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Written on Letter to the Editor: Forensic Audit personal comments:

Why all the personal attacks? If you want to be taken seriously you may want to stop going after a person personally.

Attack the comment or fact but not the person or you are taken for the "Idiot".

Written on Letter to the Editor: ‘Essential services’:

Apparantly "containing cost growth" is not language heard in a job interview for Marco Island public officials.

The city of Marco Island was created to contain costs but once the foot was in the door things changed.

When will we get representative government on Marco? Who will represent us?

Written on Water/sewer rate increases have Marco looking to speed up sewer project:

The Marco Island Empire continues and grows.

"Let's get bigger so we can SAVE money." Biden's philosopy is home in Marco.

Let me give the Council some free advice .. that they won't be able to comprehend ... "If you tax something you get less of it."

You continue with the empire and raising taxes next year you will be needing another tax increase. Like I said if you tax something (utility taxes) you get less of it (less use of water by the people getting taxed).

Written on Tax hike will even things out, Marco leaders say:

What prudent City would be adding new positions in 2010?

The City doesn't get it. They have added more positions each of the last two years ... probably more years but I didn't research this before I posted.

Written on Bike ride sends Marco city councilman to hospital :

There are 200 city employees? What do they all do?

Where do you find out who they are and what do they do?

Written on Utility rate increases, financial quandaries may halt Marco sewer project :

Let's form a city and we can save money!
Let's buy a water company and we can save money!
Let's take over the eletrical company and we can save money!

TELL ME WHO HAS GOTTEN THE BETTER DEAL ... The politicans have made out and the citizens have suffered.

The citizen gives up power then someone smarter than them take overs.

America needs to realize it is NOT in their best interest to allow the politicians to have power. We all need to keep our individual rights and not give them to the government.

Government can NOT do a better job with my money. They will tell you anything to take the power/money away from you.

Written on City Manager: $900,000 electric franchise fee surplus :

Who's money is it? The citizens NOT the city.
Once politians have our money they think they can use it to increase their power.

Did they accomplish what they set out to do? NO

The City of Marco again confirm the qoute ...
"There is nothing more permanent than a temporary tax."

Why is it politicans feel they can spend my money better than I can?

Litmus Test: Vote any public official that feels they can spend the money better than a citizen.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Subsidization:

Wayne you don't get it. When will you?

Please continue on with your quest. Your name is being remembered by all the voters who are against continuing fighting LCEC.

Next week you will have a new angle ... please continue on with your quest.

You look like a child that was told "No"

Written on POLL: Is Marco footing the bills for other LCEC customers? :

General Rule of Capitalism: Businesses, to stay in business, need to charge people equally and often people feel exploited.

If I take the John Arceri view ... brilliant view John!!!! ... because I have no kids then I don't have to pay real estate tax to Collier County for schools. I'm subsidizing someone else's kids. HOW DARE THEY? THIS ISN'T FAIR.

John Arceri, the world isn't fair. And why does the counsel continue to waste taxpayers money continuing to take over LCEC?

Written on Rules for Marco rentals continue taking shape:

At the end of the day ....

- there is a new tax
- there is a new City of Marco employee
- there is a lack of freedom (more government control)
- and you still have to call the Police to complain about a rowdy neighbor.

Where is the benefit of a rental ordinance?

Written on Guest Commentary: Getting the facts straight on electric issues:

Let's see Aceri complains about "McMullan ... tactics of disinformation, personal attacks and conspiracy theories".

What was Aceri's above editorial piece? "Tactics of disinformation, personal attacks and conspiracy theories."

Aceri if you wish to stop the personal attacks, against you, then you may want to stop doing the same first.

Please really retire and go to the east coast of FL.

An intelligent person would realize, if a person continues with personal attacks, he will not be viewed as "independent".

Aceri you don't deserve to be paid by anyone if you are not providing an independent opinion.

Written on Former Finance Director Bill Harrison receives a post-retirement raise amid forensic audit :

Issler, this is about Harrison and NOT about McMullan.
We AREN'T paying McMullan. The City IS spending MY money to pay for Harrison.
Stop the personal attacks on McMullan.

Is this like Chicago politics? Reward your friends and protect them? Continue allowing them to be employed? As they stay inside the office, individuals know that they are being protected. Why else would they be employed if they aren't a part of the "team in power" that needs to be sucked up to?

Written on Will Marco set out to capture solar power? :

Government at its best .. spending other people's money for "growth" and "progress".

Another Marco News article said it will cost $8.1M for a cost savings of $100K a year ... Another fine example of something we don't need.

It will pay it's way back in 81 years!!! Assuming there is no maintenance and it will last more than 7-10 years (unlikely).

Written on Business Buzz: Marco's City Manager talks candidly at local Realtors meeting:

I'll keep an open mind but the following quotes concern me:
1) “essentially, the city can’t grow faster than the value of property on the island.”"
Concern: Why do we have to grow government? The City has enough people and we don't want more services. Thompson feels more government is better. I would agree ONLY if goverment was free. Unfortunately someone pays for government growth.
2) “Is it to fix potholes or to create the future?”
Concern: We have been impacted negatively from the vision of past Marco Council. We don't need visionary leaders that ... want to build solar panels, acquire an electrical company, charge citizens for underground wire then not use the money it was intended for.

So yes I want you to fix potholes and let free enterprise take care of the vision. I am NOT happy with Thompson "vision" today.

Written on Residents ask ‘why now’ for city-run electric:

Let me take a 5 minute swag at future overhead costs:
- 1 major real estate lot for a building: $6M
- 1 new building and contents: $7M
- 3 real estate lots for logistics/supplies $4M
- 10 new specialty vechiles replaced every three years: $1.2M
- 20 new cars for employees $900K replaced every three years
- 50 employees per year (average fed government worker costs $112K per year) $5.6M
- 1 government liason - policy person $250
- Consultant fees: $250K per year
- Legal/Accounting fees $250K
- MIS/Supplies/Travel Entertainment/Training $500K
- $XM costs to purchase power from LCEC
$26M without power charges to LCEC to get the power

Full Disclosure: I have NO background in the Electric Business and I spent 5 minutes of thought. But I have an accounting/auditing/cost estimate background.

Written on Residents ask ‘why now’ for city-run electric:

The City wants more control. If they want more control who is losing control? LCEC and the Marco residents.

The City views they can do things better than LCEC. Let electric professionals run the power on Marco. This has never been seen in the past so how can we expect them to be different in the future? The City just hired 3 (or 4) new people in 2009 in a time when belt tighting is needed. So far this year MI is not looking to reduce expenses ... only growing expenses.

The City views that they can solve problems by getting bigger. The normal view of any organization is the bigger the better. (Government wants to get bigger, hospitals want to get bigger, schools want to get bigger).
But this has proven wrong again in today's economy. Smaller is better. Smaller is nibble.

Written on Guest Commentary: Councilor lays out the ‘facts’:

Wayne ... please explain how real estate taxes have soared on this taxpayer?

Please go to the following website
property taxes
and search/look at 73742501564. (Parcel Number)

What you will find are the real estate taxes paid on an average Marco condo on the beach:
2003 $6,115.62 taxes paid
2004 $6,940.06
2005 $8,182.84
2006 $9,511.67
2007 $8,654.85
2008 $7,529.36

How can you tell us that there is a "lower property tax rate", when taxes have gone up? How?Property tax rate plays one piece into total real estate taxes paid.

FACT since 2003 taxes have gone up 23% on parcel 73742501564.

Written on Guest Commentary: Councilor lays out the ‘facts’:

Wayne ... it is a fact that you are misleading the uneducated, and uninformed.

You say there is a "lower property tax rate". If so why has my real estate taxes been up for 4 of the last 5 years?

Written on Controversies, challenges continue in Marco’s study of electric utility takeover :

Did you see the article on the next City of Marco agenda?

See ...

Included is ....
"A resolution to finance $11 million in bonds from Fifth Third Bank for the upgrading of the existing wastewater treatment plant."

The only thing the City of Marco wants is more power. Spending = Money = Power. They believe the solution to every problem is to spend more money.

I only WISH I could do PERSONALLY what the City of Marco currently is doing.

Written on Marco City Council requests forensic audit :

For the record I believe this document was changed after my reading of it.
I recall this article stating .."There was an audible groan, when Wayne Waldack said" I don’t understand why finding $2.5 million is bad news.”

Wayne needs to place closer attention to details, following council discussion and grasp what is in the best interest of the citizens of Marco.

Written on Electric, water fees may be reconsidered at Marco City Council meeting:

The following above quote strikes a nerve
"One of City Manager Steve Thompson’s jokes is to begin addressing such issues with the line “that was B.S., before Steve.”

Promises to the city citizens about the budget and conservative spending should be followed unless there is a unexpected emergency. But there has been NO such emergency.

Let's hope our new city manager learns to improve his joking attitude or the people will need to speak out against his "professional politician" arrogance.

Written on Electric, water fees may be reconsidered at Marco City Council meeting:

Beware of Professional Politicans.

There interest (staying in power) is more important than your personal interest. This occurs when the following quote applies to your situation.

"If you put the Marco Island (SIC federal) government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there'd be a shortage of sand."

Written on Guest commentary: Marco Island – Always a tight budget, always quality services:

STEVEN THOMPSON - Marco Island City Manager please go to the following website
and search/look at 73742501564.

What you will find are the taxes paid on an average condo on the beach:
2003 $6,115.62 taxes paid
2004 $6,940.06
2005 $8,182.84
2006 $9,511.67
2007 $8,654.85

How can you tell us with a straight face above "Having the spending cap in place has provided for tax rate decreases every year since 2001."
You must believe in the Bill Clinton school of the use of language.

In Bill Clinton speak, can we have back "the tax rate decreases that occured since 2001?"

In non Bill Clinton speak, can we have back the tax increases that you claim never happened?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Response to Wayne Waldack’s letter ‘The cap’:

Can someone tell me where the city can legally seek additional revenue sources? Is it in the City Charter? Who gives them the ability to do this? Where is the legislative intent? I truly belief this was never a thought in the minds of people at the time of the Charter passing. Federal and state governments can't buy businesses for "the benefit of its citizens."
Let's take this to EXTREMES ... Does anyone have a problem if the city buys an oil/gas company? They seem to be making money. To me this is certainly for "the benefit of its citizens."
Then the City can hire as many city employees as they desire. Buying an oil company would certainly help in staying within the spending cap. Why stop at buying an electrical company.
When is enough buying enough?
What power not specifically given to the government remains with the citizens. The Tenth Amendment states, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Written on Marco to loan Hideaway Beach $1.6 million:

It makes sense to exchange public access for the loan. No more gated community. If Hideaway beach doesn't provide the beach access and parking then they shouldn't get public money.

Can I get a personal loan from the City of Marco? No. Then a group of people asking for a personal loan should not be able to get a loan.

Written on Marco Island to raise taxes, add fire assessment, increase staff :

The good citizens of Marco ... the article states:
“What’s different about Marco Island is that we are the only city with a spending cap” in its charter, city financial director Bill Harrison said. .... “The spending cap constantly limits growth. It has kept this a lean government... This spending cap prohibits the city from setting tax rates that vary greatly from one year to the next, Harrison said. “In a normal city when things are booming they can raise taxes,” Harrison added."

I am not happy with Bill Harrison. Is he lying or mistating the facts? You make the call. Marco Island has been running up expenses in the good years. They HAVE spent in the BOOM years. He is the financial person and doesn't realize this?

How did Marco Island Gen Fund Budget go from $10 Million in 2006 (approx), $15 Million in 2007 and estimated to be $18 Million in 2008. (From

My Collier County real estate taxes have doubled in the last 5 years. It is not defendable that he claims the city didn't raise my taxes in the boom years.

Written on Short term rental ordinance to move forward on Marco:

What the City of Marco Island needs is more taxes to hire more salaried workers. When will the City and citizens see this fact?

You deserve the government that you get. Every day there is a new tax ... "for the general welfare" of us all.

You wonder why the economy in Marco is as it is? Look at yourself citizens of Marco. Adding a tax is not the answer.

When there is no one in Marco please turn off the light.

Written on New idea for controversial Tract K: Solar panels to power schools:

Who is nuts? Either I am or Rony Joel is.

Let Rony Joel use his money to install solar panels on his house. If it is a great idea let him spend his own money first.

Don't spend a penny of our money.

Written on Alternative revenue sources may be answer to Marco's property tax shortfall:

MarcoFacts, according to you Marco Island has "reduce(d) taxes ... consistently done so for the 10 years of incorporation."
This is NOT a fact. My taxes have doubled in 5 years.
I recommend you change your username to something else.

Written on Marco purchases $900,000 East Elkcam Circle property:

Main Point
Thanks Mr. Popoff for realizing that your duty is to treat Marco tax money as you would do for yourself.

Secondary Point
Government is usually part of the problem in the US:
Facts from above article
1) The need to have a new appraisal didn't happen over night ... Detail "I’ve been negotiating this thing since last November."
2) Why would anyone in there real life/business negotiate the purchase of real estate June 2008 on Marco Island with a "December 2007" valuation? Appraisals can be done cheaply and completed within a week.

Written on Fire assessment bellows through Marco City Council:

Questions for Fossil
1) the assessment won't be a part of the annual real estate bill? It will be a bill just like the water bill?
2) I read your comment "(Small business owners and rental property owners are impacted)" to mean the homesteaders won't pay this so the snow birds will only pay this? Is this accurate?

Written on Fire assessment bellows through Marco City Council:

Ask yourself ...
If this is a "neutral tax" why change the way it is taxed today? Keep it the same. Why spend money on consultants and white papers to have a neutral tax?

The answer is there is NO plan to make this a neutral tax. Your taxes are going up!

Written on Marco to study a city takeover of electricity services:

I'm interested in finding out the facts.
How can I find this fact from an above comment:"
The Electric Revenue to LCEC for Marco Island is $1.7 million dollars per square mile per year. The Electric Revenue for the balance of LCEC service area is $140,000 per square mile per year."
Q1 Is this true? How can I find this fact?
Q2 If the rest of the LCEC is farm lands then I'm not surprised of this

Written on Marco to study a city takeover of electricity services:

Article text ...
“LCEC has done a great job for the city of Marco Island,” Marco Public Works Director Rony Joel said. “I don’t think there’s anybody disputing that. The issue is, can they do it at the lowest cost?”
Observation ...
If you believe Marco will have the lowest cost then ... "there is a X born every minute" ... Barnum

Written on Happy LCEC customers in Marco speak out against city-owned electricity services:

EFT ... I think you are missing something.
- the tax we paid for the underground wires were to be paid over a number of years
- LCEC couldn't start buring the lines on their own scheudle becuse it was anticipated it would take years to fund the activity. They couldn't start the project do a years worth of funding then stop until the next years funding came in from our bills.

Am I missing something or is EFT?

Written on Happy LCEC customers in Marco speak out against city-owned electricity services:

We need to show the light of what this is.
Let's call it what it is ...

People need to consider:
- follow the money
- why else but to raise money/taxes (in reality another tax) is the city counsel looking at this? What other reason?
It isn't because they want to own it. It is another vehicle to raise money for the city.
- Why is this being looked out now? Why the sudden interest to own the utility? For the best interest of the citizens? NOT

Let industry do what it is best to do .. to compete with others or disappear. Let government do what it is best. Government's were NOT formed to own commercial enterprises.

Written on Marco seeking alternative ways of raising money:

Now is your chance to start planning.

Plan to dispute your appraised value of your real estate.

I know of a group of condo owners that are very much interested in doing this.

The "Property Appraiser" button
Then "Differing with the Property Appraiser"

Written on Marco officials ponder starting own power company:

Please drop the idea of sewers. It is behind us.

To move forward MI needs to focus on efficiencies of the markets and not to allow additional bureaucracy to take money out of our pockets.

Belief 1: I have been very satisfied with LCEC past history of service. I have no suggestions for improvements.
Belief 2: LCEC is efficient and we have low rates
Belief 3: Why change things?

Clearly it doesn’t make sense to trust the City and move to an unknown. We have seen previous consultants say "(I) contended (it) could add $5 million to city coffers without increasing rates." The City has been trusted in the past to not increase costs and they have failed. MI does not have a history of fiscal conservativeness and they continue to spend as if there is no tomorrow.

My property taxes have doubled in 5 years. I have not received a doubling of services. Have you?

Written on Marco landlords may be held responsible for tenant nuisances:

The realtors and rental management companies are being protected. Why? Lets follow this to the ultimate end. To protect the owner from being fined there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO.


The owner, who will be fined, will now have to complete due diligence to check on the renter prior to renting to them?

The City is placing the duty on a person that is not in the day to day business of rental.

The owner of real estate will need to know the persons name, address and run credit reports to check on the background of the renter?

SOMEONE TELL ME .. What can the owner do in advance to protect themselves? If you can't then this law is not reasonable.

Written on Marco council starts ball rolling toward special fire assessment:

"Marco Island City Council took the first steps Monday toward creating a special assessment to fund fire services, a move THAT COULD reduce property taxes by as much as 24 percent."

Yes this COULD HAPPEN and I COULD be a famous rap singer. My money is on me being a famous rap singer.

Written on In the Know: Area before Marco bridge is eyesore:

Lets look at one snow birds view of the world ...

I pay $20,000 in taxes and stay in Marco 3 weeks in a year. When in Marco I spend money on Marco.

Yep, sure looks like Collier County is going broke from one snow birds view. In reality the snow birds fund the taxes of the non snow birds.

The non snow birds are lucky to have snow birds coming down ... YOU DON'T KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU HAVE IT AND THE REAL ESTATE TAXES ARE DRIVING THE SNOW BIRDS OUT.


Written on Letter to the Editor: Angry and angst from Marco residents:

I have come to Marco for 20 years in those 20 years ... I have seen approximately 10 construction projects on SOME part of Collier Blvd. Long term planning and construction on Collier shouldn't go in the same sentence.

Why is it .. my real estate taxes of $25K per year .... haven't been enough to support Marco spending? They need to take out loans? So they can prove they have expenses to pay?

Written on Property prediction: ‘Window of opportunity’ not such a buzz term any more, according to expert:

My Marco Island complex, that I own, has 10%+ of the units up for sale. One reason is the high cost of real estate taxes and the unsettling benefit of owning a second home in paradise. If all the units pay what I pay in taxes then from one condo complex in Collier County pays $1.2M in real estate taxes.

One complex with only 3 or 4 full time FL residents ... all of these owners have no children in school ... clearly all the owners do not get $1.2M of value in return for what they have paid. Where does the money go? To pay for what homestead owners aren't paying.

Would you pay $10,000+ a year in real estate taxes to own a place that is partially used (25%? of the time) and you have a huge out of pocket loss? A new investment/purchaser would lose $50K of cash (rental income less mortgage payment and real estate taxes). Yes 50K cash. This is not some “tax loss”.

Homesteaders are not paying their fair share of real estate taxes. The investor is paying for the homesteaders taxes to live in Marco.

Written on Property prediction: ‘Window of opportunity’ not such a buzz term any more, according to expert:

Financially ....
It doesn't make sense to buy real estate due to the high real estate taxes placed on non homesteaders (investors).

Economically it doesn't make sense to own Marco Island real estate. Evidence is the high number of properties on the market. You CAN'T have a positive profit or cashflow. Real estate taxes is one of the reasons.