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Written on Letter to the Editor: Trees in Old Marco:

Parking rules on Marco are so random they are ridiculous. Everyone complains about restaurant parking, even those restaurants that have swales as part of their property, but say nothing when Residents Beach suggests parking in swales on Landmark and Greenbrier for their private beach party. Don't even get me started on residents not being able to park ON THEIR OWN PROPERTY overnight.

Written on Letter to the Editor: On the proposed Mackle Park community center:

I also believe that the city should find and supply a free beach parking site for full time, year round , real residents before spending $4 mil on the community center. And I think the Marriott should help in this endeavour.

Written on Letter to the Editor: On the proposed Mackle Park community center:

Fix the community center for the $400,000, I'm sure that won't be the final price, and find a separate location for a senior center.

Written on Marco Island City Council: Millage max set, bridge bids nixed:

Off with their heads!! And while your at it, put a provision in the city charter that All city employees must be reguired to be city residents! Maybe they wouldn't waste as much of their own money as they do ours!

Written on SWFL resort makes top 'cougar' destination list:

RayPray doesn't know the island like he thinks he does. The dirty old men need a nicer place to prey.

Written on Pathway to safety: Marco Island Bike Path Committee moves forward on bike lanes:

in response to Mayor_McCheese:

The bike path committee chairman doesn't ride a bike? It seems that riding a bike might be a requirement of a member of this committee, or at least its chairman.

I'm not suggesting that a non bike rider can't offer helpful opinions and guidance, but someone who actually rides a bike would have real life experience that a non rider could not have and which could be very valuable to the deliberations of this committee.

That's Marco commando's for ya.

Written on From dogs to ultralights, Marco Island's beaches face issues:

Dogs shouldn't be on a public beach, period. Of course, Canadian dogs would never bite someone or defecate on the beach, but American dogs might.

Written on Cracking down: Marco Island Code Enforcement Board signals new 'get tough' attitude:

in response to RayNetherwood:

It's kind of ironic, two of the island's worst and dangerous side walks, on terms of upkeep and usability are where? 1. On Winterberry in front of the Collier County tax collector's building, and 2. On the corner of San Marco and Bald Eagle where the cross walk button is located on a pole, in a swale, far from the sidewalk. Enforcement on others is great, sidewalks should be passable without having to duck branches or being forced into the grass by overgrown shrubs ..... but, it would be nice if the "Enforcers" could set a good example.

One of the great issues for cityhood was to put sidewalks on every street in front of every property, even empty lots. The great city was going to do it for you if you didn't do it yourself, then bill you for the work. Never happened.

Written on Cracking down: Marco Island Code Enforcement Board signals new 'get tough' attitude:

in response to MrBreeze:

This is just the restart of the teardown theory. I warned you people about this some years ago when the New bridge was coming. Wake up when they use the word "teeth" that means dollars and power. Once your property has been targeted you will sell wait and see. If your old Deltona house is in the way watch out someone has better plans for it than you do. This is the start of a rolling rock.

"We want Marco Island to have a higher quality of life" That means if you are in a old home less than 1 million you are not high quality and time to move. This will get interesting.

I agree. City buttholes.

Written on Marco Planning Board considers options for beaches and restaurants:

Mr. Honecker, that doesn't solve the parking problem, not even close. Some planner you are.

Written on Marco Island City Council takes on capital projects, code compliance and illegal immigration:

Raising the height of the bridge would also require lengthening the bridge. Would that be wise?

Written on Marco Island Planning Board reviews live-aboard vessels, delays moving ahead with midtown public forums:

As to parking, why is it acceptable for the city to allow parking in swales at community events, such as the recent fair at Veterans Park, but not allow it for restaurants or other businesses?

Written on Buzzards over Goodland – Crowds throng Stan's for 29th annual Mullet Festival :

' the mosh pit at a Phish concert '..?

Written on Rescue boat sails through special meeting City Council moves forward with lifesaving vessel :

What ever happened to taking out bids. They take the first option the lazy city staff recommends.

Written on Guest Commentary: MPD – New no parking zones and fines :

Why doesn't the city, what a joke, FIND or create more parking instead of fining and discouraging parking? Parking, or the lack of parking, near the beaches is not just a problem for tourists.

Written on Contractors raise the roof on Marco Island city manager's decision to move building inspectors to Naples :

You silly cityhood fools!
As for this matter, the Marriott dictates what Mr. Riviere will do. He has no choice. He will have to kiss their butt.

Written on Letter to the Editor: On the swale debate ...:

The idea of beautifying and maintaining the swales by only using sod is about as s----- as the idea a kookie former Councilman had about not letting men walk around topless on Marco.

Written on Letter to the Editor: On the swale debate ...:

Don't get me started on the swale issue. The no parking on the swales law came about because a few home owners did not like their neighbors entertaining after 2am. They also didn't like a certain group, or class, of people having too many occupants in a dwelling.

Written on Quinnipiac poll: Obama ahead of Romney, Santorum in Fla. :

Had anyone ever heard of Quinnipiac University before 2008? Hmm... very interesting. How did Quinn U. become such a polling authority?

Written on Chris Fowler Teacher of Year:

Three cheers for Chris!! Congratulations!
Mike Sweeney

Written on Two men accused of sexually assaulting Lee County teen, impregnanting her :

This is an example of why I'm pro abortion.

Written on Seafood extravaganza: Marco Island festival grows in its fourth year:

It's for tourists. They'll pay. Not many bus stops other than along Collier either.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Police have better things to do:

That no parking in the swale law should never have been enacted. It is very discriminatory and elitist.

Written on Marco Island Academy readies for expansion:

The people behind and pushing MIA are a bunch of elitist jerks. Thanks for bringing your modular mess, along with more traffic and noise, to the area.

Written on Letter to the Editor: A swale idea – grass or gravel:

The swale issue is nothing but somebody's pet peeve who caught the ear of a city politico. There is nothing wrong with rock in the swales. The landscaping may not be as pretty from one swale to the next but neither is every house. To each his own. As for gravel not being a good filter for ground water, I beg to differ.

Written on Keeping Marco beautiful: Committee works for beauty in lean budget times:

Let old Marco have the lights they desire. Use some of their current lights, that they don't want, on Park Ave. which is not lit up very well.

Written on All lit up – Olde Marco Residents pack City Council meeting to protest street lights:

Whose bright idea was it to use different light poles than the poles used on Collier and Barfield? Were the residents asked their opinion on the matter? I think the poles erected are hideous and don't fit in, at all, with the neighborhood. Typical Marco city bull.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Good money is lost to Marco’s police :

There is to much of a police presence on Marco as it is, but if they did start writing more tickets, the city council could use that money so they wouldn't have to raise our utility rates after buying a utility company that they reasoned would save us money, the same reasoning used by the people that said we could save $2 million a year by having our own police force and not having to pay the county that $2 million when in fact we still do have to pay the county that $2 million for their police coverage on top of paying for our own.

Written on Galiana named City recreation supervisor:

I've been here over thirty years and never heard of this guy. When was the Tommie Barfield baseball field neglected? It is one of two ball fields on the island and used everyday. That's neglect? He sounds more like the perfect politician. Corrupt. Guess that's how he got the job.

Written on POLL Conservation Collier, Marco Island eye purchasing school-owned Tract K:

Why is it that anytime a person comes to power on Marco, or a new person comes to Marco, the first thing they want to do is take control of Tract K? Tract K was given to the Collier County school board, by the Deltona Corp., the Mackle Bros., to benefit the children of Marco. If the school board cannot use the property for a school then they should consider a partnership with some organization, like Rookery Bay or the Conservancy of Naples, to put up a learning or resource center or perhaps a botanical garden.

Written on POLL: Marco eyes public art requirement on non-residential construction:

Another bad idea by the great City of Marco Island. Why can't the city just tend to city business instead of meddling and imposing on the citizens and businesses of Marco?

Written on Model T, Linotype machine donated by Daily News to Marco museum:

I thought the idea for the Marco Island Historical Society to build a museum was a good one. I assumed they had significant historical Marco related things to put on display. Evidently they don't. So how, or why, do you build a museum when you don't even have items to put inside it? Surely I must be missing something.

Written on Are police arrest reports an invasion of privacy?:

Police arrest reports are not an invasion of privacy but why must they include employment information?

Written on Marco to consider building a high school in the park:

Do these elitests really think the people of Marco will let them build their high school at Mackle Park? If they have all the money to build and redevelop why don't they buy their own land and build? I'm sure the selfish people of Marco will still let them utilize the facilities at Mackle Park.

Written on City Councilman and incumbent seek openings on Marco Charter school board :

I don't know if a councilperson can be on the board at the same time, but definitely should NOT be on the board at the same time.

Written on None:

Is it really necessary to show someones mug shot and arrest report for a minor infraction. Come on now big brother.

Written on POLL: Amplified music at Marco’s Esplanade carries council support :

It hasn't really been the residents of the Esplanade complaining, as Mr. Popoff has suggested. It has been the residents of Smokehouse Bay for the most part. It isn't a matter of supporting residents over businesses, or vice versa, it's a matter of supporting both. People who live in the Esplanade knew what a mixed use developement would bring. The other complainers haven't liked the Esplanade from it's beginning.

Written on VIDEOS: Marco answers the $1 million question:

What did you all expect when you approved cityhood? At least we have the spending cap but they are in the process of trying to ammend it. And as you can see they try to go around it.

Written on Utility rate increases, financial quandaries may halt Marco sewer project :

in response to playballonK:

Issler's famous '61%' majority mandate vote for the pro STRP canidates is a bunch of cra@p!
Aceri and his cronies promised the sky to the condo owners if they voted for his canidates(Waldack, Gibson etc.)
Aceri convinced the condo dwellers that their utility rates would skyrocket if the STRP wasn't completed.
Condo owners are THE ONLY reason those canidates won that election.
Condo owner now must realize that they MUST vote as the homeowner on Marco votes, its a taxpayer/assessment thing - get it?!
The currnet government and 40 or 50 of its cronies are trying to make Marco Island into Miami west, Do you understand???
Do you know what this is going to cost each homeowner/condo owner???
Do you understand condo owner??
Condo owner you need only to look at the finance practices of YOUR city government to understand things aren't right here on Marco.
SO next election condo owner when a friendly man comes to speak to your association about doom and gloom on Marco - go to the libary instead and read a book on ethics in government.

The condo commando vote, along with the absentee owner vote, is what gave us cityhood. It only passed by 181 votes. The majority of precincts voted against cityhood but the commandos had more people in their precincts. The absentee owners are people who argueably don't live here half the year.

Written on James Willhite (((acoustic))):

Why are you advertising events not on or near Marco?

Written on Utility rate increases, financial quandaries may halt Marco sewer project :

You city morons! Let's become a city. Yeah! We have plenty of money right here on Marco. We don't need the county. Let's build sidewalks over the whole island (not done yet, ten years later). Let's have some policemen, we don't need the sheriff (wrong). Let's build a City Hall Palace. Let's buy a water company and save money (wrong). Let's put everyone on a sewer system even though the citizens don't want it (Moss). Hey! Let's buy an electric company and save even more money (Waldack)?! Great vision Mr. Stefinades. Thanks for nothing Mr. Aceri.

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