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Written on POLL: Group opposes proposed Marco charter high school during Collier School Board meeting:

I am very proud of Bailey for speaking her mind on such a touchy subject. There are many parents with kids at TBE and charter that support Lely 100%. Make it private. I'm all for options, but not every whim needs to be put on the taxpayers. We already have a school...let's support it! Put it up for a vote - there must be a way to get the true public opinion.

Written on PHOTOS: Thousands enjoy Marco Island's 22nd Easter Sunday Sunrise Service :

I think maybe you missed Rev. Lyle's point. Elvis can't save you, JESUS can.

Written on Dispute about Thompson’s evaluation spills over into Collier School Board meeting :

How are we going to control the bully situation in our schools when those at the top 'bully' by intimidating and covering up. WAY TO GO CALABRESE for speaking the truth!! The parents and teachers need the truth to come out for the sake of our schools.

Written on VIDEO/PHOTOS/POLL: Conflicted Collier School Board gives superintendent mediocre review:

Kudos to Calabrese! The truth ALWAYS comes out and finally someone isn't 'bullied' into covering it all up. He's stating what many of us have seen first hand!

Written on Marco doctor charged with soliciting sex for medical services:

Definitely a weird office. I went once and never went back (did not feel violated, but didn't feel it was the best care). Shadow, that's a good point - and yes, many people agree, but I think maybe what we all experienced was not enough to press charges or make a story....but when something like this happens, lots of ppl can agree that they didn't feel comfortable.

Written on City may approve new taxes for residents:

We're fairly new to the island, but when can we vote Bill Moss out??? When can we elect a new city manager? He appears to continually anger the masses.

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