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Written on Man accused of calling in phony prescriptions :

Pill mill drug addict.

Written on Big Flag update: Dave Rice and fundraising chairman Leo Sutera plan campaign strategy :

Nothing against the flag, but it's in a bad place.
The road slightly curves as one drives down the new Jolley Bridge and the flagpole is straight ahead if you fail to negotiate the slight curve.
It's only a matter of time until a truck or car wipes out the flag and welcome sign again.
Next time there may be a fatality.
Well intentioned but poorly planned.
With all the drunks, bad drivers, people driving under the influence of Ambien, etc... it will be smashed before long.

Written on Andrew Guidry faces eviction of East Naples office:

All of the bloggers who defend Guidry are covering over their eyes with wool.
His personal life has a lot to do with his character, and character counts. When someone is a so-called professional, that means professional in their personal AND professional life.
Who would trust a doctor who propositioned this young lady patient for pay to play? What woman in her right mind in Marco Island would go to him for doctoring? What woman would ever take her daughter to him? It's cruelly ironic that he was offering free physicals for children going back to school. That is very scary in light of all the accusations. This guy's moral compass is way off and all you deniers can't see the truth if it hit you smack in the face. Just wait, it's only a matter of time until this powderkeg Guidry goes off again. Watch the Police Beat closely.

Written on Marco Island Academy makes Raymond first AD:

Charter High School is a pipe dream. Dream on Jane Watt, methinks you snacked on some of those pharmas you were pushing.
Good luck on your gopher tortoise covered school site next to the good people of Horr's Island and other condos. Sure they are going to love the trailer court you are going to build next to their pleasant homes. And as for Tract K, sign the petition and prohibit them from using the eagle site for the high school. In this time of a poor economy, and with Lely High close by, now is not the time to waste taxpayers money (that's us) on a new high school.

Written on Andrew Guidry faces eviction of East Naples office:

Someone needs to make a complaint against this clown to the State Board of Medicine.
He is unfit to be a doctor.
His moral turpitude is heinous.
Anyone who goes to this charlatan for doctoring is a fool. Yes, he has a "practice", but that is exactly what he does, practices, not performs.
Not on me, no way, no how.
I know a guy who was his neighbor in Naples and said Guidry is often loud, obnoxious,intoxicated, aggressive and abusive. Not exactly the character someone should expect in a doctor. Good luck to all his few patients. Rumor has it his business on Marco is about to fold. No wonder why.

Written on Two Marco Island employees accuse Councilman Wayne Waldack of sexual harassment:

Say goodbye to re-election Waldack.
You only were elected because you supported the sewer program and had all the condo onwers fearful of sewer rate hikes, if the program was cancelled, support you.
Go back to selling appliances at Bill Smith where you can harass the patrons.
Get a girlfriend!
Leave the poor women in City Hall alone.
If you looked like Connie Mack, they'd give you a pass.
Unfortunately for you, you don't, and they didn't

Written on Marco Island charter school leases land; still eyes Tract K:

Good luck Ms. Watt and your plan to open your school by August. The site needs zoning, water management, and building permits among others, let alone mitigation and hurricane issues. Not to mention design time. Oh that's right, there won't be any design because it's going to be a trailer school (portables). Good luck to the fine folks at the condos next door and on Horr's Island. They are going to love all the traffic and noise and especially the new aesthetic trailer park next door.
As I said before, good luck with all those issues. You going to need it

Written on Whatever happened to? The shakeup at Marco Island City Hall POLL:

Thank you City of Marco for a 250% increase in utility bills, thank you for imposing an unnneded sewer (and $20k fee) on a reeling (economically) community. Joel pushed this fiasco and am glad to see him go. The next one Riviere needs to clean out is Laura Litzan. She is a remnant Moss clone.

Written on Marco Island's sewer director cut as city continues to trim costs:

Joel was the chief cheerleader for the entire Marco sewer expansion fiasco. He cooked the books by offering rosy financial forecasts that the City swallowed down like candy. Homeowners were hit with $20k sewer asessments plus a doubling or tripling of their utility bill (average from $75, to $200- $300 per month). That went over with the citizens like a lead baloon in these tough economic times. Who can forget the asbestos fiasco, the methane gas fiasco, etc... under his watch. Despite what he says, he was no saint.
Keep going Riviere, you're doing a great job. Laura Litzan, you're next!!!

Written on PHOTOS: Neighbors don't buy root cause for Marco chopping Royal Poincianas :

Sounds like the work of Rony Joel.
I hear his nickname is hacksaw.
Another example of heavy handed government at work.
These were beautiful trees.
Why didn't they just move the pathway over 10 feet?
Mark-up Island Government buffoonery at its finest.

Written on Marco Community Bank shut down :

Justice at last!

Written on Marco Community Bank faces new enforcement action:

Investing money in MCB is like pouring money down a rathole. It's like buying a first class ticket on the Titanic. Anybody foolish enough to invest there deserves to lose it all. It's only a matter of time before it goes under. Better off investing in low priced real estate or in gold.

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