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Written on Marco Island Marriott accepts 111-foot height limitation; defends 1,243 parking spaces:

Some concessions! Let's see - we'll turn San Marco Road over to construction traffic and forget about the residents who live on or near San Marco. Then We'll just turn 2 lane Barfield (and its bridges) over to the Marriott too and, in the process, forget about All Emergency Services routes, school, parks & recreation facilities. Add all this to the snarl of traffic already on Collier, especially in season.

So let's add up all the Islanders, visitors and tourists you plan on ruining daily life on Marco for, let's estimate, 2 years. How many is that? I think it's EVERYONE! DUH!

We still haven't mentioned the mess on the roads that goes with a large construction project that really goes well with our " fun in the sun & water" island and all that noise to boot!

Corporate Marriott; how deep does your greed go? How much greater is your rights to your limited property than the rights of the residents of the entire Island of Marco?

Most of all; what are you giving in return to the community you have so haplessly ignored in this entire project? More hotel rooms? And you call what you are offering 'concessions'?

Mr. Marriott seems to be planing for a project in an alternate universe where they can waive away their responsibility to the community and everything is perfectly ordered and presented in "Disney" fashion. All you'll need is the "Marriott" channel on catv.

Corporate Marriott you're asking a lot from everyone! What are you giving in return that will make up for your dominance of our Island?

How about this?? A fully equipped band shell and stage in Veterans Park with all facilities to stage fairs, festivals, music, plays, musicals, concerts possibly in partnership with the Performing Arts facilities in Naples all with your sponsorship. To offset your costs the Marriott will be permitted to operate limited concession stands at the site during sponsored performances. Add a small municipal pier with a couple of modest water excursion vessels to offer a close-in view of Marco that many people don't see.

Oh, and yes! A Marriott commercial free catv station that will broadcast all events to the entire Island exclusively for the folks that can't make it to live performances. Let's also add off island parking for all your employees and most of your guests with a "Disney" style shuttles to run regularly from the off Island parking to loop Marco Island in it's entirety. How about an area on your property on the East side of Collier for bike, scooter, and electric golf cart like vehicles so residents can use your section of beach.

The key to your success is to make your success Marco Island's success. This idea will make the businesses and facilities of Marco integral with the Marriott and vice-versa

Lastly, and most important, Marco Islanders will have first 'dibs' on all jobs created and I want a job planning this whole thing for you!!!!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Environmental impact:

As previously quoted from another post "I do not work there and have no financial interest in the Marriott, itself. My wife does have a shop there (for 21 years)."

Sir: I don't think all will believe that you do not have a vested interest in the Marriott expansion which I do not judge as right or wrong.

Regardless, there is a point which Ms. Paape makes! Since the city has not chimed in about the 'overall and complete' environmental impact this is tantamount to giving tacit approval to the expansion.

A poker player would call that a 'tell' to let you know what cards the City holds and intends to play. To know the 'tells' is really compete.


The City of Marco Island's current leadership is about to make "A FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE" to the nature of this Island that will set it upon an irreversible path of commercial development.

On the new MARCO ISLAND what will undoubtedly reign as supreme will be the interests of BUSINESS without any concern of cohabitation and the needs of RESIDENTS or their investment here on the island.

Don't we all see that this is really the ISSUE AT HAND!

I read many of these posts and I'm concerned about the lack of focus among the residents to realize what the issue truly is. They seem to want to put on paper any and all petty beefs they have.


CORPORATE Marriott, on the other hand, understands EXACTLY what it wants and that intends to get it any way it can despite the facade of community concern which is merely a ruse.

So, PEOPLE, do yourself an extreme injustice and keep focusing on MINUTIA and not the real matter before us. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THE MARRIOTT AND OTHER BUSINESSES WANT!!!! While you're blah blah blah-ing, before you know it you will wake up one morning on MARRIOTT ISLAND!

If you, as the majority of residents, really want this you're about to get it!


Written on Letter to the Editor: Marriott proposed renovation:


Please note that when you hijack an important subject to talk about car carriers (a police issue) it only diminishes the importance of the matter truly in discussion.

If you want actions in favor or against at least keep the discussion focused.

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To even suggest that San Marco Road should be used for Marriott Commercial traffic is ludicrous. As it exists now it is a narrow road with bike lanes on either side. It is the only direct road one can use to reach parts of the island that avoids, partially, the 'bumper car' daily seasonal event on Collier. In additional to all the emergency and city services it feeds a school, parks and recreational facilities.

Also, the road would have to be developed leaving many homes with direct driveways onto, what would then be be by this proposal,a commercial transverse.

To think trucks will not use North Barfield Drive is equally ridiculous.

To recap, so my mere resident's feeble mind understands this correctly; by your suggestion we would devote not 1 but 3 of 4 major island roads and 3 bridges (Jolley, Goodland and Smokehouse) to service the Marriott expansion.

I'm sorry but Marriott's greedy quest has overstepped every reasonable boundary!

Written on Letter to the Editor: San Marco not the answer:

To even suggest that San Marco Road should be used for Marriott Commercial traffic is ludicrous. As it exists now it is a narrow road with bike lanes on either side. It is the only direct road one can use to reach parts of the island that avoids, partially, the 'bumper car' daily seasonal event on Collier. In additional to all the emergency and city services it feeds a school, parks and recreational facilities.

Also, the road would have to be developed leaving many homes with direct driveways onto, what would then be be by this proposal,a commercial transverse.

To think trucks will not use North Barfield Drive is equally ridiculous.

To recap, so my mere resident's feeble mind understands this correctly; by your suggestion we would devote not 1 but 3 of 4 major island roads and 3 bridges (Jolley, Goodland and Smokehouse) to service the Marriot expansion.

I'm sorry but Marriot's greed has overstepped every reasonable boundary!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Trees in Old Marco:

Swales are part of Marco Island's PUD with the South Florida Water Management District and are a required part of being granted the PUD permit. Those swales, I believe, lie within easements which must be maintained by individual lot owners. Because of these easements the permitted use of swales is limited to drainage not parking. Those swales are an integral part of flood management. The ability to manage flood waters increases the value of Marco Island properties and enhances flood safety on the Island in general.

I guess our island leaders haven't figured this out yet just like some residents and restaurant owners haven't.

We need 3 things. A "NO PARKING IN SWALES 24/7" SIGN at the entrances to the island, a clearly stated no parking ordinance and parking tickets for those who ignore it.

Business should not try to 'annex' public land for their purposes and residents should be respectful of a community infrastructure.

Written on Old Marco's controversial trees will be removed:

Aren't swales part of the South Florida Water Management District permit granted to Marco under its' PUD plan. Isn't the Condo Association required to maintain the swales in question as part of their PUD requirement. If so, the City of Marco has no right to alter the required usage of this property to a dual usage.

What of the Codo residents? Is it not reasonable to expect that the cars and noise associated with the restaurants across the street would remain across the street.

There is a bad smell on our Island that seems to emanate from City Hall! You know the smell! It's the one that occurs every time special interests become more powerful than the rights of residents.

Mareck's solution is to purchase or lease land to expand their parking lot. Why must their operation infringe upon the rights of others. This is a nice restaurant but did they not know what infrastructure was required 'before' they expanded? Why must they place the burden of their planned expansion upon area residents and the community at large?

Let all the businesses concerned come up with a plan, at their expense, to pave the shoulder on their side of the street to install proper parallel parking spaces if space, the SFWMD permit and zoning allows it. If not than, sorry, your out of luck!

Maybe a plan should be put forward to allow for parallel street parking, if conditions permit, within business zones of the city. Within those zones the business should be taxed for the usage of city land, pay for all related construction and maintenance costs and fees assessed for the creation an operation of a Parking Enforcement Department NOT under MIPD control. This 24/7 operation could potentially keep the nuisance under control with proceeds going to some city project that would actually benefit the community at large and not favor special interests - if that's at all possible!

But you and I know that the 'stink' comes with a cloud that looms low. It's the type of cloud that keeps our leadership from 'seeing' as well as 'knowing' what they're doing to our Island.

As for the residents, I think we all know that the cloud and the stink emanates from back room deals.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Who will be our Yul Brynner:

There is no single person who will champion this cause. Residents need to gather their strength and form a union of sorts with organization being the key.

Too many things are in play. Revisions in parking regulations for restaurants is an example. Why is the default response from our leadership always that a 'business' has rights above residents?

We are the only ones who can bring a stop to this trend. If the majority of our Island's residents feel the progress towards a tourist island is our future then we must step aside. But, without a clear vote of an involved citizenry why should we?

For now plan to MOVE EAST OLD MAN! Get out of the way of so called progress. West of Collier belongs to business and we must accept the tidbits left over. So much for your lifetime of work it took to get you here! We'll be OK when it's 95 outside and 95% humidity. The 'beautiful' season belongs to the Marriott, Merecks, Joey's pizza and the almighty dollar! I patronize all these places and I think they're great but, as a business, they should accept a modest size that services the modest size of our island.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marriott expansion goes with Mackle Brother’s vision:

I've lived here only a few short years. Seems to me the Marriott/tourism expansion has already been decided. Too many ducks are already in a row - The new Jolley Bridge, the airport runway expansion and land acquisition (light commuter?) the Smokehouse Bridge, the 75/Collier exchange widening, the 41 flyover and 951 speed increase. All that essentially remains is the development of Collier Blvd. on the island itself.

I believe we are witnessing a fundamental and final resolution to the character of Marco Island. As this island becomes more connected the more island businesses will increase their demand for a tourist trade. Did you think this development is all being done for the residents? Do you think more development planning is not already on the way?

I think we all know the answer to 'what is the island gem that others seek to own and profit from'. As Marco Island becomes 'somewhere' we, the residents, will be left 'nowhere'. The only levee we can build to preserve our part of this island is a strong union of residents and a clear vision to our purpose.

Marco Island is doomed to be in the possession of 21st century pirates as a home to ply their trade - PROFIT!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Wake up and be heard:

I must disagree! When a residential community is dominated by business interests it no longer keeps its' paradise like character. To hear a almost life long resident speak this way is surprising! The facade of 'paradise' the OP would have is merely a manipulated environment- a Las Vegas style illusion of the real thing. Each day residents even consider this project makes this island more 'plastic' in nature and takes us one step closer to a Marriott Island.

What we have now is unbalanced as opposed to the balanced community once conceived and created. It is where a contract promised to homeowners is being broken inch by inch every day! Can we call this what it clearly is?

To hear that a corporation needs to expand beyond original boundaries because its' facilities are underutilized is absurd. To say its' operations 'save' us money is just another story to put a sugar coating on an unpleasant truth.

I blame the current conditions on the Marco leadership, both past and present, that lacks the vision, creativity and resolve to make tough decisions that could restore a balance to our island. The Marriott is only being true to what it is - a huge corporation with profit at the helm! To think it it has residents' interests in mind is an illusion.

The Marriott is nothing more than a profit machine. To them this island is fuel for that machine. It will run this machine until the fuel is consumed. This machine wants to manufacture street signs that say "Marriott Blvd and replace every sign we see today as Collier Blvd. 24/7, it will run its' machine up and down Marriott Blvd. It will dominate our lives and ask for more.

As residents we are living in an unbalanced community. As a full time resident I don't require the services of any business that lives on tourism. With the limited space and resources of this island we can live with a modest tourist trade but we should NEVER cater to it at the sacrifice of our own well being.

It is extremely hard to balance a full time/seasonal community so our community has an inherent flaw in its' structure. Blame our leadership for that flaw and the originators for failing to consider that a flaw would develop over the years.

So the story is that our Island is a beautiful diamond with flaw ripe for cutting. It is the intention of big business to cut and polish this diamond to their interests. What's left over is tiny atom sized bits which we will end up fighting each other over.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Against Marriott expansion:

Marco residents need to establish an identity for their island. Since development began a hotel was meant to service a residential community not dominate it. As an island we have only so much to offer in the way of infrastructure and space.

We residents are being squeezed off our island by the belief that large corporations have a greater right to prosper here than the residents.

My suggestion to the Marriott is to make the best of what you already have or find someplace else to develop. Perhaps they should investigate placing their convention center off island where the can develop and grow without hurting the community at large. You do, after all, have the resources to create whatever you wish.

Our leadership lacks the creativity to come up with solutions and the resolve to establish an identity for a tiny island. Our residents have invested, in many cases, a lifetime of work and savings with the promise that existing rules would be adhered to not constantly modified to fit the needs of a large corporation. The Marriott has only one goal and that is profit and that goal is contrary to the well being of our residents.

Let's get it over with! Change the name to Marriott Island and let's all sell out and rent a room!!!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island utility outages:

Frankly I feel that LCEC service on Marco is more like living in the 2nd decade of the 20th century not the 21st. I also have lived in many areas in the US and never experienced so many outages and an obvious vulnerability of our local grid to the elements. Seems like anytime someone passes wind from here to the generating station our power goes out. The first thing we need to do is to ban the sale of beans in the area. LCEC - would that help you to provide utility service in the 21st century?

Written on Friendly takeover: New police code enforcement unit reviewed by Marco Planning Board:

Someone from the Eagle's posting enforcement should make regular rounds of these posts and police up the crew of repeat offenders. I'm surprised that some of these contributors even know what the internet is! Perhaps if they had to stand on soap boxes in front residents beach they too would realize how foolish they sound.

Written on Sea wall solutions: committee discusses construction issue:

Comparing sea wall construction to another construction process is ludicrous. Sea wall contractors are using their strangle hold on the community to do everything they can to maximize profits no matter who it harms. This process is being singled out because the companies that profit from it are abusing the rights of neighboring property owners. The result is your home may be waterfront to a lengthy, ugly and disrupting process on a lot unrelated to the actual replacement instead of requiring contractors to stage on an approved commercial site and restricting the time for their on-site process.

Other types of large pre-cast projects are done all the time. Our city needs to even the playing field between the needs of property owners, business and the community in general. We should be open to other construction methods less demanding on the environment. The business is here no matter how much the contractors complain. They will adapt to a change in methods. Saying prices will skyrocket is a farce. Defining a new process then opening that process to companies off the island will keep prices down as will establishing stricter regulations based upon common sense and new technologies for the future not the antiquated practices of a few that keep us in the past.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Who should yield? :

It would be nice if these posts were read by staff BEFORE they are posted. Some are so offensive that the OP should be banned from future posts. Is this forum a means for civil expression or local fool magnet?

Written on Cracking down: Marco Island Code Enforcement Board signals new 'get tough' attitude:

BTW! Stop crying and be responsible! You sound like a bunch of 5 year olds with wallets bigger than their brains!

Written on Cracking down: Marco Island Code Enforcement Board signals new 'get tough' attitude:

Landlords of these party hardy houses seem to forget they're breaking state law by renting at all. Guess they think their money makes them above the very laws they accepted when they purchased their property. If you can't keep track of your own property then either sell it or hire someone to manage it for you! Your business interests lower the quality of life for all residents. People who outright ignore the rules for their own benefit should be fined. Repeat offenders should be fined in a big way. I like the rules - I accepted the rules - I want them enforced!

Written on Marco Island Code Compliance Board shows its 'yin and yang' in administering fines:

"Yin & Yang"? That implies there is some pattern in how Code Compliance opperates. Over the past few years I've seen a steady decline in quality of life here on the island. The quality issues and standards that all residential & commercial owners accepted when they came to the island are just eroding with the help of an equal errosion in enforcement of those standards. What happened? Did we not prefer tighter control over the inconsiderate nature of some of our neighbors - at least in limiting the space they disturb? For myself I liked the standards and thought they were worth the effort to stay in compliance to keep the wonderful quality of our community. Code Compliance is our 'first line' of action to maintain community standards and should not be neglected. There is no purpose to having standards when enforcement is a "yin & yang".

Written on Guest Commentary: Sad commentary:

Stop with the bible already! It's not the 'bible' of billions of people on this planet! Why don't we just bring back the Crusades? Then - I'll be sitting in front of my house behind my 'Ma Deuce' atop my surplus M1A1 tank waiting for the real bible toting 2nd ammendment 'crazies'! Be true to the history of the 2nd ammendment and bear your single shot musket as a member of a well organized militia! Then, as loaves and fishes, your musket balls will multiply into 30 round magazines.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Protecting the children:

That's funny! Actually it's opinions like yours that most Americans find represent the height of hypocracy, irony, and stupidity!
Add ignorance and egotism to your own list of personal qualities!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Big difference:

Again the voice of the "clueless"! Perhaps the OP would like to explain their logic to the parents of a gunned down 6 year old! In this country guns are like toys. You're not holding an AR15 you're holding a basketball! Let's go out and play! Give it up little boy. No one is going to keep you from your little toys - just the ones that turn humans into fanatics! Fool!

Written on Hideaway Tax District Board strategizes on how to get beach built up :

I'm not sure why this section of beach is any different than any other on the island. Access to all Marco Beaches is restriced if not by access areas then parking. You're saying the beach at Hideaway can not be accessed because of "distance"? What would you suggest - tear down the trees and put up a paking lot? How about building a bridge to Keywadin Island or Cape Romano? Maybe all the waterfron lots on the island should be requires to put in 1 public parking space and restroom facilities! You guys are swinging after the bell when the other guy is back in his dressing room!

Written on Letter to the Editor: The secret menace to single family homes:

It's hard to believe that our City could let businesses operate like this. There are few reasons why the City Council allows such a strangle hold on our community.
Until we, as homeowners, organize ourselves into one voice we can only expect more of the same. In fact, we can expect the entire residential nature of our community to become a service area for the needs of business and investors. Don't you see it happening now?
I think it's time for residents to bring our city government to court and force them to abide by the contract we all have with them - our city codes!

Written on Seawalls coming down? Marco Planning Board wrestles with marine construction issues :

With respect Mr. Gilmore, I've seen and experienced 1st hand what you call a "construction site". We all know you could do a much better job of making it easier for all concerned. Your sites become collection grounds, for months at a time, for debris while you spread your work onto lots in places where work is not being performed. You have no desire to use precast panels as it cuts into your profit and no interest in adopting newer methods for repairs and replacement for that same reason. I would say that, in fact, you seem to hold a whole community hostage to better your own interests.

How many miles of seawalls in need of repair and how many $$$ per foot would be enough to make you happy?

Written on Overflow parking at South Marco beach has city leaders seeking solutions :

If there's inerest in acting in the interest of residents on quality of life issues here on Marco email me at

Written on Overflow parking at South Marco beach has city leaders seeking solutions :

captnjimbo don't wait for MICA! We, as residents, need to tell MICA what WE want and not wait for what WE"LL get from them. Up until now I haven't seen much leadership from them - nor interest in a loosing battle we now only seem to be fighting in our minds and on paper. Tell me there are others willing to take this simple task in hand an I'm there 100%. And Y'ALL? Like in the old days - 1,2,3,4 we won't be ig-nored any more!! WE, by the way, being the essential word here! Just because we need folding chairs to stage a sit in doesn't mean we can't put our ever widening butts to good use:)

Written on Overflow parking at South Marco beach has city leaders seeking solutions :

I agree that
"Property rights are being trampled on Marco !!!"
Quality of life issues are being ignored which seems weird since living on Marco is all about 'quality of life'. Seems like Marco is somewhere between a gated community and a free for all. I see the names of posters over and over. Can't you all get together and address one issue - quality of life - before there is none left here on the island. I may be "confused" but isn't that why we all pay the tab for living here? Maybe we should talk to the island's owner since it is obvious that we have no rights. We don't 'own' we only live here by the graces of Good King Marco!

Written on Marcophiles: On the beach – The do-dos and the don’ts:

We live on an island with great beaches. I see so much of the beach vacant. As a resident and a dog owner I can't share the beach with my "kids" 2 yellow labs. I think it's a lot of bunk to say that dogs, if confined to a special area, would somehow disturb the Eco-system. Meanwhile, the restricted access essentially gives up a great portion of the beach to residents in high-rise buildings. On this topic, at least, I wish you would consider "us".

Written on Letter to the Editor: Trouble in Paradise:

in response to naples_rocket:

care to elaborate?

I will! The renters are not the problem but the owners of these properties are! Every week my wife and I hold our breath waiting to find out who our neighbors will be for the next week and what problems they will bring to our "residential" neighborhood.
Florida law 509 calls these rentals businesses. We are not zoned for commercial. The owners of these properties operate a business without a license. Additionally, the agents who promote these operationss are advertising 'unlicensed' businesses. How many more laws can they break??? As a contractor, if I ran an unlicensed business I'd have the Marco PD on my job site every day and fines on top of fines plus jail time! Guess I'm a member of the wrong club!
This is just another sample of how the City Of Marco picks and chooses what laws they will enforce. We did not realize that we purchased a home across from hotels and I believe that a lawsuit is in the making!!! Our quiet enjoyment of our home during the season is ruined by the rotating packs of tourists and the forces of money that are behind them here on the Island. They belong in hotels not in my backyard!
Hey, City of Marco, how can you do this to us?

Written on Quinnipiac poll: Obama ahead of Romney, Santorum in Fla. :

Racism isn't gone its' just gone further underground. Every once in while it rears its' ugly head in the comments we read here. If you can't act or comment in a civilized manner please, at the very least, adhere to the rules of this forum! To those that make these comments I would say not only is your ignorance showing but so is the white hood your hiding in your pocket!!!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Picket the beach:

BTW Is it the traffic or the people that bother you? If it's the traffic then build a paking lot (dawn to dusk) for profit off the island and run a seasonal tram up and down Collier. Have signage before the bridge that shows when on island lots are full. The lot doesn't even have to be paved. Let a local business rent bikes there. There's lots of ideas that will work if we can just come up with them and pick those that are most practical!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Picket the beach:

You guys do realize that this is only 'our' fault! If we do not speak with one voice then we should accept what is given to us without complaint. Organize your voices and make them heard as one voice. Powers that be will have no choice but to listen!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island not a day trip destination:

We should be fair to Code Compliance and our PD. They are good people who seem to do their job as instructed. The problem is in the attitude of our City Council and their willingness to become true representatives of all who share this island. Again I only moved here three years ago but do we have a resident's group that sends representatives to all meetings? Sounds like we need to somehow organize to speak our minds as a group and not just as offended individuals. Does MICA do that? If not they should!
Signed "I'm Confused"

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island not a day trip destination:

BTW Could somebody post a list of local ordinances that Marco Island really does enforce. It seems we can pick and choose from the list as the wind blows on a particular day. Maybe you could post them on the Marco Island website daily. We could have "free for all days"! Friday is come one come all day. Make a mess and we'll clean up after you. We do, after all, have such deep pockets that we can afford to do that! Remember, tourist folks, our Island is your island as long as you buy a tee shirt at Alvin's.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island not a day trip destination:

I wish you guys would figure out who we are as an island and stick to it! There seems to be so many contradicting forces at work here daily. You complain about too many tourists yet Marco does not enforce state and local laws which would limit them to legitimate hotels. I feel like the old guy in the movie "Moonstruck" and my only real comment is "I'm Confused"!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Police have better things to do:

The idea is to share your thoughts about the original post - not your problems with the world. The Marco Eagle should enforce their own user agreement to clean up some of these trash posts and ban those who use these pages to "spew" not discuss!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Police have better things to do:

If you know it's the law why do you park there? How many times have officers driven by your house when the car was parked there and not given it a ticket? While you seem to deserve kudos for your efforts to help your mom there is another answer to the problem other than chiding the PD for doing their job. Perhaps you could have a garage sale to make room in the garage for your car - but make sure you get a permit first! ;)

Written on Letter to the Editor: South Beach Parking on Swallow Ave.:

There seems to be declining attention to the quality of life on Marco. This is an example. No big deal, I guess, but add it to many other small things and we have an Island whose appearance has seemingly changed for the worse in the past few years. Residents seems less and less important rating behind business & tourists. This also goes for the the established rules which protect our Island resident way of living - for which we all pay so dearly.

It seems to me that the effectiveness of our Code Enforcement is in decline and I don't think it's their fault. I'm not sure if this is a matter of budget cuts, more manpower or just a simple willingness to maintain a quality of life standard. This seem weird since the Island Authorities seems to be throwing around a lot of money these days.

I'm all for aggressive, consistent and equal enforcement of codes relating to our quality of life. After all, they were there when I moved here so there's no surprise. You know the Bronx NYC has beaches too! Keep going in this direction and we'll be living in the Bronx with palm trees!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Olde Marco residents speak out:

What history? What aesthetics? To use the Collier style post requires 2x the number of installations not to mention the costs of changing a contract in the middle of the job. I'm not paying for that! The new lights are among the best on the island and I wish I had them on our street. However, if local residents would like to pay for the changes let them! That area is lucky to have any at all! If you want to be 'historic', there were no lights back then!

Written on Letter to the Editor: The need is not there:

I am curious why the city continues to ignore Florida Statute 509. By definition homes being offered for occupancy as Transient or Non-Transient Public lodging establishments are required by this law to be licensed commercial businesses subject to all rules, regulations and taxes. In their operation they further violate the residential zoning regulations here on Marco. So the City again bows to money interests, fails to uphold state law and fails to maintain the residential character of our neighborhoods.

Legitimate, tax paying businesses, who conform in every respect to local ordinances, lose income on a daily basis as our city loses tax revenues.

Law abiding residents lose the character and value of ownership as a constant stream of daily and weekly rentals flow in and out, unregulated, bringing with them whatever they wish.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Questions:

Convention destination with eyes on a casino destination! We need to get our act together! What this Island needs are people who will champion a plan for our future - not complain about street lights already in progress!

Written on All lit up – Olde Marco Residents pack City Council meeting to protest street lights:

I'll take the new lights. You can put one in front of my home instesd of these ugly concrete ones with all the wires and transformers hanging all over them. Then they can take these concrete ones and install them where the new ones are supposed to go. I think that would be in keeping with the 'historic' character of the neighborhood.
One thing I would agree with, the city should put a lighting plan in place that would serve the entire community. This would free up the wonderful energy of these residents which they could then apply to something a 'real' value in our community!

Written on All lit up – Olde Marco Residents pack City Council meeting to protest street lights:

I've looked at the lighting in question. From Collier to Barfield the lights match those on Collier. I assume that was done to join the business sections. I have no objection to the new lighting. Traveling on that road there is little to no construction of historical value. The lighting in the so called 'historical' neighborhood is the same as everywhere else on the island and includes utility poles.

Personally I don't see a problem at all and the installed lights are far better than we have on the rest of the Island. I believe they allowed the city to use half the number of fixture with no loss of area lit. They were, I think, half the price of the other poles and 2 posts were used instead of 8 in the same length of road (or 4 if the light were used on on on side). This does not take into the costs of running the lights through the years.

It seems to me that this whole fuss is a waste of time that should be applied to other areas of need on the island and is self-serving for those involved with considerationtion of others on the Island. I, however, would not object to those 400 people or so paying for their own upgraded lighting with special assessments on their properties.

Written on New lighting has Olde Marco residents seeing red:

We all have an interest in this because it involves the tax $$ of everyone on the island. The lights in question are better than the ones we have. Let's change them all! DUH! There's a lot more character busting structures in that area (now better lit up by the new lights!) Since it's our money, how else would you like to upgrade YOUR neighborhood as we all have pretty deep pockets here. Would you like us to hire someone to cut your lawn?

Written on Arbiter's report reinstates Marco police officer fired last year for misconduct :

Commander: I'm not sure I understand you're saying "taking peoples freedoms away". As a cop there are attitudes you display to bad guys. This officer display those attitudes toward all. And, NO, I would not want him to respond to any call to aid. I would prefer one of the other terrific men and women we have in our fine PD

Written on Arbiter's report reinstates Marco police officer fired last year for misconduct :

This man is not a responsible, professional law enforcement officer and does not belong on the city's force. People who have had exchanges with him have and will attest to this. Most us would say that officers are deserving of our respect given the nature of their jobs. Respect extended to Officer Derrig, though, was not returned. He believes himself to be some kind of super cop and putting him on patrol is a danger to the entire community who will pay for his errors in judgment.

Written on Commentary: A call for civility though Internet, extremism divide us:

With the limited choices proffered he'd probably choose the latter of the 2 since the posting seems to represent more trumpeting distorted with "biased spit". I think Bill might have a lot more brass in his orchestra but I couldn't speculate on the amount of spit!

Written on Guest Commentary: Where is Marco Island heading?:

More of the same!

Written on Guest Commentary: Where is Marco Island heading?:

Well again ajm3s reads without ‘reading’. Might I ask what makes you think I’m unconcerned with the city’s operating costs because I became an owner in ‘2009’? I think not!
Boutique style services and businesses, now-a-days, usually refer to a small and locally owned and operated business that may or may not have the outward appearance of a traditional street front business. I don’t think you’re grasping the concept, being defined as we speak, that the ideas of retirement and retirees are changing! With these changes comes a new set of standards and services one looks for in a community. Communities which offer a certain charm with modern infrastructure and amenities will be in the forefront. The natural ‘charm’ of Marco is evident. The integration of this ‘charm’ with a responsible development process is not. And, since there seems to be plenty of vacant land here for the having, you’d think that a ‘responsible’ plan for further development would already be in place.
Now, just for your information ajm3s and not in any way offering support for a plan I did not see, many large corporations and universities operate solar power generating stations. With current Federal Tax incentives, Grants and Regulations and required utility ‘buy-backs’ it has become very profitable to operate one. The plants offer reliable clean energy, reduced utility costs for their operators, and, an investment in the future. Wouldn’t just the possibility of cheaper electricity that could potentially power a desalinization plant for cheaper water be worth looking into? Universities have built these to fund, in part, their endowments instead of more risky market investments.
These are all just ideas and no one is opening their checkbooks! Marco has a unique opportunity to look at the future with the wisdom of our collective experience if its residents would just try to think a little out of the box built in the 50’s.

Written on Guest Commentary: Where is Marco Island heading?:

Ajm3s: Might I suggest that you take a deep breath and step back from this issue. What we have here is a simple forum for opinion. With comments like: “So again, why did you move here? And if you want to improve this island, improve your own lot” you just offer an opinion of me, which I’m not sure I enjoy hearing, and not an opinion on an issue.

Now, this is my first post on this site and, as stated, I’m new to OUR community. This does not mean I accept a ‘pecking order’ in the validity of one’s opinion. I’m not a developer nor is my reason for being on this island one of pure investment. I used words like ‘modest’ repeatedly to express something which you obviously ignored. I would see ANY change to OUR community as an active community process. I highlight ‘OUR’ to simply remind you that residential owners on OUR island have but one vote in the process. Don’t believe that I’m naive enough not to ignore the forces within our community that exert considerable influence on issues to promote an agenda that is not necessarily in the interests of all involved.
Please do speak your mind on the related issue here. I, and many others, will welcome and consider it in the formulation of our own opinions. However, please consider that this is a community in which there will be varied opinions on a whole range of related subjects. Among reasonable people there is no need to feel that you need to add another step up to create a ‘bully pulpit’ for yourself. A simple soap box on the corner should do nicely!