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The small businesses need to wake up and recognize that the Chamber, Monte Lazarus and Arceri are driving the year around residents off Marco. Marco will become a 4 months a year economy and small business cannot make it on that. Small business need to sponsor leadership that encourages the council stop spending money, stop raising taxes, and stop raising rates in order to make it economically viable for people to live here.

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History continues to prove that Ed Foster was right in his concerns over the management of our island and the future they were imposing on us. The island is far better off for his involvement which has served to expose some of the abuses and dishonesty emanating from the Arceri camp.

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Well said Sayre. Arceri is the cancer that is ruining Marco Island. It is painful to think of how much better off we would be without his programs and those programs he directs through his shills on the council, G, T, and W.

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Our council just finished reading Joe Biden's new book "We have to keep spending more money so we won't go bankrupt." and obviously believed it. Where is the sanity?

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Thompson calls a 26% tax rate increase along with the 27% utility rate increase needed to fund 19 million in capital projects for 2010 as "Holding the Line" and poor Kelly is dumb enough to swallow the BS without even questioning it. Ed Bania never would have swallowed this tripe.

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Arceri and his stooges on the council created this mess. Arceri will continue his manipulation of the government of Marco Island until we go bankrupt.

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Why solve a problem when you can use it as an excuse to create a whole new level of government and tax the citizens to support it? It is all about empire building down at Castle Bald Eagle.

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The audit revealed that Moss approved 11 transactions totalling $3,5 million on this project alone without council approval. This is in gross violation of our charter. How many other transactions did he approve that we will never know about? This fact alone would be the cause of major outcry any other place except Marco.

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What ever happened to the commitment to spend money only on must have items as opposed to it would be nice to have? It is unfortunate that Dr. Recker is the only councilman with any demonstrated ability to run a business profitably. This group will run us into bankruptcy.

Last week we had a 1.7 million dollar shortfall so they simply raised our taxes by 33%. There isn't any economic crisis as far as this group is concerned. Spend all you want and raise taxes to meet the deficit.

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The fact that the city regards the audit as a success because it only proved that they misappropriated 1 million dollars, had very sloppy controls, a bookkeeping system that has a general ledger that is traditionally out of balance, a lack of controls that allow several people to make entries to the general ledger without any oversight as well as a major list of bookkeeping errors only serves to demonstrate how badly our city is managed.

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The only thing that Councilman Waldud has ever proven he can do is go bankrupt and inherit his mother's house and money. It would seem that he is applying the same lack of common sense that led him to bankruptcy to his administration of our city.

The successful functioning of a democracy requires an educated and informed citizenry. The citizens failed to properly educate themselves and bought Arceri's contrived pack of lies to elect 3 people that never accomplished anything and couldn't run a hot dog stand.

We are now paying the price.

The scary thing is that Mr. Arceri along with Mr. Woodward and Mr. Patterson are now planning their three shill candidates for the next election. The major qualification they seek is that the candidate be dumb enough to follow their directions as they pursue their own personal agendas of power and enrichment at our expense.

How many millions do you think the five year extension that Mr. Woodward just got for the Marriott is worth? What did we get? Nothing!

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Wayne, we would be a lot better off if you would focus on cleaning up the mess the city has made of our water/sewer services instead of trying to take over the one utility that is well run on this island.

If you are worried about subsidization, worry about the $60,000 per year per student we send to the CCSD. In exchange we get a D rated high school. If we kept some of that money on the island, think of the excellent charter high school we would have.

Oh, silly me. That would benefit the citizens. It is clear that you are only interested in benefiting Arceri.

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Trotter dances to Arceri's drum when he isn't being led around by his nose by his wife. What else did you expect? The last thing he cares about are the wishes of the single family homeowners. He proved that during his first four years.

It is insane that he continues to support more spending, bigger government, more taxes, more fees, and more regulation of our citizens during these tough economic times. Let's hope the thousands of new tourists that he hopes to bring to the island with his new bridge will create the economic base to support this government because the residents certainly can't or won't be able to support it.

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shadow got it right.

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issler, waldud and lazarrus must have breakfast meetings each morning to dream up this rubbish.

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NobodysFool57 and shadow are both right. Arceri will control the next election with the collaboration of Resort Management.

Arceri will get the four shills he needs and will run the island for his benefit. He will reward Resort Management by protecting their reuse water and their water sewer/rates which are subsidized by the single family homeowners.The single family residents on this island are screwed.

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Larry, you got most of it right. The reason the luddities lost was not because of Walduds et al 's charming personalties, it was the false threats of major increases in the water/sewer rates to the resorts/conds made by Arceri and resort management if the luddities won.

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Wake up folks. This is just another Camel's nose under the tent program. We will have this study, then another one, then we will file a lawsuit in order to get some records, then we will expand the lawsuit and then there will be more claims and more legal actions. Someday, hundreds of thousands of dollars from now, the council will discuss if they want to go to referendum. We will once again hear the Tucker rational that "This is too complicated and important a decision to allow the voter to make. That is why we get paid the big bucks." The Arceri controlled council will then decide that the city has invested so much money it would be foolish not to pursue acquisition.

This is just the first stop on a long, well organized railroad ride.

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Arceri is writing a response for Waldud as we speak. It will be full of half truths, distortions, etc. but Arceri's faithful pawn will sign it and the Eagle will publish it. What else would one expect from the Knights? You Catholics have to be embarassed about the use of a high profile San Marco KOC using his credibility to spread Arceri's BS. Where's the integrity?

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Why isn't anyone pointing out that an equal number of voters were dissatisfied with out council and city manager as were satisfied. I think that is a very strong statement against our current governance that nobody is willing to tell the readers about.

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Give it up Arceri!!! This dog just won't hunt. The people have spoken and if the council values the opinion of 82% of the voters over your control of them, this deal is DEAD!

If the council ignores the voters and pursues this waste of money, the citizens will really get upset. The question is who runs the city? John Arceri or the voters?

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Ed Issler is a self centered idiot as stated above. He and Waldud must have come from the same gene pool. These are the same idiots that will ignore the major sewer spills that we are now experiencing as a result of the STRP. These spills have resulted in thousands of gallons of raw sewerage being dumped into our swales during the past two months. This is many times more than the entire amount of effluent spilled due to septic tanks in the history of Marco.

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Come on Kelly, let's tell the whole story. It is pretty revealing that 1/3 of the responders disapprove of the council and the city manager while only 1/3 approve of them. That is very newsworthy!!! Stop shielding city hall and print the full story as the Sun did. The Eagle will continue to lose readership and credibility unless you stop the obvious bias. We are disappointed in you.

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We know that Arceri isn't giving up. Trotter is going to listen to him over 82% of the voters. You can count on Waldud continuing to have his strings pulled by Arceri and Arceri needs a new $500 per hour job. No wonder our council has a 1/3 un approval rating.

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Wayne hasn't had so much press since he went bankrupt.

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Gag me if it becomes the Minnozi Bridge.

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monte, your time has passed. Your credibility was destroyed with your self serving attempt to take over track K. We all know whose agenda you pursue, MONTE's!!! If the audit reveals the abuses we believe it will, you, areceri, patterson, thompson, and joel will be exposed. We believe this is a very corrupt and self serving government and you are at its core.

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I look forward to Sayre's comments. He is one of the most intelligent people on the island. Contrast his reasoning with the tripe from Wayne Wacko (thank you marcoislandres). Who would you rather have a drink with?

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Wayne is an idiot. He is enjoying the most attention he has ever had in his do nothing life. He doesn't care what kind of attention and is too s----- to see what an a-- he is making out of himself.

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As usual Roney and the city are misinforming the residents in order to further their own agenda. This conversion is becoming a widely accepted practice across the state. It is being done for a fraction of the cost being stated by the city. Remember Moss's $5,000 per home figure he used to justify not giving the residents reuse water? This is just more of the same obstructionist BS to keep the residents locked into the excessive rates we pay for the potable water that we use for irrigation.

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The fact that Thompson supports Harrison and is enabling him to be in a position to attempt to cover up and correct any malfeasances ties Thompson to the activities that took place. Thompson needs to be gone if this audit reveals what most of us think it will. His refusal to remove Harrison's access to these important files is wrong, especially in light of the fact that Harrison was fired from the same job in Naples for questionable accounting.

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I thought Shadow captured the situation quite accurately.

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wayne is not only too dumb to know how dumb he is but he is also too dumb to understand that exposes himself with these columns. Evidently, he doesn't read these comments or he can't understand them without Arceri's help.

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Wayne, why can't you just shut up instead of constantly reminding us how dumb you are with your weekly drivel?

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Arceri is never going to let this die. He sees a $500 per hour consulting job in his future.

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John you are right. Arceri is an arrogant manipulator of people and has caused more problems and cost the residents of Marco Island more money than anybody could possibly imagine. We will all be better of when he is GONE!

Lisa Douglas is a prime example of the administration's free spending approach to employees. She was hired as a PR person for Moss during the STRP wars. We don't need her anymore. What does she do? She needs to be gone!

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This is a much needed service being offered by people that have a track record of providing quality service for a nominal fee. We all should support it this usage and urge approval.

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If our council paid as much attention to MICA as they do to John Arceri, the survey would be worth the effort.

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Wayne Walduck is the biggest hypocrite on the island. He is devoid of integrity, full of hate and is not an honest person. He is a disgrace to Marco Island, the Knights of Columbus and the Catholic religion. Wayne Walduck is the puppet of John Arceri and a total idiot as exposed by his s----- comments.

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Thank you Mario. You are really making a difference on our island paradise. Your leadership has brought us the ability to use our septic tanks for irrigation and you are leading the movement to establish a much needed high school for our island. Interestingly, your ideas either save us money or bring back some of the money we send to Collier County. All our council can seem to do is think up new ways to tax us so they can spend more of our money.

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Sorry, Issler is out to lunch.

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Steve Thompson needs to read his statement above that: "CCHD would review the request and provide our recommendation of the request. Recommendation would not be for the use of a septic system for any other use.” He now tells us how that "There is no resistance at the staff level to assisting residents with a conversion effort" How does recommending that a septic system be not be used for any other use support his statement that there is no resistance at the staff level to assisting residents with a conversion?

Does anybody really wonder why most of the citizens have no faith in the integrity of city hall and are disgusted with Mr. Thompson? Who has less intergity, Geithner or Thompson? Looks like a tie to me.

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The city will spend thousands of dollars and hours of energy studying the LCEC takeover but won't spend a dime or 10 minutes studying a program that could actually help the citizens. The water system is the cash cow that is providing income for their grand programs. They won't do anything to reduce that income.

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Many of us hope and believe that Rob will provide the leadership necessary in order to take the city back from Thompson and put it in the hands of the citizens. Mrs. Trotter certainly wasn't up to the task. Good luck Rob. We are counting on you.

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Ed, there you go again. You resigned from the committee before the first meeting, you did not miss too many meetings. The request for qualifications came in August and you resigned shortly thereafter.I suspect the only flights you took were in the fantasies of your own mind.

Bill McMullan is one of the most ethical people on this island. We are all very well served by his exposure of the questionable activities that you and your team continue to attempt to force on us. If you had a fraction of his integrity we would all be lot better off.

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Sorry Frank. You ran for office. You were elected. You owe it to the voters to give them your best effort. That would be Council Chair.

After the way Gibson botched the chairmanship of the LCEC committee, it would be a great disservice to the 8,000 people that voted for you to allow him to take this post. If you didn't want to give Marco Island your full commitment you shouldn't have run for office. This isn't a game! The future of Marco Island is at stake. The voters of Marco Island voted to put their trust in you. You owe them!

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Issler, I only pointed out the facts. Was anything I said wrong? NO! It is on you if you interpreted them as being negative. You then bring out your tired and well worn act of attacking the messenger.

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Ed Issler is the most uncivil man on the island. When he can't refute the facts he attempts to destroy the messenger. If you review his posts you will find nothing but hate, insults and misinformation.

Issler claims to be an engineer but has never validated that claim. He was on the LCEC committee until he had to produce a resume of his qualifications. Rather than expose the fact he didn't have any, he resigned. Issler is nothing but a bitter looser that has never done anything with his life.