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Written on Angry conservatives eye '14 to challenge Republicans who voted for 'cliff' tax hikes:

in response to GorchFock:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Thank you, I feel so superior when I read your remarks. I, in no way encouraged the out of control spending, therefore, I feel no compunction to pay for it.

Written on Dwight Brock denies exerting influence on Collier commission races :

I don't have a problem with Brock asking commissioners to do their jobs keeping the constituents best interests in mind instead of their own. I think Brock demanding accountability in county government is a breath of fresh air.

Written on Guest column: George Perry ... The Journey to Energy Independence Through Electricity :

This is some goofy liberal tripe. Mr. Perry, please don't tell people you are from Bonita Springs. They may judge us all unfairly. Please tell them you have recently wandered away from the White House and are desperately trying to get bacxk.

Written on RBC Bank bandit left behind photo ID, deputies say - VIDEO:

Lawrence Rasnick for president! He will be an improvement!

Written on Heated argument: Son accused of attacking father with fire extinguisher:

Respectful kid - - - - - - Not!

I believe I would be finished working with him.

Written on Judge rules in favor of Beasley Broadcasting in Joe Scott/K-Rock case:

Bad decision.

Beasley pushes decency for bucks from the unwashed.

Poor Beasley, "They told him to stop" but they were powerless.


Written on VIDEO: Another teen charged with having porn pictures of herself on cell phone:

It doesn't matter what she thinks of the charges. There are laws for a reason. Ignorance is not a defense. Make an example out of her and the other sleaze bags that are doing it. Also, humiliate their parents for raising such a jerk.

Written on Naples man accused of DUI crash; injured so badly can't take breathalyzer:

It looks as if a blood sample would be easy to obtain.

Written on Homeless man attempted to cash bogus check, deputies say :

All the way to the bottom. What will he do when he gets there?

Written on Homeless man attacked woman who didn’t want to date him, deputies say:

He is just misunderstood. I am sure his intentions were pure.

Written on Homeless man arrested after fast-food employees throw out his wine:

Probably just came here to get elected to public office. We will be able to trust him then!

Written on Man recently released from prison snatches cell phone, says 'thank you':

He was obviously rehabilitated while in prison. He said "Thank You."

Written on Teen charged with holding mother hostage, hitting brother:

Sounds like a kid that should be in the correctional system for a long time. If he treats his mother and brother that way I don't think he would have any higher regard for people on the street.

Written on Deputies: North Naples babysitter charged with sending 5 month old to hospital with head injury:

My heart goes out to Quentin's parents.

You can't tell a monster by it's cover.

Written on LIVE BLOG/VIDEO/PHOTOS/CHAT: President Obama visits Arcadia :

Just more pretty petty fluff. Maybe Readers Digest will decide to help our troops in Afghanistan and to scrap the subterfuge in the health plan. A flawed heath plan is worse than no health plan. How about Ladies Home Journal will decide to scrap the Tax & crap legislation.

Don't spend a dime of our money on the Copenhagen climate nonsense.

Be a president for the people or resign, we don't need any more leaches. The congress and senate are full of them.

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