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Written on Marco civic group sues to block miniature golf course approved by city officials :

in response to lauralbi1:

This issue is not whether or not a Miniature Golf Course will be built on this land. It is about having to get MICA approval on the operational and architectural elements of the business, as provided for in the Deed Restrictions.
It seems that this has come about due to a personal vendetta on the part of Mr. Kramer and nothing else. I hope they have to tear it down and start again.

And for those of you that did not know, the horse drawn carraige concept was also a Deed Restricted endeavour. It never had a chance. MICA is just enforcing the desires of the Developer. That is a good thing.

As I understand it, most Deeds on Marco contain a Restriction pertaining to the keeping of "Farm Animals" on the property. Suffice it to say that a horse is a Farm Animal. I guess Deltona did not want Marco to be farmland. Good idea !!!!
Ed Issler

Whether this be a personal vendetta or not there is no difference in the two theories that you speak of Issler. First of all there were months of publicity about this property being developed and even publications in the paper AFTER CITY COUNCIL APPROVED IT. If your new city council is willing to stick new and up coming companies out to dry with their less than knowledgeable information about their own so called city than MICA should not have the ability to stop this production.
On a second note the horse and carriage company was never even allowed on the streets, however had to spend thousands of dollars just for council and city officials to be able to "see the product" that they were wanting to put on the streets. Your theory of horses living on this island is far from the truth that you speak as did every other old hag on this island. They had a fully enclosed trailer to transport the horses off the island every day/night. Not have them living here!
Property values will only go up the more that this island has to offer and less non-tourist residents live here. Only the dying generation will ever be able to keep this island the same, however life has a toll and the majority of people on this island are close to it. Who do you think will run this island once they are gone?? Will Deltona still rule or will we be able to over come an idea that has long outlived its presence?

Written on Two indoor gun ranges in works in Collier County :

As a young woman living here in SWFL with a gun I find it REFRESHING that there will be a shooting range geared towards women. I hope that Pippa will incorporate instructional classes and events at the range to help spread the word about firearm safety.

Written on Marco Island's big flag flies again :

National honor is national property of the highest value. ~James Monroe

And for those of you who that think America is a joke or that we are "brainwashed", if you are ashamed to stand by your behind your colors than please go seek another flag sir

Written on PHOTOS: Christmas Island Style marches down San Marco :

I thought the horse and carriage company was shut down on Marco??? But we allow a random in the christmas parade?? I don't remember seeing any poop bags on this horse. Once again Marco Island Shows that it is partial to certain people........

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