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Written on Marco Island Marriott accepts 111-foot height limitation; defends 1,243 parking spaces:

From 1306 required parking slots as presented with the two tier parking arrangement to 1243 for street level only, based on a little clause called the interconnected parking credit? Quite a feat!

And Mr. Pavlov, Mr. Paterson and Mr. Lazarus can sing there is no density/intensity issue.

And the city says there is no real number for required parking spaces? I guess standards are now in the hands of the Council, the only true elected representatives that has the final say.

What say you all!


Written on Letter to the Editor: Does anyone else see irony here?:

in response to YouAreWrong:

To billharris, some of your posts make sense, but the one that's really s----- is that "people" can make a difference in these blogs. These blogs are filled with "people" whose viewpoint cannot be counted because THEY'RE ANONYMOUS. You can make fun of Bill McMullan all you want, but he uses his REAL NAME. So my suggestion to you is to urge people to say who they are. Ed Issler has made (using his real name) the point a number of times, that you can't tell if these blogs are the same five people. Oh, my real name is YouAreWrong.

What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

William Shakespeare

Written on Letter to the Editor: Scale matters in a small tropical town:

An official rebuttal from the General Manager of the Marco Marriott:

The argument is specious since its about size relative to community NOT size of room relative to convention hall, or is it exhibit hall, or now ballroom. So many changes in such a short time frame.

Written on Letter to the Editor: We are making progress:

Just look at the Teen Center. It is poorly maintained, but would one not expect better for a public facility for teens?

I do believe the Teen Center is more recent installation, and is compliant with recent again why is it in such a decrepit condition than the older facility?

I do not hold much hope that public facilities can be properly maintained, given the common complaint of HVAC operations. This is the case at the fire station as well currently under review for a major expansion/renovation.

Could it be uninsulated duct work, or duct work that is open to the open air? Is this happening in private facilities or is this just a condition found in public facilities?

Written on Marco Island Planning Board: Seawall workshop focuses on fact finding, no decisions yet :

"City staff told the workshop it received six complaints about vacant lot staging in the past year."

Is this the extent of the problem which led Mr. Magel to induce an ultimatum to come up with a solution within a given period of time?

Kudos to Mr. Milk and his staff for putting the issue in perspective. The seawall issue can be resolved with code compliance to match the scope of the "problem".

Written on Marco Island man in battle over need for service dog in no-pet condominium :

It is a concern if dog is defecating where it should not be. This may be due to service dog not being exercised properly. Neighbors could help by taking dog for a walk, bringing it to an area where it could comfortably defecate and clean up. Maybe they would all see it is a simple solution.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Disappointed visitor:

1Paradiselost do you actually think this was an avenue to create jobs? And, I am not a Republican (not sure what that has to do with anything). This was not a practical idea based on proximity to traffic, size of island, length of ride, logistics of location, etc. It was just not a good idea for this island. It would not have created jobs either except maybe for the horse. Yes, a few drivers would have been required; but, do you realize the cost to operate. There would not be enough folks to keep it up because once you go on one of these rides either while on vacation, or to take the children or for a special occasion for residents you don't repeat experience. This is a fact based on New York, Charleston, and Savannah. Again, not a quality idea to bring to Marco.

Written on Marco Island City Council candidates – Nine vie for four seats :

in response to lauralbi1:

Please, everyone notice. When Klaus (Bill McMullan) responds to any post that brings up valid points that he does not agree with, all he reverts to is comments alluding to the blogger being drunk, sick or he posts a comment that is eliminated by Eagle Staff.
Not that anyone cares, because very few preople read this anyway and it has no impact on voting.
This site is just a place for us to express our opinions to a few.
Ed Issler

Since nobody cares, I believe you are truly incredible' as in lacking credibility.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Disappointed visitor:

And, I am in Manhattan, it is hot humid and stinky but only near the beautiful horse drawn carriages! Which have a place here and in England, not in Marco. Did anyone originally come to Marco for a horse and carriage? Did anyone buy a residence here due to a horse and carriage? Or a potential for one. Or a miniature golf course. Less is more. This island is a beautiful tropical paradise we should preserve for those future visitors who I guarantee will not be disappointed. If you are disappointed with a visit to Marco Island you may just be hard to please.

Written on Top Marco Island cop re-ups: Don Hunter to stay on as police chief; Riviere announces two-year contract extension :

in response to lauralbi1:

No point proven, sorry. Comparisons are much more valid.
I am still waiting for the results of your research. I will check regularly.
Ed Issler

Sorry, everyone else seems to have understood the original point which is simply put - citizens need to educate themselves as to what government leadership does. And, get involved. That is only way to stop skyrocketing costs. Not sure what else you need to compare that opinion to. Using a city such as Venice to compare does not prove anything to me, or others since no one seemed to pursue.

Written on Top Marco Island cop re-ups: Don Hunter to stay on as police chief; Riviere announces two-year contract extension :

Naples_rocket and Lauralbi1 look up Marco salary range is in the middle. Think Miami is a bit more of a difficult city to be chief in? Thanks for proving my point.

Written on Top Marco Island cop re-ups: Don Hunter to stay on as police chief; Riviere announces two-year contract extension :

Citizens have an opportunity to work towards a change on this island. If they are in vote them out. They hired the city manager. This salary along with some others employed by the city are not warranted. Compare it to other cities the same size. And, now you have a council candidate stating city employees deserve rate increases. Is he serious? Pay attention to what is going on in this city. Your paradise is in jeopardy and only the people can change this.

Written on The big picture – Marco Island Budget Sub-Committee prepares report, proposes millage rate :

The leadership in this city is a disappointment. Citizens have an opportunity to work toward changing the direction of our island. Citizens please educate yourselves about incumbents and candidates. And vote!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Did we waste our time?:

Who could question the judgment of this group of decision makers,or their predecessors if they truly are? Unnecessary sewers, unnecessary huge water plant, unnecessary asbestos situation just to name a few. And, proposed unnecessary Mackle Park building expansion, unnecessary free beach parking, unnecessary density ideas, the list goes on and on. Now a Horse Drawn Carriage on Collier. If this council approves, do not vote them in again!

Written on What's hot? What's not! Marco Island City Council budget subcommittee gets first peek at capital requests for 2013 :

in response to OutWithTheOldies:

The Mackle Park Community Center Project is a truly worthwhile project and it is so incredibly frustrating to hear people discuss a project that they have absolutely no knowledge of the details.

FACT: The current structure is completely outdated, code noncompliant, poorly hurricane resistant, and totally insufficient in terms of capacity.
The existing structure has been at maximum capacity for 3+ years preventing valuable programmming and community services from coming to Marco Island. Continuing education programs, health and fitness courses, wellness programs, community events, and general purpose meeting space are all prevented from coming to marco as a result.
The existing structure is not ADA compliant. It is not built at the appropriate flood levels, and is not hurricane rated. A full study of the issue in 2005 found the existing structure would be more expensive to renovate than replace given its poor underlying design and structure.

I, like many others, understand the needs for fiscal responsibility. And as is en vogue these days- it seems that dealing with expenses with a heavy dose of skepticism is appropriate. This does not, however, mean that every worthwhile project needs to be decimated with the drone of negativity.

From the infomation that I have seen, the expanded space and facilities from building a new community center and resulting increase in revenues from space rentals and adding programming would cover a large part of the annual finance payment. Perhaps leaving an annual cost to the taxpayer of 50-100k dollars (a cost that would go away after the note is paid off). What does this mean in actually dollars on our tax bill? for a Single family home of around 400,000 value? About 7 dollars annnually.

Parks and Recreation has shown a knack for providing a valuable product and service the community at a nominal cost (see Farmer's Market, Seafood Festival, Veterans Park as projects that have cost the taxpayer little or nothing and even generated revenue for the city)..... I think we sould give them a chance to present their case completely before we ruin an opportunity to bring a wonderful amenity to our beautiful island for almost NOTHING!

Get real, the host of properties both private homes and public facilities undergo obsolescence, but this does NOT necessitate demolition or expansion on the scale that in reality is a dream design that is based on steroids.

It is an issue of size and scope, which in my opinion is beyond the pale. Just a short time ago,the Mackle Park meeting room once held regular council meetings which are now held down the street on San Marco Road. I would have suspected this provided more availability, but I guess it did not.

If you want a hint of P&R expansion, ask them what they envisioned for Plummer Park, a small passive park on Barfield with 300K of monies. Imagine all the crap they wanted to put in what is essentially a passive park. Ideas included: bandstand, fountain, exercise stations, restrooms, larger parking area.....

See from my perspective, the monies spent on this island are misguided, with all departments coming up with their dream approach. And we have to accept it because......they have a plan?

Well the plan is truly steroidal!

Written on Speed limits studied, will change on some Marco Island roadways:

Somebody is making a lot of money on signs! Pay attention. Additional "signage" ideas have being suggested also.

Written on ‘Putting’ golf on Marco Island: Planning Board hears first of two mini-golf proposals:

"Nothing to do on this island" are you kidding? Have you seen the swimming pools, the parks, the beaches, the tennis courts, the fishing, the movies,the museum, the shopping, the library, the weather? Children and adults alike who live and visit this island can have a full schedule of activities available to them if they choose to participate. It is sad if someone needs a mini golf on this island paradise to occupy their time.

Written on Obama challenges: Shrink gap between rich, poor :

Economic fairness to everyone directed by the government equals socialism. Mr. Obama fundamentally hates America. While we continue to show him respect because he is our President he has no respect for our individual freedom. Understand his vision is not the American dream this county has been experiencing for decades. The wealthy will exit this country leaving a fallen empire. Wake up American citizens before it is too late.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Not interested in living next to mini-golf complex:

I agree we do not need mini golf on Marco. And, the plan is for two courses. I do not understand the paving of paradise direction this island is taking. Is there any reason why those interested in mini golf cannot drive to play at the already developed course in Naples. Those who own property, businesses etc. on Marco need to research where properties are not loosing value and it is in areas of less development especially tacky development.

Written on Former Marco city official Rony Joel files libel, slander suit against critic:

Just look at the character of Dr. Sanchez. He is a stand up and many times stand alone citizen we all should emulate. Then I might suggest you look at the other "character" or rather don't waste your time. Dr. Sanchez can recognize what is the truth. When did that become slanderous.

Written on Marco council to weigh several tax rate options Monday:

in response to islandeye1#236971:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

To Marcofriend's claim of comingling funds, I will forcast the spending of Oil Spill Reserve Fund for non-oil spill spending going forward. And then you can ask yourself if that was just a temporary fund which can now be used for general day-to-day operations or expansion of services/facilities.

Or I am misinformed and the Oil Spill Fund will be used specifically for what it was intended?

And bear in mind, there are some on the Council that believe we should bolster reserves! Will that be called - a Reserve Fund to simply bolster reserves.

In my ascent to fiscal responsibility, I was told as a youngster, to have a 6 month expense reserve. What is Marco Island's reserve specification? To just come up with new reserve fund names?

And I listen to some who serve on Council who do not pay property taxes through protection of bankruptcy laws. But I guess this is representative governance, truly representing current economic planning and execution through no fault of their own, or is it? And in essense, demonstrates a lack of reserve fund capacity? So how much reserve is enough?

Well for starters, let us not define reserves for specific situations and then let them sit there. They belong to the taxpayer if they are no longer required. And lastly, expansion of reserves just for the sake of increasing reserves is not a thoughtful plan. Unless, the ulterior plan is to spend it for expansion!

Written on Marco council to decide whether to raise tax rate as proposed:

This city is incapable of defining essential services!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To increase by 900K is sheer incompetence as a collective body to address the function of government.

This city has to get off the belief that it can spend its way to building a "first class" city by expansion of public facilities and programs, while private property owners with land cut back on city supplied water because of cost increases.

Can the city behave in a manner that mirrors its citizens? Why should the city government expand its budgets when most communities in Florida are reducing to offset an economy in which it citizens are responding to a tough environment.

But Marco Island is truly "special", its goes on merrily whisling a song of we are better while the grass is dying because city provided services are getting more expensive.

Or perhaps we are being represented by a band of "special" needs?

Written on Marco Island City Council budget workshop: Millage rate increases unless more cuts can be agreed to:

If the current council members cannot cut the budget and act on behalf of all citizens we will VOTE THEM OUT.

Written on Marco Island City Council Budget Sub-Committee: Recommendations finalized to go before entire City Council:

This budget subcommittee must be kidding if they are recommending an increase in budget. An increase equals terrible results on their part. The time has come for the citizens of Marco to unite against the current leadership. Each council member who votes for an increase in budget should be encouraged to step down since clearly they are not representing the citizens. VOTE THEM OUT.

Written on End of an era: Marco Police Chief Thom Carr resigns, says lawsuits not part of decision:

A retirement plan that includes "raising lab puppies". Hopefully to rescue not to breed!

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