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Will the Eagle step up and repudiate and expose this man and his dishonesty?

I guess we will see if the Eagle has integrity or will they become complicit?

I have little faith in the Eagle's commitment to the truth and believe they are an enabler of the rotten politics that seem to be the norm on Marco.

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Wayne Waldack represents eveything that is wrong with the leadership on Marco Island.

As long as the citizens allow people of Waldack's caliber ro represent them, we deserve the dishonest, unethical, and incompetent government these people provide.

It is also hard to understand why the members of the Knight of Columbus and of San Marco Parish continue allow this morally bankrupt idiot to represent their standards of ethics.

The citizens and fellow councilmen should demand that this dishonest hypocritic, who isn't even a taxpayer on MI, resign in disgrace and leave town.

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It seems to me that John is telling it like it is. The hole our council is digging for is will ultimately cause our bond ratings to fall and the consequences of that will be catastrophic. We had $25,000,000 in reserves and no debt in 2005 and now we are buried in more than $250 million in debt. Too bad we can't roll back the clock.

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Waldack still owns his home and he has not paid taxes for two years. The city should be attaching his wages until that debt is satisfied. The same with Gibson if he hasn't paid his past taxes. Why should we pay people that are not responsible enough to pay the city?

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Gibson announced at the last council meeting that he has been foreclosed on and no longer owns property on Marco. Waldack hasn't paid any taxes for a least two years. They are having a great time playing big shot and spending other people's money. What a couple of idiots.

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Those four councilmen were elected by the condos to protect their preferred rates. They will continue to screw the single family homeowners as long as they can. Everybody knows the rate structure is unfair but these Arceri backed councilmen will do everything they can to payoff their voters. That is what they ran on and that is what they are delivering. This is a rotten situation. I knew Gibson and Walduck were rotten but I am disappointed in Recker and Magel.

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How much are we paying this guy and why? Dr. Riviera started out as a fiscally responsible guy and he seems to be throwing money around just like the former drunken sailors. It's FUN to spend other peoples money. Ft. Meyers, Collier, and Lee County were all on national TV with cuts up to 25% in recognition of the depression. Marco Island, despite the earlier promises of cuts to 17.5 million has now increased the budget to 21 million. It must be something in the water because this is insane.

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Spend, spend, spend. When will they wake up? This council is no better than the last bunch of drunken sailors. All of the surrounding communities are cutting back. Marco Island just keeps spending and sticking it to the citizens. We can't afford it!!!!

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It seems to me that over 2,000 voters signed a petition declaring that Minozzi, Tucker and Trotter weren't qualified to serve on Marco Island city council. Our current financial condition suggests that those citizens were right. Let him rest in peace but let's not forget what he did to this city.

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When will the citizens realize they exist in order to fill the bottomless money pit at city hall? Ah, yes, a safety issue. When in doubt, call it a safety issue for the children.

Our leadership is blind to our children's educational needs and doesn't support a charter high school but will support another public works project under the guise that it is a safety issue for the children. A high school would greatly benefit our children and would be paid for out of our county taxes.

Has there ever been an incident that would have been prevented with this path? Has anyone ever even seen children riding bikes in this area?

More paving on Marco. "They took Paradise and created a parking lot." Has anybody considered the flooding, a new safety issue, that will be created when will pave over the swale that was designed to absorb the storm water runoff from the streets? Not to worry, we can have a new storm water project to deal with this safety issue.

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Great layoffs so far!! When is Ronny Joel going to go? He is incompetent, distorts the facts to suit his agenda, and is not trustworthy. He needs to go now!

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This board is doing an excellent job. We all owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude.

The single family homeowners have been subsidizing the condos since the beginning. The condos have held the votes to elect a Arceri controlled city council and Arceri's shills have protected the condo's subsidized rates in exchange (how else could Walduck, a bankrupt former appliance salesman whose condo that he inherited from his mother is in foreclosure, and Gibson, an unemployed bartender, get elected?). Recker and Magel broke ranks are have proven to be independent and great councilmen. It appears that the toothpaste is out of the tube and we may finally get fair, honest, rates for all users.

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Great point! Fortunately, we finally have a city manager that is reversing the trend of growing the empire. Dr. Rivere is bringing sanity back. Go Jim!

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Our water rates are three times the rates in Naples which draws from wells in the same aquifer. It is time to bring this department under control. Joel is the problem, not the solution. Hopefully, this is an interim move to facilitate Joel's graceful exit.

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Fay Biles performs a wonderful watchdog service for the citizens of Marco. She is highly regarded, liked, and respected. The most disliked title is a toss up between Ray B and Ed I.

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Arceri couldn't steal track K for his power company so now he has set his sights on our utility district. Support and encourage the retention of Ronny Joel to insure that the utility is grossly mismanaged, then step in with your own company to take it over when the citizens get fed up.

Arceri already has Walduck and Gibson in his pocket. Recker and Magel have proven to be independent. He needs to replace Trotter and Recker at the next election and it will be a slam dunk. Lazarus doesn't do anything that Arceri doesn't orchestrate

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Why is Ronny Joel still working for Marco Island? Why is City Hall named after the liar "The asbestos was planted by citizens and I have the pictures to prove it." E Glenn Tucker?

The message is clear. City Hall stands for a lack of integrity, dishonesty and incompetence. What better name would you give it? E. Glenn Tucker captures those qualties better than anyone in the history of the island.

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We are going to sit on our hands and hope for the best. How dumb can we be?

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Property values are very dependent on the school system that services the property. There isn't a real estate person in the country that would argue that point.

Dr. Sanchez's article is excellent. We are spending $50 million a year to educate our children and we are given a failing high school in exchange. Why shouldn't we be given value for our investment? Why would any Marco Island resident oppose having CC return some of our money to benefit our children and property values?

A high school will certainly increase our property values a lot more than having our own police department.

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Armageddon is coming. We best get ready!

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Hall never held himself out to be an expert. He simply is trying to get people to focus on the problem. The oil spill will come to Marco Island which will result in millions of dollars in lost property values. We should be focusing on the problem to save our quality of life and our investment in this island.

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I have to agree with Hall on this one.

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Congratulations to our new city manager. Excellent work.

Just when you think Ed Issler couldn't be any dumber, he raises the bar again. I thought he was up in Atlanta telling the EPA all about asbestos and his x-rays but I guess he is here trying to invent new limitations as to what is allowed with free speech.

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We continue to "Whistle by the graveyard" as this threat becomes more real. Anybody that has seen the contamination of the Louisiana marshes should be screaming for the city to get ahead of this.

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There are many in the community that share blogsmog's revulsion every time we see the name E. Glenn Tucker on our city hall. Instead of its intended purpose, that plaque constantly serves to remind many of us what an arrogant a** he was.

Popoff's gross abuse of power in forcing that sham through without any opportunity for the citizens to reject the proposal serves as a constant reminder of how bad it used to be on Marco Island. Thank God we have Recker, Magel, Batte, and Kiester running the city now.

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We need to send Issler to Atlanta to set the EPA straight. He can tell them about his x-rays. Once they hear about those x-rays and Issler's superior intellect and his support of asbestos as a benign, wonderful thing, I am sure they will recognize how dumb all their experts are and drop all charges.

Let's not forget that E Glenn Tucker joined Rony Joel and Bill Moss in enabling all of this to happen. We probably should add their names to City Hall in appreciation of all they have done for our city.

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There isn't any plan. There isn't going to be any plan. There is going to be a lot of conversation and if the worst happens everybody will say "What could we have done? The county, state and federal government all failed us." Well DUH.

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The single family homeowners have been subsidizing the resorts and condos for years. That is the key to Arceri's power. As long as the condos elect Arceri's candidates such as Gibson, Waldack and Trotter, they will protect this unfair allotment of rates. Hopefully the new council will finally correct this gross injustice. Butch Neylon ran on establishing a fair rate structure and it was a rallying cry for the condos to vote against him. Arceri convinced the condos and resorts that if Neylon got in their rates would go up 35% as well they should have.

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Sailingby, Leroy, Ray Beaufort, is a mean spirited jerk/loser with a failed family. There aren't any positives in his life. He tries to make himself relevant by stirring up hate and discontent. We will all be better off when he does go sailingby. It is too bad he just doesn't shut up until that day comes.

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I thought that MITA was a more responsible organization working for all of the citizens. Why is this bozo Sacher creating controversy when we finally have a breath of fresh air and hope for Marco? What a jerk!

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Finally, a change we all can believe in. Thank you Dr. Riviera for stepping up.

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Great job! Ronny and Lisa should be the next to go.

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Fay and Dr. Sanchez are two of the main reasons Thompson is gone. We all owe them a debt of gratitude. Dr. Riviera's leadership of our city will mark the beginning of a fresh new chapter in life on Marco Island.

It sucks to be Ray. He lost but he continues to spread his hate. Ray, why don't you focus on cleaning up your family issues before you try and tell us how to run the island.

Issler is just an idiot so he is inconsequential.

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Mr. Green, You need to focus your attention on your dying newspaper and let the politics of Marco Island play out. Why do you think you have the right to judge our politics? Why would you alienate a substantial number of your declining readership by taking a political position? Thompson was bad for the city and we are well served to be rid of him.

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Popoff is a hypocrite and a fool. He is broke and probably due to leave the island soon. He never would have gotten reelected had he run. Popoff, Waldack and Gibson have never exhibited the ability to run anything and they proved that they can't run a city.

The naming of city hall after an acknowledged liar who was judged unfit to serve by over 2,000 voters was the most rotten abuse of power that this city has seen in a long time. Throwing Robert Glaub out of the meeting when he was only exercising his right to speak against the motion was inexcusable.

Written on Marco Island swiftly names an interim city manager:

Great choice. Thank you Jim for serving.

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Ray Beufort is a loser and full of hate. He spews his hate on this blog using various user names. The whole Arceri, Lazarus, Marco Mafia crowd has done more to hurt this island than one can imagine.

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What more would you expect from someone that went bankrupt in 1992 and has been living off the proceeds of his inheritance from his mother ever sense.

Waldack hasn't paid property taxes for two years and is currently in foreclosure on his home which he inherited from his mother.

Waldack is incapable of independent thought and is simply a parrot for Arceri. When you elect people that you wouldn't put in charge of a pay toilet to run the city, it is predictable that the city will end up in the mess it is in.

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Ed is competing with Waldack for the village idiot title. I think he just inflicted a defining blow.

Issler is like a little kid that craves attention. He really doesn't care what kind of attention it is as long as he gets it. It is too bad he didn't run for office. He wouldn't have gotten 20 votes, even with Arceri's help, and he would be forced to recognize what the community thinks of him.

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I think it would help if someone outlined the infrastructure improvements that would be made that would increase the value of the surrounding commercial property.

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Great job Mario!! The health hazards that were generated by this gross abuse are a disgrace. The fact that Moss, Tucker, Minozzi, Trotter, Joel et al aided and abetted Quailty, while Thompson continues to protect them and pay for the defense of their crimes against our citizens raises the question of WHY? As the old saying goes "Follow the money." This may be the beginning of a very revealing expose if our council finally steps up and starts working for the citizens instead of this corrupt group.

Written on Marco man moves ahead with lawsuit against EPA:

Thank you Mario. It is too bad that we do not have more citizens like you.

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A number of people have and continue to step forward in an attempt to provide better solutions. Our tone deaf, arrogant council, the majority of which is controlled by John Arceri, has refused to listen. Arceri's group can always count on Leroy, Ed Issler, et al to label dissenters "Cave Dwellers" or sorry losers to undermine the efforts of intelligent, concerned citizens.

This insanity will not stop until the city goes bankrupt which will force a major change.

Written on Letter to the Editor: It’s our money, treat it that way:

If you consider that:

1. The formerly bankrupt councilman Wayne Walldack hasn't had a job in years and has been living off the refinancing of the house his mother gave him. He hasn't paid taxes in two years and he is currently in foreclosure on said house.

2. Councilman/part time bartender Jerry Gibson makes no secret about the fact that he is in financial trouble and has gone back to bar tending a couple days a week in the hopes of being able to stay on the island.

3. Councilman Popoff also has been in and out of foreclosure and has publicly stated he doesn't believe he will be able to stay on the island.

4. Former councilman Tucker was in foreclosure when he died.

you have to ask yourself "If these people can't manage their own financial affairs effectively, why would you think they could run the city's?"

These people are having a grand time playing big shot with our money with no financial responsibility for their irresponsible actions.

Written on Letter To The Editor: Sadly laughable:

Let's take a real look at Esq. Tucker.

1. He lied about photos of people planting asbestos for 6 months before he finally admitted he didn't have any.

2. He complained that so many people disliked him as a result of his activities on the council that he didn't have any business and his practice was falling apart. His own home fell into foreclosure.

3. Over 2,000 people signed a recall petition that stated that they believed he was unfit to serve.

4. He routinely insulted and verbally abused anybody that would come before the council and disagree with him. Who can forget the shameless way he treated Shell Peterson, our first council chair, Ed Foster, and many others that tried to address our council in a positive manner presenting an opposing view? I am sure that E. Glen would have led the charge to deny Mr. Glaub his democratic right to present an opposing view, in full compliance with his constitutional, democratic rights, by having Mr. Glaub removed from the dictatorial chambers of our council by the chief of our police state.

The sleazy, backroom tactics employed in naming cith hall after Tucker is in keeping with the style and substance of the dictatorship that Esq. Tucker represented. It symbolizes everything rotten with Marco Island Politics. Many of us will reflect on Mr. Tucker's style and substance every time we drive by city hall in the future. It will serve to remind us all how corrupt and self serving Marco Island politics are.

Written on Meet Marco’s school board candidates :

I think it is great that Dr. Recker and Dr.Mario Sanchez are running for this board. We need fresh, qualified people in these most important leadership positions. Please give them your support.

Written on Story/BLOG: Special-called Marco budget meeting yields few changes :

It is symptomatic that this group of fools would have a meeting to change something they can't change. Why didn't Thompson tell Popoff that they couldn't accomplish anything with the meeting and save Popoff the embarrassment and us a waste of time?

Written on Will art proposal have businesses seeing red?:

This is a really bad idea. We don't need any more petty committee's dictating what is "art". Marco Man is a prime example. Many of us think he is a joke and a disgrace.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Shame on all of you:

Monte, instead of spending your time insulting our citizens, you and Areceri should hold a benefit for poor Wayne Waldack so he can make the payments on the $325,000 loan he took out on the house his mother gave him.

It is really embarrassing having a councilman that is being foreclosed on and is probably not even a taxpayer. Hopefully, you and Arceri can find more qualified shills to run in the next election.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Asked, answered:

Wayne can't even make payments on the $325,000 loan on the house his mother gave him. It is in the process of foreclosure. Once he loses it, he won't even have to pay property taxes. No wonder he is so free with our money.

Walduck is just a shill for Arceri who writes everything he says. We have a new village idiot.