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Perhaps the most important point is that those residents who attended the Council meeting actually believe they represent the majority of residents on the Island. This is not an appropriate assumption. One needs only listen to the same people over and over and over again, who have been complaining about the City since it became a City & who have been complaining about the City since the septic tank replacement program....

These are mostly the same people-especially Fay Biles and her trusty followers from her MITA board-and a few more who complain about everything the City does and are still trying to destroy the City Charter...most recently through Sanchez who has been convinced to sue the EPA regarding the long dead alleged asbestos issue; So now the EPA in turn is threatening fines of millions of dollars (which will have to be paid by the tax payers of Marco Island if he is successful, which would threaten to bankrupt the City)...

These people do NOT represent the majority, no matter how belligerent they become, no matter how verbally abusive they become of the City Staff at Council meetings, no matter how much they try to bully the City Council, no matter how unruly and disrespectful they act at Council wonder they have no idea what the majority thinks, the majority cannot bear to attend Council meetings anymore.

The CRA is not a Community Divider...the anti-City crowd is. It is against any success the City Staff may have, because City success undermines the basis for the MITA group's constant assault on Cityhood. The anti-City group is destroying Marco Island.

If the Anti City group represented the majority, they would have viable candidates. But election after election, they fail. Since they can’t rule, they undermine. Pathetic.

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Mr. Uhler....I must first compliment you on your masterful ability to complain. You have taken the rant to a new level.

However, I have rarely seen so many mistaken facts and ideas in one letter. I am not going to list them because I honestly do not respect your comments enough to give them that amount of thought. There is the chance, regrettably, that some may read your letter and believe the misconstrued, inaccurate and blatantly convoluted streams of consciousness you have strung together, which is lamentable.

Unfortunately, you are contributing to the mess you deride others of creating.

I will only add a warning now to others who read your words and do not already know your history of pandering to the complainers and stirring up distrust and adding nothing of substance to actually move our community forward, and tell them that you commit crimes against reason and are lazy and neglectful in checking any facts and if one were to build upon your thoughts they would be building on sand.

As a small example…Naples is 22 miles away, not 12. Its population is 21,000 not 50,000. In season it is 31,000 not 100,000.

It is also abundantly clear that you do not have any understanding about how the CRA is funded but that does not even slow you down from attempting to destroy a potentially worthy proposal with misconstructions of concepts, exaggerations and other disingenuous misinformation. Briefly, the money returned to the CRA district from Collier County is from the taxes paid to Collier County from the properties in the CRA. But why do I think you have no interest in portraying an accurate picture?

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in response to jwputnam:

Sailingby obviously believes in the "free lunch". He probably supports Obama's health care program as well.

I think that it is best for government to stay out of business. I also think it best that our local government stop thinking of more ways to spend money. "Matching grants" are NOT free. "Returned" money form the State or County is NOT free.

My bet would be that sailingby handles his money somewhat like Tucker, Popoff, Waldack and Patterson have handled theirs...irresponsibly. (Incidentally, how is it that we keep winding up with councilman who go through foreclosures, bankruptcies, abandoned derelict boats, etc.? Makes you kind of wonder, doesn't it? Just the kind that you want driving our debt now into the hundreds of millions on this tiny little town....but what the is "free" money!)

It doesn't matter what I believe in- (Although prudent, well-managed investment would be among them)-

We have an opportunity here, as dozens of communities around Florida have already shown over nearly 2 decades, to focus as a community on prudently managing the reinvestment in our own.

Collier County is thrilled with the result of their reinvestment in Naples and Bay Shore. Collier County administrators use Naples, FL as their address even though the County complex is outside the City limits. The image of Naples is why people come to Collier County. What is the image of Marco Island? Our downtown looks like a throwback to the is dying...the mom and pop stores are barely hanging on trying to compete with shiny malls and big box stores just over the bridge.

There are no pedestrian connections among the Town Center areas. There is no master design holding it all together. It is sprawling and gangly and aging and cobbled together. We can do better. We can improve the area with professional help and community spirit.

There is infinitely more to this Island than fighting factions. Why not put our energies into seeing what we can create instead of what we can tear down?

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in response to Brillo:


I agree with what the Council decided on the point you are making, but isn't the remainder of what you are saying, putting it in your terms, "a red herring" as to my point?

On the contrary, my point is purely that the best interest of the City is to support the creation of a Community Redevelopment Area. We are faced with a rare opportunity to invest perhaps millions into our community without having to increase taxes by forming a CRA.

Those who are familiar with the process understand this is an obvious way to go. We need only take it responsibly and work together to reinvest in our community.

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To all my fellow C.A.V.E. dwellers, hold your heads high. CARES & the others who were labeled troublemakers by the syndicate and the elitists are now getting our due. There are tapes dating back to '04 '05 & '06 where Rony Joel admits to crushing the asbestos pipe on Collier, Several of us have these tapes, a copy of them is on the way to the EPA.
To all the Aceri goons, Lazarus, Moss, Trotter, and your ilk, get ready you're going to find out that it is better to be a CAVE dweller than a JAIL dweller

These are public recordings of City Council meetings. There are no secrets involved. Joel was speaking openly about the process being used because it was approved by all agencies involved.

You are being duped Playball... there is nothing new in these tapes...And you are being sucked into attempting to destroy the City of Marco Island by people who have been against the formation of the City since its inception. They will apparently stop at nothing, including attempting to put you (and all other Marco Island taxpayers) in jeopardy for paying millions of dollars. The people promoting these ludicrous efforts are hoping to bankrupt the City and causing it to have to disolve its Charter.

It is obvious there are no lengths they fear to go to destroy this Island for revenge, for their egos and be assured, they are not doing this for your good.

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in response to Brillo:


I guess you will have to actually "listen to his total comments" when he applauded the lady who was from the CRA in Naples and putting down many of those who spoke at the meeting.

Setting up an advisory board consisting of residents who live and work in the CRA is a wise decision and was supported by the entire City Council.

This is not rocket science. Accepting the State endorsed return of taxes paid to the County to be reinvested in the CRA district to create a world class "Heart of Marco Island" is really the only rational position.

Efforts to prevent the Island from succeeding in this endeavor can only be based on misinformation. We deserve to pursue this opportunity to enhance the core of our community.

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in response to Brillo:

I was very disappointed, last nite, at the Council meeting when the vast majority of those who spoke in regards to the CRA said, slow down, get the facts and for the most part, have the people who are affected be part of the planning process. The disappointment came when Councilman Gibons, brushed aside the majority's opinion and decided that the lady who worked for the CRA in Naples was the one to listen to. Great going Councilman Gibons, I bet you stay up late at nite and spend your money after watching "infomercials" on T.V. Please don't spend ours in such a haphazard way.

Councilman Gibson called for setting up an advisory board based of those who live or have businesses in the CRA. He received unanimous support for the idea from the rest of the Council and at least one businessman present said he would apply to be on the advisory board. This was completely in response to the what the Council wanted.
Your remarks are careless and totally mistaken.

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in response to Fossil:

Sailingby: "No contamination problem"? Let's find out. I believe the City suspects asbestos is still in the park. I recall a discussion at a City Council meeting in which the Chief of Police was convinced someone was bringing it in because he knew it was all gone but whenever he dug a hole he found more. I also recall someone from the City saying that the property was used for a storage site for the asbestos pipe when first installed on Collier Blvd. So let's dig a trench ten feet long and four feet deep, anywhere in the park area. If there is no asbestos containing material found, I shut up. However, if we find some, you stop saying it ain't so.

You are irresponsible to be throwing around unfounded accusations and needlessly frightening young families on Marco Island. It is as if you are saying "I believe that a pedophile lives near the school" with no concrete facts.

You are undermining your credibility. Bearing false witness is dangerous and destructive. You show you have no love of this island or of its people when you carry on like this.

Written on Council, public agree CRA not there yet:

Red herring....

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in response to marco97:

sailingby it makes sense to me, I have young children and I would like to know Veterans park is safe before I let my kids sit on the grass to watch the Friday night movies they have there.

I really am sorry that those posting here know full well that there is no contamination problem and now are perpetuating fear. Dispicable.

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This is completely insane....Mario Sanchez is suing the EPA forcing the EPA's hand to come down on the City of Marco Island with help from Fay Biles "EPA Friend in Tallahassee". They sent the EPA photos and materials to try to continue this once settled case. And for what...? Revenge on the City for converting the septic tanks lining our waterways with a sewer system. Does this make sense to anyone outside the tight little group who hates losing?

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These apparently are the accusations, none of which even suggest that there is currently any contamination...(why on earth would those posting here claim that? Don't they know it only further depresses home values? And for what?)
■ Improper inspection of the area containing asbestos

■ Failure to provide notification

■ Failure to remove asbestos before disturbing or breaking up the material

■ Failure to wet the material as required

■ Failure to have a person on staff trained in asbestos regulations

■ Failure to dispose of the asbestos "as soon as practical."

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Community Redevelopment Areas are established by the Florida Constitution. Florida Statutes provide both a procedure and a funding method for carrying out much needed economic revitalization. CRAs are not really needed in boom times, but are especially useful for priming the pump during economically depressed times.

The funding for redevelopment comes from the County returning to the CRA most of the taxes paid by the CRA after the assessed value in the CRA goes up from the current year. It returns taxes collected on the increased valuations and keeps the rest.

The taxes returned to the CRA are reinvested into the CRA's infrastructure (and augments the City's General Fund).

There is no debt accrued to the City for the CRA.

Written on EPA: Marco Island, company violated Clean Air Act by improperly handling asbestos :

And this is good news because...? How can facing millions of dollars in fines be celebrated by Sanchez? His taxes (an more importantly, others) would be at stake. Some people continue to astound me with wanting to cut off our noses to spite our faces.

There was never any danger. Marco had air monitors in place and they recorded nothing unsafe. Remember some of Sanchez's friends even taking the 'asbestos' home to their garages?

More expense, more mud slinging, and for what? A little bit of temporary ego massaging.

I suspect no more malfeasance will be attributed to the handling of the asbestos. For had the EPA discovered anything back then they would have been obliged to come forward at the time. Sigh.

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1) A CRA does not increase density. Any changes in the City's density needs to go before the City Council and requires a modification of the Comp Plan.

2) Businesses are folding because of the non-regulation of the 'Too big to fail' financial institutions which has led to a freezing of commercial loans. (Granted, other factors such as complex financing tricks fostered a climate of ballooning real estate deals which have since gone bust. But this is directly related to the failure to properly regulate these too big to fail banks).

3) Professionals are suffering the same fate as small businesses because the failure to regulate the financial institutions has led to a general collapse of the economy.

Most of the foreclosed properties on Marco are a direct result of the failure to regulate the mortgage lending arms of financial institutions which led to unrealistic inflated prices which have since collapsed.

Investing in the 'redevelopment' of the downtown Marco district is intended to stimulate the area, attracting private investment, and as throughout Florida, ultimately leading to increased property values.

4) "The most precious powers a city in Florida has are its Home Rule powers. The ability to establish its form of government through its charter, and to then enact ordinances, codes, plans and resolutions without prior state [or County] approval is a tremendous authority. To further be able to enforce them “at home” and to make necessary changes as a city grows is a great reflection of the trust that citizens have in their respective city leaders." FL League of Cities

We have leaders who represent the people of Marco, we elected our City Council. Since we elected our leaders, we are represented regarding issues of taxation.

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You clearly have no idea what a community redevelopment agency does or how it is funded.

You have however, provided a rarely seen clear demonstration of bloviating.

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Beware...the letter states "Our taxes will not increase" and then implores the City to come up with some of the millions of dollars the school needs "to get the process into high gear". Then who will pay for the teachers and the portables and the sports equipment and the computers and the infrastructure to keep it going. This is a slippery slope.

Just because there are 450 high school age students in the vicinity (whatever that means) there may be only 30 who will elect to go to something this hyper-local.

There is a certain level of hyperbole used describing the dangers of leaving the Island. This smacks of racism and fears of having to mix with the world at large. This is a baseless fear generated to stir up misgivings and is very disappointing.

Referring to Lely as a poorly performing school is another racist comment in disguise. The low ranking of the school is due primarily to the English as second language students. There are demanding Advanced Placement (AP) and other rigorous courses taught by experienced teachers. Graduates from Lely have gone on to all of the best colleges in the nation. Those seeking a quality education will find one at Lely.

Charter schools do not have to hire certified teachers. (Being free from unions is a two-edged sword).

The first sentence of this highly misguided opinion piece sets the real tone...."local control instead of government and union control". Referring to public schools as 'government' schools is the ideological bashing used by the privatizing movement which called for the discredited school voucher system.

We don't need to have a MI high school to have FGCU’s Renaissance Academy bring classes for adults here. They can set up classes anywhere.

If some parents want to have a private school, let them figure it out and pay for it themselves. But don't divert public funds to placate them. Our public schools need our support and our kids deserve to have the best public education we can provide.

Written on Obama speech. A John Kerry Moment (No More Doubletalk by Victor Rios):

You have not provided any credentials that would support your contention that you are more of an expert on the Afghanistan war than President Obama.

You are, it is apparent, interested in attacking the President because you disagree with him on ideological grounds, although it is not yet clear exactly what platform you are proposing other than the obvious overlap of your argument with that of the Rupert Murdock driven Fox syndicate ultra right wing conservative rabble rousers such as Beck and clan.

If the threat to world stability is so profound that it requires the President to divert attention and hundreds of billions of dollars from the economic sufferings of his own people then one might easily imagine other nations joining the fight with enthusiasm. Alas, this is decidedly not the case.

Our interests in Afghanistan have dwindled with the cessation of corporate oil company interests in building a gas pipeline through Afghanistan. See, for example an older article: It begins with this: In 1998, Dick Cheney, now US vice-president but then chief executive of a major oil services company, remarked: "I cannot think of a time when we have had a region emerge as suddenly to become as strategically significant as the Caspian." But the oil and gas there is worthless until it is moved. The only route which makes both political and economic sense is through Afghanistan." We have been warring there ever since.

There is no victory to be had in Afghanistan that is worth the continued sacrifice our troops and economy have suffered. Perhaps you can rely on the President's reasoned position, especially since you have only opinion and not a credentialed one at that.

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You might want to keep the magnifying glass on this one...their website
states that do to economic conditions, all business of this enterprise has ceased. The website lists Collier County as an area in which it was doing business.

Also of curious interest,
16105 NE 18 AVE
N. MIAMI BEACH FL 33162 was also the principal agent for Haven Investments from 1996, inactivated September 2009.

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You are sounding like you are speaking from an ideological point of view instead of cooly reflecting on the facts.

Medicare, in spite of your denunciations, is critical to the the well being of our senior citizens. If you do not like it you can be responsible and choose to switch to a private health insurance company and stop collecting what you deem as welfare. No one is twisting your arm to participate.

Medicare requires all people to pay into it, rich as well as everyone else, because that is how it is viable as a program, Universal participation. I realize I am not going to persuade you and I am only taking this opportunity to respond because someone undecided may read this and have a chance to see another, non-ideological perspective.

The best chance for financial success of the Medicare program is to make it more inclusive. In fact to make it all inclusive.

You had some complaints about your experience but I know that these are problems in the private sector as well. No doubt there is room for improvements, but the biggest issue to address is universal coverage. We are paying for those who use the system without contributing anyway so let's set it up for them to be able to contribute. Many are going bankrupt because they cannot afford the chemo treatments for their cancer. Many are dying because they are putting off life saving treatments they cannot afford.

If insurance companies only have small profits then how can a director cash in over $10 million in stock since November 2007?

Private insurance is private profits for the top management, the rest of us be blasteded.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Accountability:

Your questions about why healthcare insurance and why not food and shelter as well is an interesting one. In fact no citizen should go hungry or be homeless. Recent history shows that we have a fairly good structure for covering food and shelter. When jobs are plentiful people can provide these even with a minimum wage job. And we do have safety nets for the poor.

But access to affordable health care is unavailable for the working class without employer matches. Average insurance premiums are $12,000 a year for a family of 4. Asking families to spend 25% of their $50,000 income on health care insurance is burdensome. Why should families pay as much for health care insurance as they do for their mortgage? Can it be provided for less? Is there a more efficient method of providing health care insurance? In fact, Medicare is. Where does the revenue for the program come from? Instead of paying into private policies people pay into a public policy that has been shown to be administratively far more efficient. Administrative costs for Medicare are about 6% vs. private insurance costs often in excess of 30%.

Medicare has no advertising costs, no CEO pay and perks, no Lear jets, no millions of dollars in lobbying fees, and because it is a single payer, no vast cadres of administrative specialists sorting out the cacophony of plans and co-pays among the private companies.

Without ideology clouding the debate, just reviewing the efficiencies side by side, the public option seems to compete favorably for workers who do not have employer matches and may in the long run prove to be a more efficient system over all. And all Americans will be covered, just as citizens in all other developed and most developing nations have enjoyed for decades.

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When corporations become so large that they have the power to determine who receives access to health care and who does not and can claim that the Constitution protects their right to profit above the people’s cries for relief from the tyranny of an unjust corporate system which has no interest in their plight and only has interest in extracting money from the people’s pockets to enrich their coffers;

And when unbridled giant financial institutions manipulate the marketplace in their zeal to extract as much wealth as possible leaving the savings of the hard working people in rubble, effecting the largest transfer of wealth in history so that now the top 1% of people own more wealth than the rest of the 95% combined;

It is no wonder that the majority of Americans voted to elect the political party into office that seemed to understand their plight.

“The just ordering of society and the State is a central responsibility of politics. As Augustine once said, a State which is not governed according to justice would be just a bunch of thieves”

We are just at the beginning of reordering the economic system to again consider the concepts of fairness, justice, the common good. We have a long, long way to go, but at least we have found a promising path.

Written on Assisted Living Facility advances to final Marco Council approval:

The best assisted living facilities are not-for-profit and managed by the residents with a board of directors. When a facility is run for-profit, the resdidents' needs become secondary.

The costs for care are unknown says Robinson assurd, only the very wealthy will be invited or fiscally able to live there. This may not be in the best interests of the Island.

Written on Marco median home prices drop 62 percent in past year; biggest fall in Florida:

This is based on the research another person did for this article on the NDN site by supplying the actual single home sales on Marco in January. (Note: She got them from other than the Marco Board of Realtor's sources. This group might want to rethink their secrecy---)

You will see (below) that the 4 most expensive homes sold for MORE than the Collier County Tax Appraiser's value. The three bank owned sales and one investor sale all appear to be short sales. Three out of four of these were the least expensive.

A conclusion can be made based on the pattern emerging from these sales (granted this is based on a small number of sales, but they do comprise 100% of the known single family home sales on Marco). The conclusion is that higher end homes seem to be starting to climb back up.

The lower priced Marco homes seem to represent the bank owned sales which are likely quick sells and represent bargins for the buyers.

The homes in the 250k-500k range appear not to be losing or gaining value. (The Leland Way buyer appears to have really gotten a remarkable deal. The house is surrounded by homes valued 100k - 200k more than it sold for).

The article was extraordinarily wrong in the picture it paints about the housing market on Marco. The one data point it used should have been followed up on. I am not in the real estate industry but do own a home on Marco.

1579 BARFIELD CT S $2,600,000 1/6/2009
Tax App: $2.5m (Sold for more than tax app)

655 ROCKPORT CT $1,615,000 1/13/2009
Tax App: $1.5m (Sold for more than tax app)

470 PEPPERWOOD CT $1,250,000 1/5/2009
Tax App: $857K (Sold for more than tax app)

462 JOY $680,000 1/20/2009
Tax App: $677k (Sold for more than tax app)

467 SPINNAKER DR $549,000 1/29/2009
Tax App: $778k (Bank owned sale)

262 TAHITI RD $315,000 1/10/2009
Tax App: $319k

141 LELAND WAY $280,000 1/8/2009
Tax App: $429k (Out of state owner died '08)

1281 APRICOT AVE $250,000 1/29/2009
Tax App: $273k

85 DELBROOK WAY $229,000 1/30/2009
Tax App: $316k (Bank owned sale)

1393 MERRIMAC AVE $210,000 1/30/2009
Tax App: $355k (Bank owned sale)

377 COLLIER BLVD N $205,000 1/23/2009
Tax App: $340 (Investor sale-looks like short sale)

Written on Marco median home prices drop 62 percent in past year; biggest fall in Florida:

I am having trouble believing the numbers in the article.

These seem to contradict those in the article:
showing 10 single family homes sold, with the median price of $466,950.

It would be nice to have the Marco Board of Realtors chime in to confirm which data are accurate.

Written on Marco city manager's performance review tops council agenda :

And what benefit would be worth the $1 million + audit? No one got rich off this. There is no suggestion of malfeasance.

Aren't the City's accounts audited annually?

Bill McMullen suggested the forensic audit but he has always been out to sling some mud on the City public servants. That is an extreme measure that is not warranted even by the Souza memo.

It is completely possible that Dana's inexperience in top level management has resulted in his not comprehending municipal financial procedures. Check out each of his complaints individually. Ask Thompson to prepare a detailed report on them to be presented to council in 2 or 3 months.

Under the circumstances, there are other more productive approaches being offered to moving the City and its financial management forward than through an expensive audit.

Let's slow done a little. The country is in a recession; there are hundreds of units on Marco Island and thousands more in Collier County in pre-foreclosure driving the assessed values down which means the tax receipts to run our City will be significantly reduced next year and probably the year after that.

We need to be able to hunker down and conserve our resources and work more closely together to keep our piece of paradise functioning. This is the time to be thoughtful and frugal, not wasting a million dollars on a witch hunt.

Written on Are failing seawalls a threat to Marco?:

Nice attempt to defend your point regardless of the lack of logic.

You carry health insurance only because you can afford to?

Let's go back a few frames, perhaps people who provide protective seawall maintenance like you have should receive a discount on seawall insurance?

You are a very fortunate individual to be so independently self-sufficient. Others have not been as forunate and they are served best by banding togethet. This is why we have social security and health care plans for the elderly and poor.

I wish you good health and a long {seawall) life.

Written on Are failing seawalls a threat to Marco?:

Would you not carry auto insurance if it were not the law because you drive carefully?

Do you not have health care insurance because you take care of yourself?

If the seawall insurance program were not governmrnt run, but run as a private insurance program would you participate?

Written on Are failing seawalls a threat to Marco?:

Did you read the article above? The seawalls on Marco Island are beginning to fail. They are old. People are working together to figure out a solution to dealing with this problem by being proactive.

If your aging seawall fails during a storm this year or next how are you going to pay $30,000 to repair it if you are having difficult economic times?

However,if you got together with others who also have seawalls and each contribute (I'm picking a number out of thin air admittedly) $20 per month through your water bill then when your seawall fails the seawall insurance trust fund kicks in and your seawall gets rebuilt saving you from having find $30,000. The City gains nothing from this. They are merely the program administrators.

Written on Are failing seawalls a threat to Marco?:

25-that's like saying everyone should be responsible for paying their own health care bills without benefit of sharing in a pool of resources that they pay into overtime. Insurance is a concept for groups to get together and spread out the burden and risks and because of their combined size increases their ability to negotiate group deals. Homeowners purchase insurance to pool resources for the same reason. Private corporate insurance is based on the same concept. I suspect you are against these too based on your worries about someone profiting.

In fact, cities are not-for-profit cooperative agencies. They do not have shareholders and do not pay dividends. They are us. We, through the principle of democracy, make communal decisions with an eye on the greater good of the order. This does not mean everyone will always be happy. In fact, some people will never be happy except when they get to complain. They are typically very self-centered and refuse to see what the greater good could be.

A special district is designed as a method of cooperatively collecting premiums in the most efficient and cost effective method. Believe it or not, accomplishing the business of caring for the infrastructure of a community with local control is the most advanced governing method known.

But you already know that. You complain for sport.

Written on Extreme makeover — park edition:

Moto-I think you have a very good point. You can publicly challenge the City Council to explain how this public park, deed restricted to uses specified can be used for the purposes it is now being used for which are NOT included. Good Luck.

Written on Happy LCEC customers in Marco speak out against city-owned electricity services:

Instead of CEO Dennie breast beating and feather ruffling, he would have scored points by offering to make a deal on burying the electric lines that are at the heart of this controversy. The money he would spend on fighting a Marco buyout (including his PR people)might be better used as PR in offering to bury the lines at a reduced rate.

Written on Marco City Council mixed on security needs:

Mr. Foster, When you exaggerate and twist the truth it undermines our ability to believe you when you boast you have such a high IQ. You should not have to post a note about how smart you are, it should be evident from your statements and positions. Perhaps you are trying to convince yourself that since you believe you are so smart the rest of us mortals must be wrong. But telling us you scored high on something does not make you right. In fact, lately you have been nothing but insufferable.

I was at the Celebrate Marco event you mentioned. The one several of your counterparts secretly video-typed and attempted to disrupt….and there was indeed one man who in exasperation said the remark you quoted, but he was immediately shushed and there were no others who supported that outburst. It was not condoned by either those present or the leadership of Celebrate Marco.

Your snide comments about Mr. Popoff, Mr. Joel and others with whom you disagree do not show you have learned anything from the battles of the past two years. Learning is a measure of intelligence and you are failing to show your ability to learn. You remain bitter and lashing out rather than accepting the voters’ mandate. You are acting arrogant by attempting to belittle the rest of us who don’t agree with you when you point out (only on your say-so by the way) that you are vastly more intelligent than the rest of us.

We are able to rest peacefully in the aftermath of the decisive mandate given by the well informed voters of Marco Island. This is the referendum you have been calling for. The voice of the people has spoken. Your failure to accept it is your issue to work through.

Learning from our mistakes is truly a sign of high intelligence.

Written on Marco resident pleads guilty in N.J. housing bribe scheme:

Oh for goodness sake Ed, put a sock in it! You have mangled the truth so badly the story is no longer recognizable. All your breast beating is pointless now. You were the one who had asbestos chunks stored in his garage at the same time asbestos chunks were mysteriously showing up in an already cleared plot of land in Veterans' Park in an attempt to discredit the city management. City Hall has the photos of what the park looked like (after it was cleaned up) using marked stakes to map the area. These new chunks can clearly be seen on the surface next to the stakes after the fact (and suspiciously close to the sidewalk so as not to leave incriminating footprints…). It is easy to imagine that you or a fellow anti-cityite placed them there.
Your exaggerations and creative retelling of the story appear to be an attempt at face saving…but it is not only too late, no one is interested anymore.
We have a fantastic looking new Collier Boulevard with drainage and landscaping on time and much appreciated. We have overwhelmingly denounced your position suspecting the city management of any malfeasance by defeating your candidates by a two to one margin.
Move on.

Written on Letter to the editor: Insulting:

Lola-Why didn't you address Russ Columbo's hateful comments? "Special interests"? Hogwash. Unless you believe 60 percent of the voters represent the special interests. You are sounding a little nutty and antagonistic in a passive aggressive kind of way. I will be more inclined to believe you have changed your tune when I read you reining in your fellow anti-STRPpers.

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Fossil-There is little concern that the current council wants peace on the island...but do the those who lost? Colombo seems reluctant. It remains to be seen how Neylon and friends will handle themselves. Are you among them? You sound reactive and in a fighting mood.

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hawke-McMullan has no ethical standing based on his long and sordid history of ripping off his friends, neighbors and family members over the past 20 years. He was run off Marco for real estate fraud and then Kissimmee too for defrauding the local government while he was a city commissioner. How can he, with a straight face, accuse Celebrate Marco of anything? That he represents the anti-sewer forces says plenty about the scruples behind Neylon, Guidry, Batte and whoever else is on their slate.

McMullan may not be running for anything now but he is aligned with people who are running. He is also responsible for the hate-mongering websites of the anti STRPers.
The candidates have been associating with a man who has cheated local people out of their investments. I don’t trust him or anything he has to say. Nor do I trust the candidates affiliated with him.

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How about a look in the mirror at yourself lola, as well as the rest of your greedy, self absorbed anti-sewer campaigners? Godfrey Davis is a ring leader trying to smear honest, hardworking, council members and city administrators; and the Hall/Foster/Biles muckrakers have been at the center of the most intense power struggle for power’s sake. The lawsuits these people have waged against the citizens of Marco Island for years now have resulted in massive legal fees for the City’s taxpayers and in every single case the lawsuits were slapped down by every court and every judge.

Someone has to stand up and fight against these outrageous, mean-spirited, power hungry rascals. Keister was a weak link and elected solely because he pandered to your anti-sewer group. He is hiding his emails from public scrutiny because he has plenty to fear. He has been in cahoots with this anti sewer crowd and favored only their opinions. He was their patsy. But he was the councilperson for all Islanders and thus his correspondences in his role as councilman belong to all of us. He has betrayed our trust and a $500 fine is a slap on the wrist as the potential maximum penalty.

As for what motivates the anti-sewerites is seen in the role Godfrey Davies plays working behind the scenes in his selfish real estate interests. He purchased properties in the run up of the investor boom on Marco and got caught with unsold properties in the to be sewered districts. He made plenty of money playing a risky investor role with his realtor wife and now they are angry they have to pay for the sewering on his properties. That is one of the risks of playing investor. He is willing to double or triple his money on his real estate deals, but not ready to pay the piper. He wants to play hardball to find any means to cause the sewering to end before it gets to his properties, including attempts to destroy the reputations of honest men and women serving the public here on Marco. He is willing to drag the entire Island through expensive, fruitless, wasteful lawsuits to serve his selfish ends. And his cadre of malcontents are foolishly continuing to waste our resources and trying to make a power coup of the city council elections, all in an effort to save Mr. Davies from having to pay up on the sewers, the rest of the citizens be blasteded.

I say three cheers for Monte and Arceri. We need brave, intelligent long time civil servants and contributors to Marco Island to help fight off these loathsome bores.
Peace to all in the New Year.

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The only thing poisonous is your rhetoric. Just because you got greedy and bought up a bunch of Marco Island property hoping to get rich quick “flipping” those properties and got stuck just when the investor boom crashed does not give you the right to try to scare people. You know very well there is nothing poisonous about the smells emanating as the dewatering process progresses.

You are one of the cavemen supporting CARES and POP and the RECALL and now Roger Hall for City Council. Your kind of negativity is not helping anything and probably making things worse not only for the rest of us who have to put up with your public rant, but for yourself as well. People reading about Marco Island in its online news see this garbage and they are then more inclined than ever to NOT buy property on Marco.

Marco Island will emerge from this temporary transformative period with a renewed wholeness and beauty. The entry to Marco is already shaping up with palm lined Collier Blvd. The roads will be vastly improved and our infrastructure is getting the attention it needs unlike many neglected areas of the country.

Marco will be a thriving and more beautiful tropical island paradise than someone like you could ever have imagined…thank goodness others have vision (notably Bill Moss and the majority of the city council who approved the improvements).

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The only thing poisonous is your rhetoric. Just because you got greedy and bought up a bunch of Marco Island property hoping to get rich quick “flipping” those properties and got stuck just when the investor boom crashed does not give you the right to try to scare people. You know very well there is nothing poisonous about the smells The only thing poisonous is your rhetoric. Just because you got greedy and bought up a bunch of Marco Island property hoping to get rich quick “flipping” those properties and got stuck just when the investor boom crashed does not give you the right to try to scare people. You know very well there is nothing poisonous about the smells emanating as the dewatering process progresses.

You are one of the cavemen supporting CARES and POP and the RECALL and now Roger Hall for City Council. Your kind of negativity is not helping anything and probably making things worse not only for the rest of us who have to put up with your public rant, but for yourself as well. People reading about Marco Island in its online news see this garbage and they are then more inclined than ever to NOT buy property on Marco.

Marco Island will emerge from this temporary transformative period with a renewed wholeness and beauty. The entry to Marco is already shaping up with palm lined Collier Blvd. The roads will be vastly improved and our infrastructure is getting the attention it needs unlike many neglected areas of the country.

Marco will be a thriving and more beautiful tropical island paradise than someone like you could ever have imagined…thank goodness others have vision (notably Bill Moss and the majority of the city council who approved the improvements).

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What did Mr. Moss ever do to you?

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406 DRIFTWOOD CT $ 995,746.00
1871 DOGWOOD DR $ 447,807.00
159 RICHMOND CT $ 716,222.00
1745 GRANADA DR $ 328,350.00

You are kind of cranky for a millionaire. You've made plenty on these properties...consider the sewers a capital improvement. Then try to relax and enjoy life in paradise.

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Davies is a real estate investor and has unsold properties for which he will need to provide sewers.

Jockey sounds rabid enough to be Columbo.

Isn't it possible that the efficiencies of posting for bids to be chosen the day after the council vote--could be considered planning ahead? If the council votes against the concept, no harm. If the council votes for it, then the earlier the better so as to minimize conflicting with 'season'.

You guys go nuts over conspiracy theories and Bania just stokes the flames.

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More Eagle propagandizing. Didn't Phil Lewis write a long editorial about how much he respects neutrality in reporting? Does he know what Bania is up to again? The Eagle is becoming a Turkey.

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Columbo-you are the angriest person I have ever read about on Marco....what on earth is wrong with you? You sound like you are on a vendetta. It was not "an imaginary technicality", it was the law. You made a mistake by not properly complying with the registration requirements the first go 'round but you blast the city council members as if it was their fault. They never "falsely rejected" your petition--you goofed up. You come across sounding nuts and kinda scary. Your bruised ego should not be a reason for pursuing this really bad idea.

We will see, but I imagin this highjinx of yours lathered in venom will be soundly defeated. We are a genteel, relaxed and neighborly group here on Marco Island. We respect the law and get pretty turned off by all this CAVE dweller mentality.

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Ed Bania and Russ Columbo are strange bedfellows.

Russ is deceiving the public by claiming he was robbed by the evil City Council—by claiming the rules said he needed only 2 people to start his ill begotten game when paragraph 2 of the law plainly says he needs five.

And Ed Bania perpetuates the lie and the slandered City Council. This is not journalism. This is blatant political propagandizing. Again. They are up to their old tricks but still just wasting the public’s time.

Following is the rule from the city ordinances referred to. It is the paragraph immediately following the one explaining how many signatures he needed.


Section 6.01. Initiative and Referendum.
(2) A minimum of five (5) electors may commence initiative or referendum proceedings by filing with the city manager or other designated official, an affidavit stating they will constitute the petitioners' committee and be responsible for circulating the petition and filing it in proper form, stating their names and addresses and specifying the address to which all notices to the committee are to be sent, and setting out in full the proposed initiative ordinance or citing the ordinance sought to be reconsidered. Promptly after the affidavit of the petitioner's committee is filed, the city manager or other official designated by the council shall, at the committee's request, issue appropriate blank petitions to the petitioner's committee at the committee's expense.

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Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for 15- to 20-year olds.

In 2004, 3,620 drivers age 15 to 20 were killed, and an additional 303,000 injured, in motor vehicle crashes.

10 teenage drivers per day die in auto accidents. This is a national tragedy deserving our attention.

I could not find the numbers of teens as passengers who died in auto accidents, but the number of teens killed on our roads is a staggering loss.

Can we come up with a positive approach to addressing this tragedy? We lose more young people to traffic deaths each year than died in the 9-11 attack.

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A photo of the banner would be a nice touch..

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Kristin Stone's mother is a beloved teacher at Tommie Barfield. Many will be touched by this tragedy. As a parent my heart cries for this terrible loss of their beautiful daughter. I will give my son an extra hug tonight and remind him how precious his life is.I am so terrible sorry this has happened.

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The asbestos was never a danger to anyone. I was recently told that the real reason this is being raised is because as strike3 said, they are going to continue harassing the city management assuming that someday they will find a flaw. This group only exists to be a thorn in the side of the city. And of the city council people who supported the STRP. This is totally audacious behavior. It is reprehensible. It is costly. My taxes have better projects to be spent on.