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Rob Popoff was responsible, in the very early days of the STRP for the continuation of the project. His campaign promises proved to be false, he mislead many good people on Marco that eventually were forced to leave due to the out of control cost of living on Marco. If his election was today, apart from friends and family, I doubt he would get any votes, perhaps he has less friends than he used to, so that's even less votes.
The whole STRP issue became political and then the gang in control were able to have their way especially when they had Popoff on their leash. When such a large, expensive project is considered and the facts are dubious regarding pollution and the cost is almost unknown.....more research should have been done. Just accepting "facts" from the like of John Arceri, a one term, never elected (he was unopposed) councilor was crazy.
Many good people left Marco due to Rob Popoff and it looks like we will never forget let alone forgive.

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Yes, MICA is the law and is there to uphold the law and the deed restrictions. Right - just like when they ignored the illegal crushing of asbestos (guess that doesn't violate the law) - just like when they ignored the millions of gallons of toxic acid that was dumped into the waterways (guess that doesn't violate the law) - just like when plumes of lethal gas was covering neighborhoods (guess that doesn't violate the law) - just like when the STRP cost $400m and tore up the city without a vote (guess that doesn't violate the law) - just like their illegal restriction to beach access (guess that doesn't violate the law) - just like how lift stations were installed curiously not on the city managers or city public works director plethora of properties (guess that doesn't violate the law)- just like esplanade and towne centre and Marriott expansion and beach restriction (guess that doesn't violate the law) ... infested by the syndicate whatever does not go along with syndicate plans (such as the water plant and deep injection wells that are causing the red tide) then they will fight and fight and fight!

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So let's see if we get this correct: the syndicate spearheaded by MICA sues because some idiot puts up a golf course when MICA has an illegal beach access restriction? Perhaps MICA should sue itself or if we are too lucky wait for them to get sued outside of Collier. Good ol' Judge Hayes - another syndicate operative - who can forget the rulings against anything not syndicate. The infestation continues.

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So GLADESGATOR does not mind paying a little fee to keep the beach clean. The very same dingdongs that complain when their rights are ignored and complain about politicians. So GLADESGATOR like the rest of the Issler-types just go along and find it OK to commit environmental crimes as long as its their buddies the ones doing it and its OK to illegally charge for beach access as long as its their buddies doing the charging.

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Here is a suggestion for those being sued by MICA ... MICA has an illegal access to the beach. Decades old decision by Florida Supreme Court ruled that restricting access to any beach is illegal. By forcing tax-paying citizens of the community to pay to access the beach under the ruse that it is to park is illegal. So those being sued by MICA ought to force them off that illegal sham they have been perpetrating for decades thanks to their incestuous relationship with the syndicate (dare we now say criminal syndicate since they were fined by the EPA for violating the Clear Air Act?) And how about how MICA was silent when the good old boys were pumpming millions of gallons of toxic acid into the Gulf of Mexico because they supported the syndicate fraud sewer project? Or how MICA can NOT read a deed and therefore remained silent when those high school idiots wanted to build the school on the tract where the eagle is? We pray that MICA goes to court and all of these legal abuses get exposed by whomever they are suing.

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Mr. Magel is correct because the City has to make sure that the condo owners pay less on water rates so Mr. Magel, Mr. Issler, Mr. Arceri, Mr. ASyrum, Mr. Joel, Mr. Gibon, Mr. Walduck et. al. get re-elected. As such the house owners must pay more to support the City infrastructure.

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I agree with John Arceri because the city councilor must be prepared and well informed to make the good decisions. John Arceri's good councilor examples: the councilor that lied about having pictures of citizens planting asbestos, like the councilors that knew the QE and the City were crushing asbestos near two schools, like the councilors that allowed citizens to be gased, like the councilors denied that toxic water was being pumped into our waterways, like the city councilors that knowingly lied about the septic tanks, like the city councilors that have created over $400million in debt, like the city councilors that lied about the STRP providing reused water, like the city councilors that covered for the city manager and the public works director as the city was violating the Clear Water Act and the Clean Air Act (asbestos), like the city councilors that violated the sunshine law and renamed city hall without notice, like the city councilor that does not pay his mortgage. These are the good informed councilors that John Arceri likes and recommends that all new councilors follow.

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How about if the highly profitable entities on Marco pitch in a few bucks - the Marriott and Quality Enterprise? The latter having made millions off of us?

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Obama paid for the bridge? Not the taxpayers? Or better yet, not the next several generations now that the U.S. had a debt of $14trillion? Brilliant - this is the kind of thinking that will get Obama re-elected.

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A suggestion to officer Thompson: May want to look at other "investigations" and how they were handled when "prominent community" characters were involved. The famed fraud asbestos dumping investigation by Reinke-Moss-Guerrero; the famous disappearing owl within days of being reported to the FWC (ask Ritchie on this one); letters sent to the Collier County Sheriff' office because the MIPD higher-ups were Moss stooges during the asbestos and toxic water dumping; and more. Also suggest that he look into how the Collier Blvd median was changed AFTER IN PLACE to allow easy access the "restaurant" owned by the guy arrested. By the way, cant wait for the first real restaurant with real food to open on Marco - Dunkin Donuts.

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Of course Walduck - all of the mob (someone else called them the syndicate). Yea its ok to pulverize asbestos 1 mile from 2 schools and to pump millions of gallons of poison into the gulf of mexico because the "majority" voted for it! Right because they voted for Walduck and Gibbon and Popoff and Tucker and Minozzi and Trotter and DisCiullo. Yes, the "majority" is correct - always!!

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Why even pay attention to issler? He is fixated on the "majority" voted and the "majority" are for this and that - you know, just like the "majority" was for slavery, and was for discrimination, and was for less rights for women, and was for Jim Crowe laws, and was for segregation, and was for ... Issler and the rest of the mob hide their abuses of the laws, and of tax and spend, and of the environmental raping they did because the "majority". Brilliant - lets keep listening to these miscreants.

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I would be very disappointed if cappysue53#246074 turned out to be an employee of our City.

Sounds like "cappy" has some inside info on the Carrs.

How about this one then "cappy".......explain away Thom Carr's behavior at one of the July Fourth parties on the beach, when he made a "beer run" in a Marco Island police vehicle.

Questionable behavior due to being intoxicated is nothing new to the Marco Island police chief.

All one has to do is "round up" former officers, most are still in Florida, and start asking questions......!

It's that easy.

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Ask any Bartender about the Carr duo and their "happy hour" activities.......

There used to be a little gang from City Hall who enjoyed a social drink after work on Thursdays or Fridays, the Carr's were part of that social club.

But because of several embarrassing events with our two intoxicated superheros, the group disbanded.

Ask around...this is no big secret!!

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He has had a substance abuse problem for years, ask any bartender in the Esplanade. Evidence of his behavior can be found quite easily by interviewing former Marco police officers.

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K, because though you are 100% correct - majority still rules, the majority here are still controlled by the MM, and these three councilors dont want to alienate the majority. I hope I am wrong that the three ask for Walducks resignation.

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In any school in the world, including the crap here in Florida, plagiarism is cause for expulsion. By simply forgetting to include a footnote is sufficient to be expelled for good. It shows dishonesty, disregard for another person's work, contempt for the reader(s) and that you have no morality. So here on Marco it is simply another acceptable crime (lying about the STRP, burying asbestos, violating the Clean Water Act, fraud investigations, disgusting police chief violating the civil rights of a citizen by removing him from a podium for respectfully disagreeing with council action, Trotter lying that he knew nothing about Joel's new and improved contract and on and on and on). Why is it tolerated? Because the MM are in control. If ANY ONE councilor had any courage and moral conviction of their own, including Recker, Batte and Keister, they would ask that Walduck resign. But they won't because they will rather just get along than to work for the good of the city with honest councilors. Expect nothing and you get Walduck, Gibbon and Trotter.

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Now, this is a high school I want to send my three sons when they are ready: a high school that teaches not to state facts (such as only 62%-68% of Lely students can read and do math at their grade level and only 68% graduate) but to make personal attacks on a person that even if you disagree with whatever she says has the right to say it (conclusion is that Lely students have no idea what the 1st amendment is). Yep, cant wait to send my kids there. By the way, all of you Lely supporters - have any one of you visited the homes of those 30%+ that dont graduate or the 35% on the average that cant read or do math at their grade level?

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Speaking of a good job by the police, how about Officer Linda Guerrero? An excellent job she did under the direction of Chief Reinke and Moss for taking months and months and months to "investigate" who dumped the asbestos in what is now known as Asbestos Park, even blaming a bunch of old guys for manually hauling and dumping TONS OF ROCK, and then when Quality Enterprises and Joel and Moss finally were able to move the asbestos (i.e., destroy the evidence) Officer Guerrero concluded that the investigation was inconclusive as to how the asbestos got there!! Brilliant! The fact that Quality Enterprises was crushing it across the street was not a clue, the fact that Jon Iglehart of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection admitted that the city and QE put the asbestos there, the fact that the city under Moss gave QE city credits for moving the asbestos to a county dump was not a clue! Great job. Oh, and do you think that Guerrero under Reinke asked ONE QUESTION of the person that admitted in public and under oath that he had pictures of who planted the asbestos??? Do you think the MIPD asked the person for the pictures? Interviewed that person? Used the pictures as evidence? OF COURSE NOT! What a great job! A legend of police work that will go down in the annals (not to be confused with anal) of police work!!

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Joel's severance was and is proper. Joel effectively was the operator that implemented whatever the MM (Trotter Tucker Minozzi Moss Taryk Arceri Lasarus Rhodes) wanted including breaking the law repeatedly, lying to federal authorities and lying to the public and city councilors. The risk Joel took (and still is taking since he can not have immunity from prosecution for violating the Clean Water Act) is deserving of the seven month severance package.

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It is very simple - eliminate Tarik Assyrum and other MM from all city posts and all problems will be gone. The Tariks are the ones that have caused all division, financial disaster, lawsuits, violations of laws - get rid of them and there will be peace.

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Ray, Instead of me doing your research, why do you not take the time to read the documents and emails that have been publicly disclosed by Foster and Sanchez and McMuffin? Those documents are still out there and see how Tarik and his MM friends have done all of the things stated AND MORE. Do your own research. By the way, if you are NOT Ray Beaufart (you know, the Ray that betrayed Neylon and Hall by being in the inner circle of the recall effort and telling everything to his neighbor Moss), do you know if he is still alive?

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Destroyed the island thus: $250,000,000 debt. Class warfare from different rates. Asbestos contamination. Violation of the Clean Water Act. Destroying marine habitat. Foreclosure rates higher than anywhere else. Middle class and family flight. Highest tax rates anywhere in Florida except 2 areas. Ridiculing people with names and slurs that do not agree with them. Naming a building after a liar and thug. Need any more?

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The clear intent by Dr. Recker and the honest forces on the island is to expunge the city of the Tarik Assyrum element. Tarik and his MM goon friends have destroyed the island. The code board should stay in place we do not need a magistrate and this can be done by disinfecting all city functions of the Tarik types. We know it wont happen as long as the MM continue to have the Trotter Gibon Walduck and now Magel puppets on the council.

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If Mike Minozzi is looking down, I wonder if he realizes that many of the homes in foreclosure on Marco are a direct result of his actions on city council....

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The code board is the last place on Marco that the likes of the turk and the little italian can be big men.

Without Popoff and Minozzi both these dwarfs have nothing going for them.

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in response to blogsmog:

is it fair to say - the uninformed condodweller voter really did screw this island over with voting for the Aceri 'slate' candidates?

The condo voters were informed by their condo managers, who were informed by the Arceri gang..enough said?

It is history and it is over, but still very sad for Marco and most of it's residents.

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Perhaps the "lemmings" that live in the condos will be more careful with their votes in the future.

But then again, that stupidity is coming back to bite them on the butt.

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K is Exactly - those are some of the examples of the Tarik that the MM keeps putting on boards. And do not forget the email where every other word was the F word. How about that article he wrote making racist comments about the guy who was running for charter school board while he was one of the other 4 MM members still on the board just to make sure that NO TEACHER and NO PARENT and NO EDUCATED PERSON and a NON MM MEMBER would make it on the board and like everything else on Marco the herd followed his advice and the TEACHER and the PARENT and the EDUCATED PERSON and the NON MM MEMBER did not make it on the board so the board has not one teacher and not one parent and not one educated person. Yes Keester make sure that Glassman gets off the board but keep quite about Tarik.

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To now expose people for who they were and still are is considered carrying baggage. So for people like GorgonZilla to just state facts is baggage. And that is the problem with this island - take sides with the MM of Arceri-Issler-Turk-Minozzi-Moss-Joel-Trotter-Tucker and when you are discovered for what you are, then the discoverer is the problem. That's right keep putting your head in the sand because dear 'ol Glassman just took notes everywhere she went. A great student she just took notes and notes and notes. Yep. And if Keester now wants to make the Island citizen-friendly why not expunge the Tarik from any city post? Any challenge to expose him too what for he is? Want to see his emails? His writings? Oh yea, a lot of baggage. Until the new governor is not in office and orders the new inspector general to start prosecutions of the local MM, keep dreaming.

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in response to falldowngoboom:

Retuned to paradise to find my utility bills are through the roof!!!(a roof which costs us $60k a few years ago!!)
As a condo owner I feel lied to by the ones who sold us this STRP project, we were told our utility rates would probably GO DOWN!!!
Now restaurants, businesses along with the condos are getting billed for what should have been only billed to those properties in which the STRP was newly installed??!!
Someone has to be held responsible for the outright lies we were told.

I wonder how many of the "condo folks" realise how big a mistake they made by supporting the pro-STRP candidates.

In fact, as candidates for city council all they had was that they wanted to finish the screwing of the residents by Arceri and Moss and Joel.

It's sad, now that the true facts are emerging that Butch Neylon, who gave us the truth didn't get elected instead of the mental giants Waldack and Gibson.

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marco97 - Thank you greatly for the clarification. I thought that he did the year in the can for the first time he broke into the gas station (remember they even have the surveillance video of him coming through the ceiling) and that he got off on the second one with "time served". I stand corrected, thank you.

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It is her who infiltrated for 100% sure. When Sanchez got the emails under a 119 request looking for criminal activity especially on the fake/fraud asbestos dumping investigation by Moss-Reinke-Guerrero in there was an email exchange of Moss-Joel-Glassman as proof. And speaking of traitors and spies does anyone know if Ray Beaufart is still alive? He supposedly worked on the recall with Hall but all along was feeding information to Moss (his neighbor) at exact same time Beaufart's son was arrested for breaking into a gas station and then got off.

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If the same election that Ed Issler keeps harping about was held today, and with the advantage of hindsight, I think it's very doubtful that the results would be the same.

The STRP would have been stopped and the city wouldn't be in such a poor shape financially.

Butch Neylon was right.

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The spokesperson for the MM is correct that the majority has spoken. True. And the majority has given Marco asbestos contamination, polluted the waterways and destroyed marine habitat with the pumping of millions of gallons of toxic water into the waterways, nearly $250,000,000 in debt, citizens fighting against each other because of the rate structure that benefits one group over the other and a moral corruption in city hall that is still there with Trotter and the Environmental "what is hydrogen sulfide" Specialist. And in the past the majority is always correct like they are correct on Marco because in the past the majority gave America slavery (majority was for it), making women second class citizens (majority was for it), mass arrests because of race by putting in concentration camps Americans born in America from oriental parents (majority was for it). So in the corrupt mind of the MM, as long as the majority spoke then all is well.

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The Code Board was stacked with ugly, nasty little people, just to get even with the residents that dared taken on city hall and the standing joke, STRP.

That mess is almost cleaned up with the removal of Rony Joel.....only Nancy "what's asbestos" Ritchie left to go and the sooner the better.

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It was Carol Glassman who was taking notes at the very first public meeting at the church where Ed Foster explained how bad a deal the STRP was for Marco.

She then presented the notes to her "bosses" Bill Moss and Rony Joel. Both denied having sent her on that spy mission.....and we all know what happened next.

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K - that is my understanding and that is what I tried to say and you picked it up correctly. The Joel Ritchie Moss Tucker Trotter Minozzi Arceri Issles Tarik mob with the lies and public profane that they spewed of those that told the truth about the asbestos and hydrogen sulfide they not only brought shame on the island now recognized world wide because of the EPA press release but also because they hurt so many people. And the dear "clean house" councilors and the "clean house" city manager still has Ritchie employed - the same Ritchie that said nothing when asbestos was being crushed not a mile from two schools that said nothing when hundreds of people breathed hydrogen sulfide - yes she did say something she wrote an email using slur against those people that were telling the truth about the pollution but she still has her job! All of the above should be prosecuted even their estates but no the MM still in charge and no one wants to "live in the past". There are some real winners on the island - the people now that want to stop school on Track "K" because of the eagle - alright school s----- idea - but these same now new love the birds environmentalists - where were they when a burrowing owl nest was discovered in the middle of the asbestos dump now called veterans park and the Florida Department of Fish and Wildlife sent an officer and within FORTY EIGHT HOURS that owl and the nest disappeared so fast never to be seen again. Go pull these records and guess who the Fish Wildlife officer interacted with? RITCHIE!! So where we the bird lovers then??? And other winners - Davies and Sanchez taking pictures of toxic water dumping into the canals and sending them to the EPA while Joel Moss and the MM gang are on a conference call with the EPA LYING that there was no pumping going on and they were getting sick! Now they are not here and best thing is that NOBODY cared then or now!! So they wasted their time because the people that did the pollution never receive justice!

Written on Marco Island's sewer director cut as city continues to trim costs:

Thank You Joel! Ritchie! Moss! Tucker! Trotter! Minozzi! Rockoff! Reinke! Arceri, Issler, Tarik! Thank you all of you for world wide publicity for Marco Island!

City of Marco Island and Quality Enterprises USA, Inc. Agree to pay Penalty to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations

Contact Information: Dawn Harris-Young, (404) 562-8421,

(Atlanta, Ga. – June 24, 2010) The city of Marco Island, Florida, and Quality Enterprises USA, Inc. (Quality) have entered into an administrative consent agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to settle allegations that the city and Quality violated the Clean Air Act and the federal asbestos regulations known as the National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Asbestos. Under the consent agreement, the city and Quality have agreed to pay a penalty of $81,722. In accordance with a separate agreement between the city and Quality, Quality will pay the entire penalty. The alleged violations occurred during the city’s Collier Boulevard road-widening and sewer and drinking water pipe installation project that began in 2005. The Consent Agreement was finalized on June 23, 2010. The alleged violations of the asbestos regulations include:

* failure to conduct a thorough inspection for asbestos prior to the excavation of asbestos-containing cement piping;
* failure to provide timely written notification to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection prior to beginning the construction project;
* failure to remove the excavated asbestos-containing piping prior to conducting construction activity that would break up, dislodge or disturb the asbestos material;,
* failure to adequately wet and keep wet the excavated asbestos-containing piping until disposed;
* failure to have on-site a supervisor properly trained in the asbestos regulations; and
* failure to properly dispose of the excavated asbestos-containing piping and asbestos-contaminated debris as soon as practical.

In 2006, EPA learned that fragments and sections of the asbestos-containing cement piping that had been excavated during the project had been disposed of and/or otherwise had come to be located at three separate sites near the construction project on Marco Island. Due to the presence of asbestos contamination at the three sites, EPA determined that cleanup action was required. The city and Quality fully cooperated with EPA in the development and implementation of sampling and cleanup plans to address the contamination at the sites. Cleanup actions were satisfactorily completed in accordance with the work plans in May 2007, April 2008, and November 2008, respectively. Subsequent confirmatory soil sampling did not indicate the presence of any remaining asbestos fibers. Under the Consent Agreement, the city and Quality have certified that they are in compliance with all relevant requirements of the asbestos regulations.

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But what good was the pass of the Health Act if Joel Ritchie Moss Rienke Tucker Trotter Minozzi Rockoff let lethal hydrogen sulfate gas cover the streets and 900 people went to the doctor? Will the new health care Act cover the long term health problems from breathing fumes?

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Most of these inputs have a great deal of true to them but as relate to Marco Island where the people have some control if it were not for the MM then if we the people can have the city get rid of the Joels and the Richies that were part of the STAFF that affected the law against the CLEAN WATER ACT and as Foster found CLEAN AIR ACT or asbestos, like the STAFF of Reinke and that whole fake investigation and Moss with voter intimidation threat to sue the people that signed HALLs recall proxy (but MOSS would not be charged because Rhodes partner of Tucker appointed to Elections Comision that does these things) there fore we people can flush these violaters out of government and save taxes and it not matter if Bush or Obami or any one because no more corruption. Only now left in City of Marco is Ritchie see when she goes and then we do not have to care if Bush or Obami are bad because we people can clean house at local and that will work at Feds level.

Written on Marco Island's sewer director cut as city continues to trim costs:

If City Of Marco and all state and local and federal governments were to fire all staff that were part of doing wrong as like Joel there will be no budget negative and taxes will not have to go up.

Written on Marco Island's sewer director cut as city continues to trim costs:

Joel was "let go" more because he is one of the two remaining that was involved in violating the clean water act with phoney story of discharge permit then on a conference all with Feds denying pumping at very moment pictures being sent to Feds. Look at the documents the EPA gave out for the true proof (Arceri Lasarus Tarik Walduck Gibon Trotter do not have to look at the documents since they do not want to read facts). All others except one are gone so city had to free itself of liability. Even with good odds that no prosecution coming with new governor since old governor was involved (remember Popoff saying alot "Governor Crist is for the sewers weather the people on Marco want it or not"?? with his appointment to election commission of local MM member $$ donation from city firm with partner as councilor) best to get rid of liability. Big s----- mistake was those that got the EPA papers did not get Feds to charge city. Let see when the honorable councilors fire environmental specialist for slander of local troublemakers when asked by Feds to look into water contamination instead of looking into contamination - this is in papers to.

Written on Marco cuts $500,000 from budget, sets 10 percent tax rate increase:

in response to Klabautermann:

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Maybe Waldi's mothers house was on sewer, would be interesting to find out.

Written on Marco cuts $500,000 from budget, sets 10 percent tax rate increase:

Having Gibson and Waldack vote on tax issues is like having a convicted drunk driver set the standard on blood alcohol limits.

Written on Marco cuts $500,000 from budget, sets 10 percent tax rate increase:

When these two councilors (Gibson and Waldack) find themselves homeless and try to find rentals, I would hope the prospective landlords look real hard at their financial background.

If they didn't pay for their homes, why would they pay rent.

I wouldn't rent to them.

Perhaps they could move in with Arceri!

Written on Marco cuts $500,000 from budget, sets 10 percent tax rate increase:

If it's true regarding those two councilors, then perhaps a petition should be started by the tax payers demanding that the non tax payers on city council have no vote.....

Written on City plagued by debt; audit reveals potential cash flow problems:

You can't forget the fact that Rob Popoff was also instrumental in the STRP fiasco....

He is as guilty as the rest of them.

Written on Letter to the Editor: ‘CRAP’shoot:

in response to Klabautermann:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.) really don't have a clue!!