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Written on Jan. 23 Town Hall will let residents ask for answers from City Council:

it will be the same group with the same concerns just as in any council meeting.

Written on Beach committee hopes beach stewardship patrols improve Marco Island beach etiquette:

maybe they can shew away all those nasty 15-pound seagulls. Scary!

Written on ‘Putting’ golf on Marco Island: Planning Board hears first of two mini-golf proposals:

in response to islandgma:

I have always thought a DQ would be a great addition to Marco. A nice inexpensive ice cream. It's about time Marco starts thinking about the status of the economy and if they truly want more visitors, they need to be more in touch.

huh? Are you suggesting that Marco government should open DQ?

Written on Marco Island Planning Board weighs regulations for temporary real estate signs:

I cannot believe how many people do not understand why Marco Island is such a beautiful place and property values are still pretty high. It's because of those strict regulations. Signs, landscaping, everything!!! Maybe all these people who cannot connect the dots do not cross jolley bridge and see how other places with less regulation look like. I don't know... And this line "well, back home in New Jersey I could do this and that and on Marco I cannot do anything". Really? New Jersey? Not really an example to follow.
Is there any research or one single article in business press available at least remotely showing that "For Sale" signs help sell (million dollar) houses. I doubt that.
And finally, where is MICA on this issue???

Written on PHOTOS: Eddie Griffin delivers funny but controversial set at Marco's Off the Hook comedy club:

And the article with such a strong headline closes with Capt Brien's contacts and upcoming events. I mean, really?

Written on Guest Commentary: MICA surveys; is anyone listening:

here we go again. 'Not listening to the people', 'listening to their small group' crap. There's such thing called elections. People vote and elect representatives to the city council. Or are you suggesting that election process is corrupt? If you don't like someone, elect someone else. Heard about that?!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Not Comcastic:

okay, and my question is "is there anything we can do about it?"

Written on Labor pains: Marco Island not reporting its work force breakdown, feds not reacting:

looks like Marco Eagle is running out of topics to trash Marco government :)

Written on Cuban citizen goes to prison for Golden Gate Estates grow house:

in response to MsConstitutionalist:

It is appalling that you used Cuban citizen in your headline? What does that have anything to do with the crime committed? You racist pig. Is he illegal? no he is not. I dont see you using "white man raped 6 year old lil girl" etc... Anyways, he should be deported once he is foun guilty and he could even serve the sentence over there for all I care. But stop the racism it doesnt help the future of the white race, the very near future new minority.

bleeding hearts like yourself, ma'am, is the reason this Country is going down the toilet.

Written on Shop Talk: Marco’s restaurant scene volatile as always:

also being Born in the USA is a big disadvantage if you are looking for work in one of Marco hotels and restaurants.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Time to pile-on City Council:

what mixed use and 25 MPH speed limit have to do with city's budget?

Written on Is Mesac Damas competent for trial? 2 of 3 doctors say yes:

how much more time, money and internet space are going to be wasted on this piece of scum?

Written on Marco grapples with paying for July 4 fireworks display:

I'm sorry, but there is nothing wrong with feeling entitled to the July 4th fireworks!!! JC, we are not THAT broke!

Written on City Council Budget Sub-Committee: Marco Island ‘facing another difficult year,’ says Magel:

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I was just wondering..if we could magically go back 5 years(and knowing the fiscal condition we are in now), would all those who supported the STRP have a change of mind?

this is the silliest question I've ever heard

Written on FLDOE supports Marco Island Academy:

in response to RayPray:

"Jane...reports that, “This grant will help us reach our goal of offering the highest quality of pizza for our Marco Island high school students."

Does that explains how they got Vandy on board?

also, answering to what Ocram has said.

School lunch is a very big $$$. Collier County school district spends somewhere around $18M a year on school lunch. Collier is a pretty "poor" school district because of all the migrant farm, hotel and restaurant workers and their numerous children. While it does not really apply to Marco that much but we are in the same district with the eastern Collier and it's just one big pot.

So... 58 percent of "our" kids are economically needy, meaning that they receive free or reduced price lunch. Free for them, not free for us who pay taxes. But, to what Ocram has said. Yes, No Child Left Behind money is to be used for disadvantaged. And Collier uses NCLB money to feed the disadvantaged by proving them free or reduced price lunch. Furthermore, that $18M is spent on those 58 percent when other 42 percent pay out of their pocket adding more $$$ to that $18M. Well, some bring their own lunch, but many parents, including myself, spend $40/month to purchase lunch.

Now... charter schools do not have to purchase garbage food provided by school district food supplier but can purchase garbage food from their own suppliers, such as Vandy's. Charter middle serves Vandy's pizza once a week. Do the numbers... This little gig must be paying their rent. Add charter high, it will also pay their utilities.

Written on Brent Batten: Unknown restaurateur defends illegal immigration :


comparing today's immigrants (from South) and those of prior-1924 from Europe is absurd.
I do not really care who comes and from where as long as I don't have to pay for it. Unfortunately, I do. ZERO welfare state... Please. This will never happen. Needy won't be denied just because they do not speak English or have "papers". That just wont happen!!!

Written on Brent Batten: Unknown restaurateur defends illegal immigration :

they are this, they are that, they do this, they do that. Blah blah blah.
Is there anything we could possibly do about this besides ranting on the online blogs? I don't think so.
We all know what goes on and what consequences it has. Government's policy on this issue is completely opposite of what majority of the Americans want. But what can we possibly do? This has been going on for so long, people have been frustrated for so long, but nothing changes. Look at our dear Connie Mack. Illegal alien advocate. How can you possibly expect any change?
And all this "lazy and drug addicted American workers" is just BS. I know so many young Americans who used to come and work in Marco restaurants, hotels and country clubs before those places started hiring "internationally". They are neither lazy nor drug addicted and would die to have an opportunity to came back again to Marco for the winter and work here. As long as our borders are open and immigration is left for the free market forces, this will only get worse.

Written on Marco police officer accused of abusing authority after felony traffic stop:

those of you who are asking for the county government/sheriff probably do not read naples daily and do not follow what goes on at the county comission meetings nor familiarize yourself with the multiple "incidents" at the CCSO.

Written on Police beat April 23, 2011:

in response to happy6:

surely this grand theft is not the one and only joey's pizza olivera...thiought he lived on heathwood in the big house...

Written on Guest Commentary: Marco Island Utilities rate recommendation ... Fair and equitable?:

I live in the condo on an individual meter. There's just me and my little kid. Yesterday I received my bill. $126. This is just out of control!!!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Three mandates for successful living:

I bough my home with the money I didn't have, I went to grad school with the money I didn't have. Two best financial decisions I've made in my entire life.
Lets not overestimate all this "if you don’t have the money, don’t buy it" deal. I'm pretty sure that richest countries in the world became such in the 20th century because ordinary citizens became able to do things with the money they did not have.
One thing is putting spa treatments and shopping trips on the credit card and totally different thing is taking out a loan to help ones kid to go through the medical school. In both cases something is being done with the money one does not have.
Taking on too much and not being able to repay is a totally different story.

Written on Teens charged with practicing medicine without a license on Marco Island :

I guess this "practicing medicine without a license" thing is just the same as when a homeless guy asks for change, gets arrested and is charged with "soliciting charitable donations without proper registration of charitable organization". I see this all the time in Collier County jail log.

Written on Marco residents concerned over taxes, water sewer rates:

in response to deltarome:

Marco City govt is blessed with an older average age. Less of our taxes go to pay for schools, which is not the case in cape coral or other cities where the average cost of a house is much less and there are more school age kids.
The fact that is overlooked here is that my house is worth the same as when I purchased it in 2002 yet my city taxes are 40% higher!
Tell me again how city govt is doing a job better than other cities???
If the state and county govt can lower millage rates since 2006, why is it that Marco City govt has to raise it year over year??

neither Marco Island nor Cape Coral governments have anything to do with taxes for public schools. Millage rates for each of 67 Florida school districts are set by the State of Florida up in Tallahassee.

Written on Teens charged with practicing medicine without a license on Marco Island :

well there are absolutely no jobs on Marco Island besides degrading hospitality ones. Those kids are just a consequence. Sad...

Written on Central Florida man faces 459 sex-related charges:

In Florida? I'm shocked!

Written on Police: Miami man set girlfriend on fire:


Written on Do people 50 and over have a reason to feel pessimistic about their future?:

50? I am in my 20s and I am pretty pessimistic about the future. At the rate things have been going, I don't believe anymore that I will ever be able to buy a home or afford having children :(

Written on Rallies set in Naples, Cape Coral to Awake the State to Rick Scott, budget cuts PHOTOS:

why would a realtor be against the cuts? Probably has his own agenda - make his name known and later sell something.

Written on It's official: Jackson Lab picks Sarasota for Florida outpost:

Whether you like it or not we live in the environment where companies shop around for the places where governments offers best incentives. Collier said no, Sarasota said yes. Is it good? Not really. But it is what it is. If one wants to make it, one has to adapt to the environment. Also, companies are moving to China and India not only because of cheap labor but also because their governments offer very big incentives. Some places chose to develop their economies some chose to decorate their hats with tea bags.

Written on Marcophiles: Speaker Boehner spotted in Naples, is a fan of Marco Movies:

he's just killing time between his tanning sessions

Written on Jeb Bush quiets presidential run talk but says country needs fixing:

in response to RayPray:

I can't find any information that Jeb owns a testing company. Which is it?

Pearson is a huge UK based and publicly owned educational publishing company. They publish the Financial Times, for example. They own many esteemed science publishing subsidiaries.

While these texts are expensive, this is no more so than other publishers today.

Pearsoned is involved with GMAT and educational supplies this. They also own PearsonVue which gives tests.

But there prices are in line with other professional certs like those offered by Comptia and Microsoft and Cisco, some of which are given by competitor Prometric.

While these may seem dear, the certs are the vocational equivalents of up to a BS degree in some areas, and the total expense is much cheaper than tuition and books from any college today.

I've taken many Prometric certs at $125-- each. These seemed dear, but was told by someone working for Prometric that the testing centers barely broke even on giving these exams.

In fact, in the last 10 years all the Prometric testing centers in SW FLA have shut down. The nearest remaining Pearson one in in Port Charlotte.

I suspect it is the same for GMAT.

I have small faith in any of these ed reform schemes floated by politicians.

Still how does Jeb control the huge company Pearson???

I would too like to see some link to verify the info that Jeb B is somehow connected to one of the testing companies...
I mentioned Pearson because I know that it does a lot of curriculum development and other stuff for our school district. Which is an empire by itself with way too many employees yet still manages to get away with hiring consultants for every little thing plus hires companies like Pearson to develop curriculum, etc. I am not saying that their products are bad, but they are just sooooo expensive. And what all these people at school district are doing if we have to hire an outside company do do this kind of job?
All the school district staff+school board members+superintendent+consultants+Pearson and we are talking real numbers.

Written on Jeb Bush quiets presidential run talk but says country needs fixing:

in response to u2cane:

captnjimbo writes:
Note how strong he is on the education problem.

That is because he owns a testing company, so he stands to gain a lot of money if we go to a test based pay schedule for teachers. It is not about education, it is about him making more money (just like it is with just about any politician these days).

Are you talking about Pearson?

I have been following this company since I took grad school admission tests. Exorbitant fees for nothing. Call center in India. For example, they administer GMAT. This test is required by most of the legit business schools not only here but worldwide! China, Europe, Singapore, you name it, everybody has to pay $250 and take it. Very often retake it. For an additional $250. I can only imagine the money they are making.
And all those $100-200 textbooks...

Anyway, I wonder how much money Collier C schools board dishes out to this corporation. Teachers keep talking about books, tests and other instructional materials from Pearson. Every time I go to the school board there's always somebody with Pearson badge in the elevator. Very interesting.

Written on Police beat: Feb. 2, 2011:

that's it???

Written on Florida Board of Education to consider fining school districts not meeting class-size limits:

there was a referendum and the majority of voters voted for the amendment.
I voted No just because I had an absentee ballot, voted at home in front of my computer and was able to research. If I was to vote on the election day... Smaller classes? Yes!

Written on Creating a moment in the sand:Illinois couple engaged after sand sculpture proposal on Marco Island beach:

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

oh, why!!! I'd really like to know what was the response :)

Written on Creating a moment in the sand:Illinois couple engaged after sand sculpture proposal on Marco Island beach:

awww... how nice to find out that some men still believe in marriage. Took five years and very good looks, but it did happen, it did...

Written on ‘Happy Hanukkah’ banners waving again on Marco Island:

well, that's what happens when we have only one City council meeting a month. Just not enough drama to satisfy the demand. Islanders are forced to look for it in other places! City authorities should look into this and have two Council meetings every month and create drama there.

Written on POLL: High school on Marco Island one step closer to reality:

I just hope kids are not reading this "intelligent and mature" discussion

Written on Letter to the Editor: Our taxes earn us a high school:

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The daily 30-40 minute commute twice a day increases the chance of a mishap.

What? It takes me 40 minutes to get to North Naples. Lely is not that far.

Someone needs to go back to school.

The residents of Marco Island pay taxes for a high school located in another city. Our students deserve a high school that is close to their homes, because these homes are paying the taxes for their education.

These are county taxes, not city taxes that go towards the schools. Don't give the city any ideas to raise our taxes either!

school bus is not a car. It makes stops, it goes slower. It picks kids up in the Isles of Capri, as well as Mainsail. It does take forever to get to Lely.

Every year City of Marco sends $15 mil+ to county school board alone.

Written on Authorities busy with petty theft arrests:

and even busier making prostitution arrests...

Written on Marcophiles: Answer to Marco city financial strains — naming rights:

there are plenty of ways to raise money without taxing or "fee-ing". But political will is necessary. Unfortunately, all I've been hearing lately is cut, cut, cut. Might as well just unincorporate?

Written on Letter to the Editor: This Island teacher supports a high school:

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Written on Letter to the Editor: This Island teacher supports a high school:

in response to 4marcoisland:

Kerri L-the voice of reason. Thank you for sharing your well written letter. The Marco Island Academy will be an asset to this community. It is unfortunate that the Marco community fights about everything regardless of what it is. Hard to believe anyone would fight against a quality school. Thank you for sharing your feelings. I couldn't agree more.

I feel exactly the same way. I just cannot comprehend this. How can a community be against a quality school. Your money? Well, parents pay plenty of taxes too. Diversity? Please check demographics at TBE and Charter middle. It's more diverse than one can imagine.

All Marco politics is about residents/taxpayers v. chamber of commerce. Parents... we have no lobby, therefore all we get is leftovers. Not until Marco parents get organized, have their "Fay Biles", attend all council meetings, there will be no school, no decent sidewalks, no nothing.

Written on Under heat from restaurants, Marco Island moves to consider impact fee moratorium:


please find Collier County fees and take a look at them . They are abnormally high. Some are 3-4 TIMES higher than those in Marco.

There is a government A that charges $1000 fee for a service X. There is a government B that charges $250 fee for the same service X. Government A decides to lower fee for the service X by 25 percent, government B decides to increase the fee by 25 percent. New fee for the service X in A is $750 and in B it is $312.50. Klabautermann's logic suggests that government A is way better than government B.

Written on Marco Island approves 15 percent tax rate increase, limits oil spill reserves:

in response to marco97:

Rocket, They should resign if they are not paying their taxes, it is not because they don't own real estate. I don't care if they are not paying the mortgage but if you do not pay the tax bill for 2 years and you increase mine I have a problem with that.

Yet again, your argument comes back to the premise that one who owns real estate is more worthy of a citizen than one who does not.