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I've known Larry Magel for a couple of years now and can say that I feel very good that he has decided to run for city council. I think Larry is not one of our "typical" Marco politicos, but someone who has decided to try to help the residents. Many of us have opinions, but not many are willing to offer up real answers to our problems. I for one support Larry because he will have answers, and I hope that others will learn more about him. He can make a difference!

Bob Brown

Written on Letter to the Editor January 7: Smacks of Impropriety:

Mr Boylan,
Too bad you were not at Monday's City Council meeting when Quality Enterprises were presented as the premier contractor on the island. Mr Joel thinks that they are worth spending over a million dollars more for them than Higgins for the next two districts. While our council did not totally agree, it is important they get feedback from their constituents. Please email them and/or call and be sure the City takes care of your property. There is no reason your property should not be returned to its original state.
Bob Brown

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Réquiem aeternum dona ei Dómine; et lux perpétua lúceat ei.

Mitch was wonderful person who will be missed by many.

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Mr Waldack
While I said I would no longer participate in these blogs, I'm afraid I must comment when you write a "letter to the editor" that is just plain wrong. This has nothing to do with Mr McMullan and everything to do with the city. Marcoislandres is correct. Why did Lisa Douglass not know what is going on (or the CM for that matter)? We pay a large amount of money so that she can speak for the city. Had the citizen that inadvertantly received the email meant for the city not forwarded a copy to Mr McMullan, we the citizens would never have known the extent of the pollution caused and/or the danger to our citizens. Unfortunately, this is just another time we must say "Shame on our City for trying to cover up and hide information from it's citizens".
Bob Brown

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Your points are extremely valid and it certainly would be nice for our county commissioners to respond to this issue. God knows, we are all frustrated at the amount of our tax dollars that go to the county with next to nothing given back the residents of Marco Island.

Bob Brown

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Dana's letter to Thompson can be viewed at and was retrieved via the freedom of information act.

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Van has certainly hit the issue dead on. When Dana was asked to play the old shell game "which shell is the money hid under?", he told Mr Harrison and Mr Joel no until they document and could show City Council what was going on. Well, five months later with Mr Thompson, it is all still hid and it takes losing a great employee to expose this. My neighbor Mr Issler and I actually do agree on some things and this is definately one of them! (Post #10)
Bob Brown

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Mr Blankman,
You have said it so very well. What you've said in your letter is exactly what so many of the islanders are asking the council to consider. Times are tough and our council needs to understand that this is when they must hold back spending and not invent new ways to tax their constituents. Assessments and fees are not the answer. Tighten the belt and lets all get through the next couple of years and hopefully we can continue to move forward. If you drive your retirees and middle class off the island, everyone loses.

Written on Marco purchases $900,000 East Elkcam Circle property:

Thank you City Council for showing restraint and helping us in these tough times. I'm sure it was a "must have" and that there was no way the city could survive without it. Of course I'm sure we can make it up by raising our tax rate, creating a fire assessment without lowering the residents taxes, a storm water utility fee, bonds for parks, and of course the city takeover of the electric utility. Please remember that when the bottom falls out, it will be too late to head back in the other direction. The citizens are asking you all to please hold the line and it appears that we're going to continue to spend funds that we don't even have.

Bob Brown

Written on Man arrested after sunken sailboat languishes in Marco River:

Must mean that it has been 45 days since they found him and formally notified him he had to remove it...........
It's been there since before last September.

Written on South plant, property acquisition on Marco council agenda:

The fourth option is to store it off the island! Here we go again. The residents of Marco authorized a $10 million purchase for a "PARK" and since that time Sites A, B, and C have been our local dump. People who travel Elkham Circle to go to Winn-Dixie and back to the Town Center end up viewing us at our worst. Are we going to continue to show our visitors and tourists that we plan to continue to store junk and heavy equipment? We won't even mention that those that live near sites A, B, and C have weathered crushed asbestos, chronic dust and dirt storms that continually ruin our roofs, lanais, boats, and anything else outside our homes (for over 3 years now), with a PROMISE by Mr Joel that everything would be cleaned up by Oct, Nov, and then Dec of 2007. I guess we get to see if our newly elected council can keep the city employees under control, along with controlling costs!
Perhaps the game here is to force the council to purchase the $200,000 lot on Elkham and pay over a million dollars for it. We sure know how to keep costs under control.
Bob Brown

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Beowulf, you are so right. People need to quit supporting the Eagle and its advertisers if this Don Farmer character is still allowed to spew his hate.
Why would a paper compensate him for this hateful crap?
It seems to me everyone is talking about soothing over the wounds that have developed over the last few years and moving forward. Doesn't appear Mr. Farmer is interested in helping.
Bob Brown

Written on No regrets: Minozzi counting victories, not low points, as he gets ready to step down:

All he has to do is charge every property owner on Marco Island around $24,000 without a referendum and they can build the bridges. This time the Condo owners get to kick in too...........
Don't think it can't happen, our single largest project was funded without referendum and the average homeowner that gets to convert will get to pay around $24,000. The bridge is rated an 81. It has a long life. Why is it the Citizens of Marco have to pick up the tab on a State Road?
Bob Brown

Written on Water restrictions approved, but lawns will have to weather through until April:

Take a ride on Tuesdays and Fridays around 8 or 8:30 in the morning and you will see how many people still water even on days that are designated as "no water" days for anyone. Now my guess is that if people water on those days then they are totally ignoring Phase III watering bans. Our code enforcement people said that they only have 2 people and they work from 8 until 5 and just seeing a wet pavement will not cause them to write a warning. I guess it shows that no one is going to monitor watering and people can continue to water when ever they want. Too bad for those of us who follow the rules.

Written on Marco councilman shares pros of incorporating with Pelican Bay residents:

Marco Island has NOT lowered our taxes. It has lowered our "TAX RATE", but with the huge increase in taxable property values, the city has enjoyed windfall tax dollars for years. This is exactly the type of hocus pocus that causes people to get upset.
With property values plummeting and people moving away in record numbers, let's see what happens to the tax rate this year. Of course, Mr. Minnozi won't be in office this year to take the responsibility for a tax rate increase.
Bob Brown

Written on Collier judge finds Marco council member guilty of records violation:

Better yet where can we see Tucker's emails that he said on TV that he deleted........... at least 50 at a time. But, Sal forgot to put his name on the list also. Why was that?

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Mr Bliss,

You obviously have class and I appreciate reading your letter knowing that there are good people out there that were on both sides of the issues. While this election always came back and seemed to be about one issue, it truly was about what direction the island wanted to take. I congratulate the winners and also hope to see peace, tranquility, and most importantly the city moving forward.
Bob Brown

Written on MICA: Driving along our beautiful boulevard:

Amazing what $26+ million will do for a street.......
It absolutely makes you wonder what type of product the city bought considering that some of the lamp posts have only been up a couple of months and they they must sand them down and paint them already.

Written on The Farmer File: A few days left before we determine island’s best future:

Well Mr Patton, you should check your facts. You must utter the same falsehoods as those you support. My wife and I built our home on Marco in 2000 and became permanent residents in 2004. At least I'm not embarrassed to sign my name to one of these blogs.

Bob Brown

Written on The Farmer File: A few days left before we determine island’s best future:

Yea Farmer............
Instead of worring about the Condos and Hotels on Collier as being "sewered" which is how you get 85 percent, lets talk about how we've dug up 12 miles of road for the new STRP addition and we will have to dig up another 44 miles to complete. Now it looks more like less than 15 percent of the island is sewered and that we have another 85 percent to go. Just because you have a lot that is useless unless it is sewered doesn't mean you need to try to put out false information and cost people an additional $100 million. Please go away.

Bob Brown

Written on Letter to the editor: We need to talk …:

Here Here Sayre! Very relevant questions and the answers would certainly be interesting!

Bob Brown

Written on Whispers heard, but Marco candidates deny, plan to disincorporate:

If Mr Tuckers very weak memory is all we've got to pin these rumors on, then the Eagle owes everyone an apology. Mr Foster is correct about Mr Tucker and the asbestoes issue so one would have to assume this is just more of his "made up" visions.

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I am reposting as I obviously did not proof read and fix my copy/paste issue......I do apologize.

The only thing that is ho-hum is the Marco Eagle. It is no longer a viable communique for the people. Mr Kiester said it best. This by far was the best forum to date. Mr Oliverio and Mr Sanchez are to be commended for a great forum. The questions were from the community and extremely varied. This wasn't about just the STRP. Other than Mr Recker who had the only legitimate reason for not being able to attend, the other candidates lost a great opportunity to show the community how much they really care. On the other hand it reinforces why Joe Batte, Butch Neylon, Roger Hall, and Andrew Guidry are the right choices for our Marco Island Council! THEY CARE!
Bob Brown

Written on Half of Marco council candidates show for a ho-hum debate:

The only thing that is ho-hum is the Marco Eagle. It is no longer a viable communique for the people. Mr Kiester said it best. This by far was the best forum to date. Mr Oliverio and Mr Sanchez are to be commended for a great forum. The questions were from the community and extremelyThe only thing that is ho-hum is the Marco varied. This wasn't about just the STRP. Other than Mr Recker who had the only legitimate reason for not being able to attend, the other candidates lost a great opportunity to show the community how much they really care. On the other hand it reinforces why Joe Batte, Butch Neylon, Roger Hall, and Andrew Guidry are the right choices for our Marco Island Council! THEY CARE!
Bob Brown

Written on The Farmer File: Getting at the truth on Marco:

"I’m told that’s false. Sewer funds are special assessments and state law forbids using that money for other projects."

This is your problem Mr. Farmer! You're obviously talking to the wrong people (and we certainly know who they are). Get your facts right and people might actually believe something you say.

Written on The Farmer File: If sewer program stops, some may raise stink over cost:

I hope everyone remembers that Don Farmer writes columns with humer. If this issue wasn't so serious we could laugh at him. Your column is 90 percent incorrect and the only thing you said that was right was that when the people find out about this whole sewer fiasco, they won't be very happy. Let's find out and print CURRENTLY how much sewage from our existing system is leaking and leaching into our ground..............Then find out that in 2 years there has been only 2 failed septic tanks on the island which possibly leaked 200 gallons each. Everyday the sewer is leaking by design thousands of gallons of raw sewage and nobody wants to talk about it. I'm no expert, so check with the EPA.

Written on DEP, Marco put heads together on permits:

tptcolumbusway, I think you grabbed the wrong "handle" when you are speaking of Lolala. That person has been sypathetic to all who are experiencing the pain of a council who has led us into financial difficulty by purchasing a broken down water and sewer system, initiated the STRP without asking the voters of Marco Island, and continue spending money like they found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
I think your comments were to be directed at "Leroy" who seems to breath and preach hate.

Written on Letter to the Editor: If the shoe fits:

If you threaten to shoot someone by "celetrating marco" you must be pro-city............

Written on Gibson eighth to announce Marco City Council candidacy:

"he feels particularly concerned by the island’s infrastructure — particularly the bridges that will be in need of critical repairs or replacement in the coming decade."

I'm afraid to even ask.........
Does this mean that you picture the new council putting together a package that would be even more costly than the STRP and we can have all residents pay maybe $50,000 each? After all, that is how the STRP went through. We didn't have a referendum to vote on.
You see this as sewer vs. anti-sewer and I see this as bankrupting our citizens and forcing them to sell off and move away. The difference is that bridges may prove to be necessary, where sewering those on septics was not. Anyway, the plan needs to be better than that, because this time you'll be charging everyone (or will you??).
Bob Brown

Written on Moss, councilors look back on his ten-year career on Marco:

MarcoLabRat - Don't worry about the staging area in Veterans Park, Mt Asbestosis was promised to be gone by October 1st, then 31st, and guess what????? It's still there and nothing is moving.

Written on Marco Council to receive latest ENVIRON report:

"According to the summary, the remaining nine sewer assessment districts would absorb capital and maintenance costs amounting to roughly $430,000, which would come out to $110 per property, according to the agenda summary."

How can our city council sit there and agree on something like this? It is just another issue that proves this whole STRP fiasco was never planned with any foresight. The time is right to put a "hold" on the entire project until the new council is elected so they can decide how best to handle this financial mess. Remember, it was not the citizens of Marco that asked for this $130,000,000 project or this $430,000 add-on. What will we find next month that was missed, and will it be just an additional $1,000,000 to add to the project? This needs to stop.
Bob Brown

Written on Councilors in Moss’s new, old city react:

Ed Issler
Just so we're clear, I have been coming to Marco since 1992, but I didn't build my home until 2000. I have been here to see all of the above. The issues we face today unfortunately are those that have been forced on us by the last couple of city councils. Had they been more fiscally responsible, we would not be in this mess right now. Whether you believe in sewering the island or not, it was done wrong and any $135,000,000 project should have had much more input from the residents and those residents should have had the opportunity to vote on spending that kind of money...........
Bob Brown

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The other reason Mr Moss knows it's time to leave Marco is that he as CM and our current council have bankrupted our city. The simple answer in their minds was to raise rates on electric, sewer, and water to squeeze more out of the citizens.
They also have used up our reserves and have borrowed money that will be hard if not impossible to pay back. It's no wonder he wants to get out of town before the next council is sworn in. They will have their hands full.
Bob Brown

Written on Another candidate throws hat into ring for Marco City Council:

I too am very interested in what Mr. Recker's plan is for Marco Island. While he and I certainly have different opinions about the STRP, there are many other issues facing us. Mr. Allen, Mr. Batte, Mr. Hall, and Mr. Neylon make themselves perfectly clear that communicating with the residents about the many issues facing us is most important. Unfortunately, most on our past councils have put themselves above the people and made their decisions without input from their constituents. Many on the island are saying, "Bring January on so we can have change in Marco!".
I too look forward to that change.

Written on Did Marco Island council members' violate sunshine laws?:

Why would Mr Trotter raise such an absurd argument against two councilors who actually care what happens to the health of the residents here on Marco? It becomes more obvious every day that this whole sewer "STRP" issue has deep and underlying politics attached to it as opposed to being good for Marco. Stop this "STRP" fiasco NOW until someone who is sharp enough can at least give guidance and put things back on track. Hydrogen Sulfide + water equals Sulfuric acid and I don't want to breath sulfuric acid any more than I wanted to breath asbestos.
I certainly understand why January is going to be important!
Bob Brown

Written on Scam masquerades as sweepstakes clearinghouse originating in Marco:

Perhaps this lotto is as legitimate as the STRP that was handed to us on Marco. I don't think anyone voted for either of them...................
I'm sure they are both about equally legitimate.

Written on The Farmer File: Electing Marco city manager a dumb idea:

All I can say that if Don Farmer thinks it is a dumb idea, than there must be merit to the idea. He has missed on every other issue so far............
Personally I'm not necessarily for it, but it appears many of our voters want the right to answer this issue themselves. Let the democratic system work the way it is supposed to. If the issue does not have merit, the voters will say so.

Written on New reporters on the island; Bania resigns:

This is just another sad day for Marco. Ed Bania was a fair and balanced reporter who allowed all receive information and news as it happens. It will be very interesting to see if our new people have the guts to stand up to an often oppresive government as it appears the Naples Daily News wishes to have only "yes" people on staff. Ed, please know that many of the Marco Island residents appreciated you and your covering of our news.

Written on Another Web movement for issue-oriented Islanders:

"Douglass said she has personally answered all 354 e-mails, and the city has since set up a frequently asked question page to direct concerned citizens to."

I've never heard from you Lisa on any of my emails sent during the month of June with the exception of some pictures I sent as a possible guide to future Veterans Park development. Not that I expected to, but you shouldn't tell the press that you personally answered all emails.

Bob Brown

Written on Councilor wants July 16 meeting canceled:

Cancel this meeting and do what is right and just! The "behind the scene guys" should not be running our city and making decisions after they convince people to leave on vacation. Politics on Marco is getting more painful day by day! I really hate this crap.

Bob Brown

Written on Minozzi defends July 16 council meeting:

This is a crock..................
If you Mr Minozzi, want to talk about weeds at Tigertail, that is fine. Why in hell are you allowing the CM to add something as controversial as STRP expansion and other issues that cause the electorate to come unglued. You all didn't want a meeting in July, so now wait and do it as you had decided to do at the last meeting. This is politics at its worst and there are a lot of angry people!!!!
Bob Brown

Written on Council proposes November election, tables public service tax:

Ed Issler
No one needs to forward anything to me as try to keep up with the issues. It is disappointing to see that yesterdays comments have disappeared. I still feel it is important to have everyone vote on our island issues sooner rather than later. Our councilors should not look at extending their own terms as this smells of politics at its worst. If we want to clean up this mess, we need our voters to be strong and come out and vote. January still seems like a more reasonable time as most tempory residents who are registered voters will be back.
Bob Brown

Written on Council proposes November election, tables public service tax:

Ed (Issler)
You and I totally disagree on this issue. There are definately more people here to vote in January than there are in November. January also gives those running for office time to inform the electorate as to where they stand on issues. As we all know, we have many issues and we need to get this under control.

Bob Brown

Written on Council proposes November election, tables public service tax:

While I've not tried to be overly political, this absolutely stinks and I will have to become one of the major island "malcontents". This now sounds like Russia or Cuba trying to tell everyone when and if they can vote again.
Councilors, do not try to do something s----- like this. We have enough problems and enough discord on this island. We need to settle our issues legitimately and we need to do it as quickly as possible. I will follow what the electorate says, but only if it is done according to our current laws. Extending your terms in office is completely wrong!
Since the state has decided to change the primary, we need to change our elections to January of '08!
Get with the program and get with it now!
Bob Brown

Written on More asbestos found on Marco:

JohnAMarco - You obviously have not followed Liam Dillon's reporting over the last couple of years. He is completely unbiased and offers complete coverage of some very difficult issues. If you really want to know what is happening with our city issues, follow what Liam has to say.
Keep up the good work Liam.
Bob Brown

Written on Batte first to announce city council candidacy:

Joe, please know you have many supporters out here and we will help you. We need to get our City Council under control and bring some healing to our island. So many things have been done wrong and those on the last council and many on the current council seem to want these problems to continue to divide the residents.

Written on Letters to the Editor: May 8:

Mr Polson
Bbyrone has stated the case very well. When I built my house in 1990, no one gave me a choice as to whether I wanted to hook up to sewer. I had to pay for a septic system that the city said was just fine and issued a permit for. The city decided to purchase this broke down system without ever asking the citizens and voters if they really wanted to do this. As Mr Bbyrone has so elequently pointed out, we did not wear out the old system. Current users did. Mr Moss and Mr Joel have explained that when they purchased this system, the accounting was so bad, that it appears there was no money accrued for maintenance or repair (while there surely was money accrued somewhere). We now welcome all to pay for this system that we are being forced to hook up to even though we have a perfectly good and functioning system that does NOT polute.

Written on Guest commentary: Understanding the June 26 referendum:

This whole issue is still a terrible fiasco. The first vote should be for all to vote whether we need or want a new sewer system. Just because some on our current and those on our previous city council listened to the CM and decided to purchase a facility that was completely run down, and then decided that 4,000 property owners on septic needed to pay to repair and replace this messed up system is not a reason to support any of these proposals. Everthing we read states that our septic systems do not pollute more, but actually would be less likely to pollute than the sewer system. This whole thing is wrong, wrong, wrong!!! Please remember next March when we need to clean out our mess.
What a travesty and what a shame!!!
Bob Brown

Written on Raises for Marco firefighters upheld:

I sure hope Mr Mike can find another way to get rid of the cap.............I don't think this one will work. Oh, I forgot, we have the STRP vote in June for the next "Let's get rid of the cap routine".....
What a crock. Vote in whatever makes sense, but do it with the money you have!!!

Written on Marco Island officials want to extend irrigation schedule:

The city can have another law suit if it arbitraily writes someone up when a huge part of the island doesn't even follow the 3 day rule properly. Some in our area water on Friday's and I've never seen or heard of a citation issued.....................
They better follow up and do a good job or continue to ignore it like they have been.