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Written on You say goodbye... (Jesus in Ray-Bans by the Rev. Dave Gipson):

I was hoping I could refrain from commenting on this article. Everything according to you is god's plan. What a cop out! I got fired from my job, it's god's plan. How about the fact that you are a lousy and lazy worker. That's why you got fired!!! Either you have free will or you don't. My brother-in-law who is quite religious said to me one day when he was trying to find a job, "I don't know why god keeps closing those doors for me." I had all I could do to keep quiet. It must be nice to blame a fictional being for your inadequacy's.

Written on Mysteries of God Explained! (sort of...) (Jesus in Ray-Bans by the Rev. Dave Gipson):

I see the Naples Daily News has dropped the past comments to Jesus in Ray-Bans. Why, I do not know.
At any rate, your response as to why we atheist always want to bring in science into the discussion when you don't criticize what we believe is not the point.
What we see is what any belief in any god throughout human history has led to most in cases into nothing but death and destruction for mankind.
Look at what's happening in the Middle East now!
As to science entering into the discussion, it is impossible for any religion to explain why they believe what they do when common sense tells you that their beliefs are not possible.
That is why scientific fact always enters the discussion as to whether or not any god exists. It seems to me, it is a bit too convenient to just say, "let's leave science out of the discussion for our belief's.

Written on A Christian "Mourning After Pill" for the Election (Jesus in Ray-Bans by the Rev. Dave Gipson):

in response to kevinod77:

“by leaving too many corrupt ministers in the pulpit”? How about religion itself is corrupt. The scientific facts disputing just about every aspect of the bible is beyond dispute. People are sick and tired of the “bully pulpit”! Religion has to realize that it no longer has the automatic power and control over a person’s very existence, especially in our youth. The internet has allowed for many truths and exposed lies to come in to plain view. We are a fast becoming a secular nation of free thinkers. The dogmatic stranglehold religion has had on individuals is diminishing at a rapid pace. One can only hope that someday all religions are banished to the historical epoch of myth and superstition. Today religions come at us with charity and smiles. It was no long ago just the opposite was true when people weren’t allowed to challenge religions without fear of severe punishment and possible death. Certain religions today still hold that apostasy should be answered with death. Religion’s archaic preaching’s are no longer valid and people are becoming more and more enlightened every day. There once was a period of time when religion did indeed rule the world; it is no mistake that these times are referred to as the ‘Dark Ages”.
By the way – Christianity has been preaching the “time is fast approaching “for centuries. Jesus himself purported to say to his own disciples, “that the time shall pass before their lives end”. Before anyone decides to attack me, I ask only one thing – READ YOUR BIBLE! Don’t just read a nice little passage hear and a nice passage there, read the entire bible, objectively. Have the courage to start thinking for yourselves. If there was a loving God, he would want you to find all the answers you seek. Read authors like Bart Ehrman, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins. Go to youtube and listen to opposing views. Do your own research and stop following blindly! There is a reason the 97% of the member of the American Academy of Science consider themselves “Not Religious”. Our greatest minds, Albert Einstein, Steven Hawkins, Neil Tyson-DeGrasse, Mike Sherman, just to name a few, are all atheists. The majority of our Founding Fathers considered themselves Deist at best. We were not founded as a Christian nation that some people would like you to believe. Read the US Constitution! The only time God is mentioned is when they are making a clear distance from him. Read the First Amendment, The Treaty of Tripoli. Read Thomas Paine’s Common Sense! Ignorance of religion and following blindly is no longer acceptable.
PS - We are a Republic/ Democracy - NOT A THEOCRACY!

Well stated and correct on all accounts. What a better world we would have without religion. God is a fantasy created in the minds of the weak who need a hand to hold and a reason to live.

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