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Where would they ride? Past Town Center Mall? Marco has no personality for carriage rides. It would be like a carriage ride down Pine Ridge. If they want to increase the Island's charm, they need to start at the beginning. It looks more and more like a concrete jungle every day.

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Like all of nature, there's a balance. Maybe under-harvesting can be just as bad as over-harvesting.

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Can anybody tell me why the sewage treatment plant smells sooo bad. Never noticed it until lately. That seems more of a health risk than septic tanks. Is it all the time? May have to move my boat to another marina.

Think of the poor people who live across the canal from it. Coming into the marina past the CCSO station really, really stinks.

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Everyone wants to transplant to Marco then shut the door so it never changes from the day they got here. Live and let live. And that's nonsense about horse-car accidents in Lancaster. I'm up in that part of PA frequently and I don't see a ton of horse-car accidents ever.

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Why did the gator die? Because he was a threat to humans? Well, duh. The ones that don't bite your hand off are a threat to humans too. That's why you should keep your distance. It's called the Everglades, not Jungle Larry's.

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Yep. They know they're not supposed to do it, many of their customers know they're not supposed to do it, but they do it anyway, and then when they get bit, the gator gets killed for it.

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Anyone who knows Red, and a lot of us do, know this probably isn't true at all. Red is not the type to force someone to do anything. Beg, maybe, but not force. But anyway, Red, props old buddy! I didn't know you still had it in you!

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I lived in the Keys for years. Trust me, locals in places like Old Town are only nice to you because they want something from you - usually your money.

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Larry I support you, but I don't know why you would want to put yourself through this. See all the negative comments about councilors? Those comments will be directed at you after you're elected. That's just how politics works. You're the hero when you're on the outside, and the goat when you get on the inside. Some of these very people who are cheering you now will be slamming you after you're seated. It's a thankless job, which is why the cream of the crop won't touch it.

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Mrs. Jacobse should be feeling like a giant idiot right about now. I'm not sure who's dumber, she or the Lee County School Board who caved to her rantings. Way to destroy an entire cheerleadinging program for no reason. Grats to Nicole! It's your basic poetic justice at work.

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I'm not so sure. The stock market is up, job creation is accelerating, unemployment inching down, and we have a crop of Republican candidates who seem determined to get Obama re-elected, or at least two of them do. Growth is still too slow at about 2%, but ABO is dangerous because it could get us a real bozo if we're not careful. So I'll vote for whoever appears to be better for the country come November.

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Many residents care deeply about Marco and pay thoughtful attention to the issues. But an equal number simply attack public figures. You'll have to grapple with that as well if you follow this to its end. Politics can ruin good people. And many would argue that a citizen can be more effective from the outside. Just food for thought.

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Wait a minute. This article makes it sound like he did it on purpose. I thought the vehicle just got squirrely at the end of a run?

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in response to WizeOlMarco:

Thanks for the response, I did not mean to imply that Marco Island would subsidize Capri or Capri subsidize Marco Island. I do not know anything about fire department administration, but wonder, why couldn't someone from Capri's town organization handle the administration of the Capri Fire Department? In time of need (post hurricane?) it is logical that the 2 communities work together. I live in Old Marco (Island north end) and can imagine circumstance whereby water access to Marco Island from Capri is needed. Have the 2 communities ever joined forces for a fire or other emergency?

By law, an MSTU can only administered by the body that created it, in this case the BCC. The residents want out from under the BCC becuase of their fear of consolidation which would mean an end to their Fire Department as they have known it all these years. The fee paid by the Fire Department for indirect support can range anywhere from $120,000 up to $200,000 per year, so it can be a good supplemental revenue source for Marco as well.

Until recently, the two communities have worked well together. But last year the relationship was restricted by Board action. Many residents agree that it is logical for the two commuinities to work together, and they would like to see the realtionship re-established and made healthy again.

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As a Marco Island resident,questions. Is the existing Capri Fire Dept equipment and staff sufficient size and quantity to serve the as-existing Capri community? Would a Marco Island affiliation result in staff rotating between Marco Island and Capri fire stations? Does Capri fire include on-water call response (e.g., calls of boating/dock side incidents)? What would be the capital costs and operating costs financial relationship between Marco Island and Capri?

No, the residents are not proposing a merger with the Marco Fire Department, only that Marco City Council be the administrator of the Capri Fire MSTU instead of the BCC. There would be no merger, no staff rotations, no consolidating of the two departments whatsoever. Capri would maintain the same resources, budget, and water rescue capability as they have now. No Marco millage would be used to subsidize Capri. Capri's millage would be devoted to the Capri department only, and Marco's devoted to Marco, just as it is now. Capri would pay a fee to Marco for the administration and indirect support of the MSTU, just as they do to Collier County now.

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...and on other occasions, members of the Chamber of Commerce like myself have been called upon to help fund the fireworks, which I'm happy to do. It doesn't matter to me who has a front seat or who contributes.

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If you can build a house there you should be able to build a dock there. If the area was so sensitive, the majority of the damage was done when the place was razed for seawalls and houses IMO. Get it right the next time, but give these people a break.

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The main reason not to alter them is so you don't accidentally swap your real one for the replica. I have two airsoft G26 compressed air replicas, identical in size, shape and (mostly) action to our real ones, and we have them for dry practice. But we always lock up our real ones when we have the replicas out so there's no chance we could accidentally pick up a real one during practice.

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The victim didn't say if the perps were white, black, hispanic or whatever? Not trying to be racist, but they seem to have left out a key identifier.

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The smoker you drink, the player you get.

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Good deal. I guess the jury knows a gold digger when they see one.

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OMG a doctor believes he has been put against the wall. Here's how it goes in the for-profit healthcare world. Doctors hold the power. Hospital administrators grovel to get the doctors to admit patients to their hospital. It's all about filling the beds. So hospital administrators cut deals with physicians to get butts in those beds. God forbid one of them should be asked to be on emergency call. As far as I'm concerned, let them be on call or ditch the hospital. They're not rock stars or NFL heroes. They're replaceable.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Paraphrased would be a better description than plagarized. The 'great impression' being quoted is actually "Something is rotten in the State of Denmark".

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Those birds were not killed by any dogs !
A Dogs might have been walking the beach and sniff around the dead bird and just walked on sniffin other crustations found on all sea shores .

Good point.

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I think the people who don't get it are the ones who insist on quantifying everything in terms of left and right. No party, no political philosophy is right 100% of the time. It would be better to look at the issues confronting our Nation with an objective eye and a thoughtful approach.

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I am unclear as to how use of the Coon Key tide charts caused this error.

It seems that the ramp should be designed for the lowest tides. Aren’t the low tide times sufficiently variable? Perhaps the designer used the wrong levels instead of wrong times. Can anyone clear this up?

Not me. I'm as puzzled as you are. And you would think that they would leave some extra depth for a margin of error anyway. Well, the 951 ramp had to have the same depth increase after they built it. For some eason, Collier County has a haboit of building their boat ramps twice.

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When you get in trouble around Marco, the cops get to know you and your car. After that, you're in the crosshairs all the time. This kid was obviously known to the cops if he's had eight convictions. The MI cops' problem is that they're getting out of control. This kid might not have been harassed, but I know of law abiding citizens, property owners and businessmen who have been harassed by Marco cops. They seem to be on a power trip and they think they can do whatever they want, to whoever they want. They threaten people and bully kids, soemtimes for no good reason. I believe it's because of lack of leadership in MIPD. Council should ditch that chief and get someone in there who can bring dicipline back to the department.

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So Pinter's reasoning is that 'the standardization of the Island bridges would be compromised'. Translate -- some bridges will have a different number of lights or different spacing. Is that really a reason? I agree with Magel. 'If were doing this because it’s our standard, that doesn’t mean anything to me'.

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God bless you Dottie you're going to outlive us all!

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"Old Folks...We have old folks on Marco Island."

Could this be true?

Don't worry, Ray, they just look old. Apparently they still act like kids.

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Yes you're an agitator. And add your name to the "snarky" list too.

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More gloom and doom predictions. Mr. Sanchez must not know how our Constitution works if he thinks what happened in Cuba could happen here. And who says our young people are not well educated? Where does that come from? And our old people are apathetic? Tell that to the Senior Lobby.

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Only on Marco Island could this be news.

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Forget Xmas & Hanukkah....

What about EID?

What we need today is the immediate Islamization of Marco Island.

This will demand a comprehensive and enthusiastic implementation of Sharia Law by our City Council.

Among the many benefits from a new radical jihad-ist Marco will be:

> no more tref rib joints on the island and thus fewer island cops weighing over 300 lbs.

> the end to STRP stress since sewers are entirely optional to the Mohammedan theology

> all the ancient botoxed matrons from the endless island women do-good organizations will henceforth have to go around burqua-ed from head to toe

> In compensation each of our decrepit yacht club commodores and doddering VFW professional heroes will now be allowed to accumulate as many as 4 of these ancient cuties as sand dune wives

> the imminent Gang of Watt high school -- formerly the Marco Apartheid Academy -- will be reborn as the Friendly Marco Madrassa

SHARIA law will prove a real winner on this island and address all of its woes.

Lol too funny, Ray. Friday is my hamburger night at the Fish House. Not gonna give that up.

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What about "just another day" banners for Athiests?

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"Mississippi" is the word with lots of i's. Competition, not so many.

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Honestly, how can you claim this is honest pizza unless they dump pineapple chunks, unidentifiable chicken gristle, barbecue sauce and also some tasteless ranch dressing on it too?

Chicken gristle is identifiable or else it has to be something unidentifiable - a UPT, perhaps.

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This is not Pensacola. We have mostly snowbirds, not tourists. Many vacation renters in this area are repeaters who know what's going on down here. Also, the reason the article says rentals "could" suffer is because it's way too early to know if they will or not. We'll know by the end of August - not becasue August is when the well will be sealed, but because that's about the time every year when we have enough bookings to gauge what the upcoming rental season will look like. Stay tuned.

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Escrowing the funds is a good idea.

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Don't feed the trolls, ppl.

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#14 again? Dude why don't you just pitch a tent?

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OK lemme help out so everyone can know what they're talking about. The accident had nothing to do with construction since it happened before the construction zone. It also has nothing to do with cops jurisdiction since it happened at the intersection of Capri Blvd and Collier - not on Marco. Also, anyone has a right to be in the left lane on Collier. There is no minimum speed on Collier and no requirement to keep to the right. If you have a problem with someone going slow in the left lane on Collier, check your own speedometer.

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Fossil, everything you said is patently unAmerican, so you might want to take a look in the mirror. Your comments run counter to everything our founding fathers held dear. Our founding fathers came across the ocean to escape attitudes like yours.

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This is the same boat ramp that had to be demolished and rebuilt from scratch a year after it was built because of incorrect ramp depth. Not a proud history...

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Fifty. That’s right, 50 virtually identical “No Parking” signs. And on Canoe Race day there was a car parked between each and every one of them.

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I hope Alyssa learns to drive. I don't empathize with her at all. Too many people do the "California stop" and pull out before they fully see the oncoming traffic. Between the elderly who find safe driving a challenge and the youth who don't give a crap, it's no wonder we've had three accidents in as many weeks causing three deaths. And every one of them was the result of someone pulling out in front of an oncoming bike. Speedy recovery, David. There but for the grace of God go I.

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Six pointless psragraphs = filler. Slow news day? Anyone care to put their name to this "editorial"?