tail beach was donated by Mackel brothers."

Hum interesting perspective ... why would they do that? Why would any business donate a very expensive piece of real estate? Think about it. They did it so they could get the rights to sell more Marco real estate.

In reality the Buyers of real estate on Marco "paid" or "donated" "Tigertail beach" ... since there would be no Marco land development if they DIDN'T turn over the beach to the government.

I'd love to hear from Deltona their view of the "donation".

Written on Letter to the Editor: City employees ... thanks:

Ms Lang I trust your husband is an excellent employee and great guy. I believe I would love to have him as a friend.

What public (government) workers don't understand is that private corporation workers, that are great workers, have been cut from the workforce through layoffs.

I am one of them. I believe my resume and work history matches or exceeds your husbands.

I cannot afford to pay the cost of utilities on Marco Island. I am going into debt to do so.

Public (government) workers need to be cut back, as much or more so, or the US, including me, will go bankrupt.

I mean no ill well to any government worker but lets face the reality of what has happend the last few years. The US economy is not the same as 3 years ago.

If you can't agree with the last statement then I'm not sure who the "CAVE dweller" is.

Written on Electric fee refund recharges on Marco:

"Every government interference in the economy consists of giving an unearned benefit, extorted by force, to some men at the expense of others."
Ayn Rand

Written on Electric fee refund recharges on Marco:

Why do we continue to vote "public servants" into office that feel taxes is "their" money.

People remember this action next election. Who's money is it?

Written on Letter to the Editor: City employees ... thanks:

No offense to Richard Bliss the writer above. You believe you were helped. I just ask that people question "at what cost is this help?"

With the recent water increases and with 50% increases coming (13% next year) there may be too many employees at the water company.

The service mentioned above is "nice" to have but at what cost?

I know of one resident that will be placing their property on the market because Marco has become too expensive for a fixed income retiree. That person voted for many of the new counselers. That person now knows of the voting mistake that was made.

I do not know of any business that can get away with planned 50% increases. A customer would flee from that business and the business would go under.

Written on VIDEOS: Marco answers the $1 million question:

Why do we elect people that keep power?

The money is the citizens.

This city counsel continues to abuse the power they took from the citizens.

People watch what they do and NOT what they say.

Written on City slashes $2.5 million from budget, delays Smokehouse Bridge, Vets Park :

When will Marco Country Club (MCC aka City of Marco) make real and meaningful cuts? The economy has taken a hit and everyone's pocket book.

When will the City of Marco take a 30% reduction in salaries? That would be leadership.

The dog park is still on ... that is leadership?

"Slash" a capital improvement that isn't needed and construction boondogle for the contractor? The cost is projected to be a little less than the Jolley bridge addition. ("A little less" in MCC speak is a few million here and there.)

Leadership in Marco CC that you can depend on.

My apologies to "Island CC" since they have to follow a budget running the golf course.

Written on Council sifts through Marco’s budget for niceties, necessities :

Every GOOD BUSINESS has done the work and planned for potential decline in revenues.

They have a spreadsheet projecting what gets cut with a 10%/20% etc decline in reviews. The file is done in advance of the bad times so no one feels it is not objective.

This spreadsheet lists all the manpower, materials, etc that WILL be cut if revenues decline.

Notice I said GOOD and BUSINESS because government has no incentive to be GOOD or to be run like a BUSINESS.

If the City of Marco Island Country Club wanted to be good servants of the citizens they should get that spreadsheet out and start making the cuts.

Written on City budget 2010: Will ‘holding the line’ be enough for Marco residents? :

Does anyone have access to the positions and salaries?
I don't care to know the names but someone outside the City should "audit" each position and salary.

The City should provide this information out to the public or we should ask for it in a sunshine letter.

The City Of Detroit - Public schools recently found 200 plus "ghost" employees ... people paid, on the payroll, getting a payroll check each week but didn't exist.