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Written on DON HUNTER: Marco Island Police Chief Don Hunter answers readers' questions :

in response to JohninMarco:

Note to the new chief; We don't have a need for an internal affairs officer? In the past two years we removed 2 LTs., demoted a Sgt.' fired a patrolman, forced an officer to re-sign, and had the former chief acussed of being drunk at a crime scene. If I were you I would take a long look at your upper managers. It seems to me that maybe you are going down the same road that the former chief followed.

The failings and shortcomings of the Marco Police are directly or indirectly connected to a FAILURE of leadership. Toxic leadership at all levels permeates and infects the entire organization. I hope Chief Hunter can instill a new sense of professionalism and revive the core values of a police force - to serve and protect the public good. If this doesn't happen, we'll either need that Internal Affairs officer or a zookeeper.

Written on Marco police, Collier Sheriff's Office conducting investigations into officer-involved crash:

The one who wrapped his car around a light post was Tige Thompson, I believe. The prior year's officer of the year no less! Alas, there is plenty of room for clowns in the Marco Island Circus - er, Police.

Written on Marco Island City Council budget workshop: Millage rate increases unless more cuts can be agreed to:

in response to MarcoIslandWoman:

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That 6 million is just for the pleasure of having the city police. Don't forget what Marco's Swinest cost taxpayers in salaries, operating costs, general wastefulness, wrecked cars and lawsuits. Our new chief would be uniquely suited to shutting down the force and handing responsibility back to Collier County.

Written on What's Your Y Story? Keith Dameron: Naked swimming at the Y makes for fond memories:

Old Keith keeps turning up like a bad penny.

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