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Written on Keeping it public: Marco Island Audit Advisory Committee hears about Sunshine, narrows list of providers:

yes I have seen the discussions going on under the canopy of the gazebo--definetly not in the sunshine. perhaps they are questioning patrons on the merits of the revised Mackle Park building because we know they have to get feedback before voting -- no need for a referendum just multiple survey questions to the same group of people

Written on Letter to the Editor: My position on the Smokehouse Bay Bridge:

The previous writters are correct. Mr Honig is spot on in suggesting less expensive alternative and seeking state or federal assistance when the bridge needs to be replaced. and then go with plain vanilla tructure. the other newbies on council seem more motivated to get citizen referendum approval for the stripped down new Mackle Park building through utility bill question that will exclude master metered condos.
the feeling by some councilors that major business should not take place when the snowbirds are gone is faulty. the newspapers may be read online and citizen input then directed to councilors.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Thank you Petricca, Honecker and Batte:

the elevated blood pressure for those who completely misunderstood coucilor honig is very revealing. he and magel and keister clearly stated the entire future of the Mackle Center had to pass 2 critical votes first the wording of the contract and the approval of money to pay for it. I believe they only wanted to have the city attorney review the proposed construction contract which would be brought back at a council meeting fully advertised for public input.
the Public Referendum issue is interesting considering council is about to spend much more than the Mackle center on the Smokehouse Bridge without a referendum.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Weigh in on new city manager:

We should be thankful that Mr.Honig publically invited citizens to give input into the process
of listing the priorities Council should establish for a potential manager.

Written on Some Marco Island councilors vexed about Capri fire district decision, plan full airing May 6:

councilor Honig has every right to be perplexed--first Batte gets the letter from the couny then does not share with rest of council,then the C.M. responds w/o council input. may or may not be something the city would entertain but at least get the facts

Written on City of Marco Island offers no proposal to county for Isles of Capri fire management, consolidation:

I do not recall this issue being discussed by our council. something this significant should have had full public discussion.

Written on Current Marco Island Planning Board holds final session; members say farewell :

the Planning Board benefits from experience that comes with Mr.Lazarus would provide that experience.

Written on Guest Commentary: Paul Meyer – The tale of two cities :

Paul is a well meaning fellow who is sincere in wanting to be the representative of the young people and their families. too bad he felt it necessary to step out at this time. of course his name is still on the ballot and he won't have to endure anymore forums.

Written on Marco Island City Council campaign – Candidates air views at MICA forum :

every 2 years russ columbo beats his gums on his picks. many of us wait for this and go the opposite way

Written on Guest Commentary: Understanding a medical emergency; call 911:

stef did a great job in reminding us to "dial-don't drive" call 911 in an emergency.
can anyone tell me in what hole RayPray lives in?

Written on Marco Island City Council candidates – Nine vie for four seats, part 2 :

once again a candidate mentions "special interest". who are these groups?

Written on Marco Island City Council candidates – Nine vie for four seats :

will one of the new candidates please tell me who "the special interest" are and what is meant when saying current council does not listen to the people--give examples.

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