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Holy dirt!!
The only vicious person in all of these comments appears to be idiot Issler. That is a lot of time, energy, and resources to devote to trying to destroy one of your neighbors with whom you disagree with. You are not only the village idiot but now a complete waste of your fathers dna! Get a life you feminine hygiene product!

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To who ever owns this dog. All I can say is thanks! Thanks for getting all the grumpy old d-bags, animal haters, and over protective parents panties in a bunch. Most parents teach their kids to stay away from strange animals. The stray cats on the island pose a much greater risk to kids than a leashed dog.

u2cane has the only comment here that makes any sense. Common sense? Whats that?

marcoislandres....maybe the city can give the younger residents of the island one day a week free of old people and kids. Or at least ban the old people from driving and make them stay home.

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Below was a comment I wrote 2/21/2008 regarding the bond market. Guess I was correct in my doubt about the people running the city. I did miss the fact that the bond market would become nearly non-existant. I will make another prediction: The 300 homes foreclosed on today is only a drop in the bucket. Prediction isn't really the word I want to use but more like....common sense knoweledge of market trends.

February 21, 2008
9:42 p.m.
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Can someone tell me how much the city has actually issued in muni bonds to pay for this?

Hopefully not much. Rates to cities on these bonds are sky rocketing. Though I have serious doubt there is anyone smart enough running the city to know this.

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It is completely normal to have your wife intoxicated, running around the house with a gun, at 1:30am, and then blow the family dogs brains out for barking!

Whats the big deal? Doesn't that happen at everyones house on Saturday nights?

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The most exciting thing to happen on Marco in years and we get an after the fact article?........This paper sucks!

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Shadow didn't make your point! F$ck you're dumb! Less than 3 days after wilma on Marco vs 3 weeks in Naples with no power. Were talking the city of Naples, 5th Ave and surrounding area. No power for 3 weeks or more to residential homes in that area. How do I know? I worked with someone living there. Was a miserable month for this person!

Lets disconnect your power for 3 weeks and see what you call that outage.

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HMW or heavily medicated woman? madam, are a moron! there is no animal, plant, type of dirt, etc. that should stand in the way of bettering or making things safer for the human race. If a bird is more important than creating jobs or offering children another option for their education then we are on the road to no where. Similar to your brains location.

beetlejuice...maybe you missed the point. maybe the above will help you understand it. we should have a high school in this city. though, if we don't get one, i really couldn't care less. i know the idiots living on this island will never understand the value it would bring to marco in terms of jobs and home values, quality of life, etc. values that are by the way... no where near bottom.

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HMW...Yes, you are correct. We should put the 2 eagles "rights" before what's in the best interest of the community. The jobs created by building a school are less important than 2 eagles. Creating new teaching jobs? Unimportant in comparison to 2 eagles. Bringing new families to the island in search of a better education for their families. I guess those two eagles are more important? Look at US 41 going to Miami. What are the odds of adding 4 more lanes to that. They are zero. Why? Cause some trees and a couple animals are more important than humans. If you have ever seen the aftermath of an accident on that road (usually head on) they look fatal. Then there is the future trafic relief for i-75. This thinking will continue to set the USA behind the rest of the world.

Marconian....permits, EPA, FFWL, etc. would take millions of $ and years in court. Or, a shot gun and 2 shells would solve this problem quickly and inexpensively.

Do I want the birds harmed? Hell NO! But if we weren't here and their tree fell down what would they do? They would find a new one.

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Yes, people at MIAAOR is smarter than economists at Moodys.

648 single family homes on the market. Hundreds of bank owned properties still in the pipeline (part of the problem) that will drive prices further south.

Maybe MIAAOR can show us the last sale of a water indirect lot. Show us the least expensive inland home.

WI lot sale $225,000 down from $600,000 at the peak. 2/2 older home $162,900. The inland lots were selling for $400,000 at the peak.

Maybe the current administration should hire the people a MIAAOR to advise them on the next stimulis package?

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tract k is the only piece of vacant land in collier county where you can put solar panels? how much land the CC school board own that at this point may never be used?

glad i don't live around tract k. that would suck having a power plant next to my house. I'm guessing you'll also need some high tension power lines as well leading from this eye sore.

how about a mini nuclear power plant on veterans park property? the manatees would love the warm water in the winter. we could put the island x-mas tree on top of one of the reactors.

People running this island are very similar to the members of our own US house and senate and their buddies. All a bunch of worthless rear wipes
only concerned about themselves. They're wrecking the country like the worthless rear wipes on marco will wreck marco.

tough choice here. high school that will improve the community and if run correctly cause people to want to live here offering a value to current and future property owners. serving many, creating jobs, etc.
a bunch of solar cells that looks like crap and does nothing for anyone living here. maybe we could throw in 50 or 60 wind turbines. the eagles would love those and people could see marco for miles.

idiots..........all of them!

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F pepper spray! 9mm will assure this won't happen again.

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“Nutrient runoff from fertilizers and pet waste can cause levels of higher nutrients in the water acerbating algal bloom,” Richie said.

PET WASTE????????????????? The misinformation and stupidy of these people will never end. Wonder what happens when a Goliath Grouper takes a dump? What type of alge does that cause? How about a dolphin? Maybe that panther run over on 951 deserved it for causing the alge blooms.

Watch out people! soon they will take away your dogs, cats, gerbals, goldfish, or even your childs pet turtle.

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If you increase the amount of people in the park you may make it more difficult for the people trying to smoke a joint or negotiate a drug deal. Funny how a 4 legged furry animal will draw attention from residents and MIPD faster than someone selling drugs.

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Can someone tell me how much the city has actually issued in muni bonds to pay for this?

Hopefully not much. Rates to cities on these bonds are sky rocketing. Though I have serious doubt there is anyone smart enough running the city to know this.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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I'm voting for who ever Issler doesn't vote for.

How are the brown spots coming Issler? Are they still multiplying. Are there more or less now than there were three days ago. When you look at the brown spots what do they remind you of. Do they make noises. Do you still talk to them. Do you call them by name? It's OK. NOW GO TAKE YOUR LITHIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why can't you people read. Sewers are the 2nd largest polluter in the world. Look at the huge dead spot in the GOM.

Oh'well, who cares?

Time to plant some pumpkin seeds.
Worlds biggest pumpkin! Marco Island 2008.

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Taste just like chicken!!!

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Finally an answer to a question I asked long ago. Marco sewer, gravity or vacuum system? The answer is.............Gravity. Now everyone research what happens during a hurricane to coastal communities with gravity systems with lots of lift stations. Not Going to be pretty! I don't claim to know but for $140,000,000 maybe we could have upgraded to a vacuum system like most other coastal communities?

Oh wait, I forgot. This is not about whats good for Marco and good for the residents. It's about finding another source of revenue for the city.

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I like that sunken sail boat there. I hope it stays there a long time. There is another south of key wadin. I hope some more sink in the area. Ever notice it's always the sail boaters? They can't be the sharpest tools on the water.

Written on Wide sweeping fraud sting reaches Marco:

This is all you people need to know:

This is how the entire city of Miami does business everyday. Like it or not people from Miami will make Naples/Marco West Miami in the near future. There is no land left in Dade county and home prices are still very high sending the want to be home owners here. So, my advice is this: learn spanish, take Miami business practices 101, change your last name to Rodriguez, Martinez, Dominguez, what ever, (changing last name optional, but proven to be beneficial) and you will be OK. Or, just move.

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I'm not trying to argue with you. My statement regarding the BAD INVESTMENT applies too all who bought during the boom. The boom prices were never real. The people you speak of helped to create the overinflated prices. An investment you are upside-down in is a bad investment. Especially one that may not break even again for 10-15 years with a high carrying cost.

I am well aware of how the scam worked. It would have worked the same with or without realtors. The Torrens 15 homes are nothing compared to what the other "investment" groups bought. At the end of the day all this will cost the Torrens is a few hundred grand in attorney fees. The straw buyers will plead s-----. The lender, appraiser, and title agent may see a different outcome. I have serious doubts that any realtors will do time.

This is how the entire city of Miami does business everyday. Like it or not people from Miami will make Naples/Marco West Miami in the near future. There is no land left in Dade county and home prices are still high. So, my advice is this: learn spanish, take Miami business practices 101, change your last name to Rodriguez, Martinez, Dominguez, what ever, (changing last name optional, but proven to be beneficial) and you will be OK. Or, just move.

Written on Wide sweeping fraud sting reaches Marco:

marcomarc, it's not the realtors fault this happend. It would have happend with or with out them. Yes there are a few that made alot of money having these people buy 10, 20, 100 different home but the number is small. I doubt anyone will do any time over this. This is FL. FL likes realestate transactions. All this did is help inflate prices giving people false ideas on what their homes are worth. Now we are paying the price. Prices will continue to fall. People that took hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity will walk away from their homes, investments, second homes, etc.

It goes like this:
A home worth $500,000 in 2005 is worth $325,000 today. The person that owns that home owes $400,000. The same person is FINALLY realizing that it will likely be 10 to 15 years if ever that we see the inflated prices of 2005 again. Why would you want to keep paying the bank when the value is still falling? You can go buy a brand new home for less than you owe and less than your home is worth?
This scenario is being played out across the country with different degrees of losses.

The media would have you believe it's just the subprime people defaulting. That is a lie. Smart people see these as a BAD INVESTMENT. Not worth the mortgage payment, taxes, insurance, etc. My question is, who are the people going to sue for getting caught with these bad investments? The Banks, Alan Greenspan, Mortgage brokers, Investors, Fraudsters, who?

Written on Wide sweeping fraud sting reaches Marco:

Rosenblum said: "I don't see any local realtors named in the indictment."

are you playing s-----? Do you think this will end here? You know better.

Written on Wide sweeping fraud sting reaches Marco:

This guy they got was small time compared to the other groups.

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Marco Island is NOT Ft. Lauderdale. Not by any strech of the imagination. Inventory is rising everyday here. By Wednesday of next week we should break the 700 Single family homes for sale. 686 currently. As long as the inventory stays high prices will continue to fall. 2001 prices are going to be the bottom. Many are saying it will take 16 years to reach the fantasy, false, speculator driven, fraud driven, (fraud from all aspects during the boom from the buyer to the bank to wall street) prices at the peak. Now pile on top of that a likely recession in the coming year. But yea. Things are getting better.............somewhere.

Written on Even keel: Marco Realty executives return from national conference with encouraging industry news:


"NEW YORK ( -- Sales of existing homes fell to a record low in October, as even the largest drop in home prices ever wasn't enough to revive moribund sales, according to the latest reading on the battered housing market by an industry trade group released Wednesday.

The National Association of Realtors reported that sales by homeowners fell in October to an annual pace of 4.97 million, down from the revised September reading of 5.03 million. September had marked a record low since the trade group started tracking sales for both single-family homes and condos in 1999.

October marked the eighth straight month that the pace of sales has declined from the month before, and it left sales down 20.7 percent from a year ago. It was also worse than the consensus estimate of economists surveyed by who had forecast an annual rate of 5 million."

I agree with Joey! NO BAILOUTS! Let the s----- people and even stupider banks that thought the market would keep going up.....FAIL! Truth is prices will keep falling through 2008.

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With the uncertainty of the election coming and the obvious 180 the island will do regarding the STRP should the anti STRP candidates be elected why would this sitting council not finish what they started stop any new planning?

My 2nd point would be. It is in the best interest of the people to terminate the contracts with Quality and rebid these projects with the cost of construction and materials coming down. In another year there will be serious competition amongst companies like Quality and others competeing for business. Why continue to pay peak economic prices from 2005-2006 when there was too much work and not enough workers.

For those of you who disagree I will happily sell you my home for 2005 or 2006 prices today. Should you disagree with my above statement you should have no problem paying market prices that are no longer relevant.

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UMMMM Joey, he said "Vote for Allen,Batte,Guidry,Hall OR Neylon". I think the word "or" is meant to mean vote for one of the two last named, Hall OR Neylon. One of the two. Not both, but either Hall OR Neylon. You can't vote for both if you vote for Allen, Batte, and Guidry. If you only vote for Allen and Batte, then you will be able to vote for Hall AND Neylon but not all. Or you could vote for Guidry, Neylon, Hall and Batte OR Allen. Not both, Allen or Batte. OR you could vote for Neylon, Allen, Guidry and Batte OR Hall. Not both Batte and HAll if you first vote for Neylon, Allen and Guidry. You will have to not vote for one of the 5 above. Either Hall, Guidry, Allen, Neylon OR Batte will not be marked on your voter screen.

Happy to clear that up for ya. Your welcome.

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Don't forget about Issler. He a Joel could due a dueling comic act. That would be so funny I might even attend.

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"If it smells like a rat and looks like a rat....ya it's a rat. Any way you cook the books I have to agree with the study--as a whole the collier school system is a dropout factory"

Well stated! Enough said! So heres an answer. Our taxes and the lotto money don't seem to be enough to properly fund the public school system in FL so it's time to turn this place into another Vegas. Legalize gambling, turn the top floors of the Marco beach front condos into casinos and due the same in other areas and BINGO!!!!!!!! Here comes people, jobs, a bigger tax base, and tons of money we can donate to the public school system and make it #1 in the country!!

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capt1black, thanks for the info. I did not know the state redistributed all the funds. That explains alot.

columbusway, you are correct...almost. First off yes the immigration laws are the root of many problems. Here is a bigger problem. If all the parents demanded the schools adopt a one language policy you could solve this problem. That simple. I never said we needed teachers to speak 2 languages. That should not be needed.

The school system needs competition. State vouchers given back to the parents to use as tuition to send their kids to private schools is one step in that direction. The great state of FL doesn't give parents that option. My point here is, teaching is a profession that can be measured on results. Just like in every profession there are good employees and not so good employees.

Written on Eye to the future: Marco residents, officials express hope for next 10 years:

Please, Please, Please build some kind of civic center or performing arts center on the Glon property that no one will ever use. This is Marco Island. There aren't that many people here. That property needs to be fenced in now and turned in to a dog park. Every community being built in this day and age has a dog park. I will bet Isslers house that a dog park on that property would get moe use than a performing arts center. Who will make that bet?

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One more thing Marco_Girl. The fact that 20% of the students speak english as a second language. Will that hamper my child from getting a top notch education from this school? I think it might? How about you? The teacher could spend the summer learning spanish. However crazy that may sound.

I have a better idea. There will be 1 language spoken in all USA schools. Whats wrong with that? Who thinks that is unfair? Someone will say that it is unfair and I will ask that person this. If I send my child to a public school in your country will the teachers take the time to teach my child the language. The answer will be NO. So why should our teachers have to take the time out from our english speaking children? Parents should demand that the English language is the only language spoken in our schools. The other kids can learn at home or however else before they attend schools in the US.........or go back to the mother land to learn in their own language.

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I think some missed my point. Yes, teachers are under paid. To Marco_Girl who said Lely wasn't a dropout factory. Do the research. It was reported by local NBC that Lely graduates only 60% of it's students. And I should give them a raise? If you gave me 100% of your money to invest and at the end of the year I only had 60% left. You would fire me. Certainly not give me a raise. Hence my point. If you pay minimum wage you get workers that really don't care and are not the best in their class.

One more question. Whre the he!! does all the money go that we give the county for education?

Written on Marco Island teachers take a stand:

I will start by saying that I do not mean to offend any teachers. So here we go. You live on Marco Island or teach here which beats the he!! out of Chicago. You have many days off. The summer free. So you want more money?

You deserve it! But you live in Collier county where old people rule. None of these old fcukers want to pay for schools. Hence Lely being a dropout factory. What did you expect?

Teachers deserve to be paid higher salaries. Alot higher. When we see results.

Written on Parent of Marco Community Bank reports down quarter:

I would have serious doubts about only a $602K net loss. Ask them about their home inventory and other real estate investments. The picture should clear up then.

Written on Marco Council tackles bridge repairs:

Maybe the Marriott will step up to the plate and build a high school here? What do ya think Issler?

Written on Lely High collecting Beanie Babies for soldiers to give to Iraq children :

Another thought. I am convinced that complete idiots and morons are in charge of our schools, cities, states, and the country as a whole. Those of us not yet 65 or older are completltly F_ CKED!

Written on Lely High collecting Beanie Babies for soldiers to give to Iraq children :

Maybe Lely should work on graduating more than 60% of their students and losing the "Drop Out Factory" nickname given them as reported on the news last week?

Written on Marco Man moves to City Hall:

Great! Now Marco Island will have a mascot! Put that on T-Shirts. People all around the globe will be looking at them saying.........OMG, WTF,........thats the stupidest looking thing I have ever seen.......Is that what people on Marco Island look like? Did you go to Marco Island on Neptune for vacation?

How many d!ldos will show up for the unveiling of this?

Written on Marco Council tackles bridge repairs:

Lets see, there are 37 homes on caxambas island. At any given time only 12 are occupied. Maybe some type of autmated ferry capable of taking to cars and garbage truck across the narrow channel would sufice. I realize some will say that's crazy but sometimes you have to think outside the box. It's just one idea maybe others will come up with more.

Written on Marco Council tackles bridge repairs:

We already pay for fire services to the county. We need to turn the MIFD over to Collier County so they can down size it and work it into the budget. MIPD needs to be cut in half or eliminated all together. The CCSO did fine here. Then we can fix our infrastructure, or at least its a start.

Written on The Farmer File: Memo to 'Oracle' and other haters :

The NDN and Marco Eagle have now been turned into a blog. Farmer is a dildo. Nothing better to do than write a colum about a blog? Hey farmer this is America where people are free to say whatever they want. If you and the Popovers can't take the heat.........Get off the island!!!

Oracle. write on!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm votein for Joeywalnuts!!!!!!!!!!! I don't even care what his running platform is. Please run joey. You have my vote.

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my comments were not addressed to you but, since you asked. ADDIE seems to have pointed out the Marco is a young working family place, not for old retired people. See above, "THIS IS NOT A RETIREMENT COMMUNITIY FOR FIXED INCOME IDIOTS!" That from the horses mouth. What a moron.

Someone in the public eye better be able to take the heat. If they can't they need to leave.

Your other questions answer. The Mackle brothers vision for Marco is and will fail. Marco needs to figure out who/what it is. Bottom line is that it can only be a retirement community as FL is not corporation friendly. Collier County is even worse.

Written on Local hairdressers get on the cutting edge:

By the way ADDIE,
I didn't know you wrote the mission statement for Marco Island. You are right. I think Intel, Sunmicro, 3M, Kodak, a host of drug companies and many other corporations are all lined up just over the bridge waiting to bring high paying jobs to this area. Look at how family friendly Marco is. Nothing for kids to do, no high school. The local public high school we have was just reported on the news to only graduate 60% of the students it starts and is now labled a "drop out factory".

Wake up ADDIE your dreaming. Reality is real estate prices are plummiting, businesses are going out of business and the local pool of employees are leaving the area as fast as possible. With the inevitable recession looming these problems will get worse.

Prices in CA are still falling and they DO have high paying jobs there. Imagine what will happen to this area as we have none. Now with that in mind you may want to revise your Marco mission statement and make it more attractive for the wealthy retired people so your home doesn't become completely worthless and all the rest of the local businesses have a few consumers left to support them.


Written on Local hairdressers get on the cutting edge:

I believe Mr. Putnam is retired. That would not make him one of the younger people here.

I will not resort to calling you names as it would make me look like you. Now go take you geritol and your blood pressure meds so you don't have a stroke!.............on second thought.........Don't!