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Written on Paralysis program, trauma centers are losers as Collier stops red light cameras :

Finally my anxiety levels can go back to normal an I am approaching a yellow light and cant stop in time. I have been driving 25 years and have never received a red light ticket.I agree they may save lives but anytime profit corporations make money of the citizens we need to be sure there is nothing off base going on and in this case you don't know who is behind that wheel and penalizing the registered owner of the car without proof he was responsible for the infraction is wrong. This is why we pay police.Once tourism gets a bad tast about Naples its over,tourist dollars and snowbirds are crucial to this Counties survival.Its a snowbird refuge and there money trickles down to everyone here.I don't care if your an M.D at NCH or a server at Cheesecake factory. These northeners don't like it and they hold the weight of a dictator, the rest of us are just dummies.

Written on Ave Maria law student accused of attempted murder of classmate, roommate :

I applied to thier law school and never heard back from them,I guess I diddnt have enough mens rea or Kool Aid in my system to meet thier requirements like this wierdo did ,oh well thier loss,bad decsions seem to epidemic with that place.

Written on Marco Island couple charged with child neglect when officers find drugs, rotting food in home:

marco 826 probably a report from the neighbors,that is what usually tips off the police and DCF.I am hoping that you are not implying that a REP has been violated here or a violation of the 4th and 14th amend.Kudos to DCF and the child protective investigator that took these poor kids.This is just another example of the drug demon entering another home and destroying the family unit,which is thier specialty.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Act like our forefathers did:

Fellow Americans,this is not about liberal,democrat,dixiecrat,republican,independant,progressive,etc.What its all about is right and wrong period.We all have a conscious that speaks volumes to our hearts,unless our hearts are hard, and convicts us all of our decisions before we make them.
Not in over 200 years since our independance from Britian or the Civil War,have we had so much division,envy,strife,grief and greed in this time in history.You cannot compare us to our forefathers due to the timing in history.This is because prior to the 1960's we did not have all of these social problems and social programs,everyone pulled thier weight and handouts where not an act of entitlement but only as a desperate last resort when no other option was on the table.Also,we built our products here in the homeland and not in China,we did not build up the enemies military with our Wal Mart dollars and about dollars the dollar was backed up with Gold or at least the certificate of Gold.Furthermore,our schools produced graduates with the sharpest minds in the world-they put a man on the moon,split the atom,transplanted the heart and challenged progress to the limit,now half of our schools in this Country produce Snoop Dogg and lady GaGa followers,hard pressed to find a job even at Mcdonalds and thus doomed to couch potato status indefinately.Since our kids became lazy and live off of mom and dad beyond the age og thirty,we have lost our working class jobs to hardworking illegals and our high tech jobs to Pakistanians.Our wimpy Federal Government,that bows to the Saudi king for the first time in recorded history has killed our international respect,our strong dollar,our good paying jobs and almost our hope and dreams,evenasmuch our hopes of finding factory jobs making car parts or washing machines.Folks,get ready to speak Mandarin and live in fear or conform to radical islam because we have a lot of structural problems in this Country that our forefathers did not have to dream of.

Written on Marco Island man charged with assaulting grandmother for prescription drugs :

Wow crackheads live on Marco also,who would have thought.

Written on COLLIER COMMISSION BLOG: Driver's license building has new name:

I will do the Job for $50,000 per year and I am just as qualified.Ile donate the other 130k to the unemployed in collier.

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