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Written on Letter to the Editor: MICA outdated?:

If we let the city take it over they will double the price. Look no further than your water bill.

Written on Marco Island City Council approves policy decisions that will shape water rate ordinance:

This is really out of control! We thought Florida Water was expensive, The new crooks charge us a $50 fee per month when we don't use a drop. Thanks City of Marco Island

Written on LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Keep the Marco police:

What many city's have done is roll the PD into the Sheriff department. The officers wear the Marco uniform and drive the Marco patrol cars but report to and are employed by the Sheriffs Dept. Huge savings on payroll costs and pension liabilities.

Written on Brokering a partnership - Island Mortgage joins Marco Community Bank:

That pretty much seals it......I will never patronize Marco Community Bank!

Written on VIDEOS: Marco answers the $1 million question:

How about not charging us all these taxes and fees in the first place. Once they start they never seem to end. I dont know about everyone else but my water bill is much higher now than when Florida Water provided it (and at that time we paid the highest rates in the nation).

Written on City Manager: $900,000 electric franchise fee surplus :

A Tax is a tax no matter what you call it.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Stop short-term rentals:

Private property owners have a right to rent their properties. like it or not.

Written on REACTION: All torn up about Elkcam Circle closing:

Has the Asbestos crushing facility been moved?

Written on Hotel homes to be controlled on Marco:

I agree with Chief Carr. Wrong approch. Infringes on private property rights.

Written on Marco hesitates on employer assisted housing partnership :

If the want ligitimacy hire an accounting firm and open your books. Marco run away from this as fast as you can!

Written on LCEC: No electric rate increase in 2009:

Update: No increase until Marco Island takes it over.

Written on UPDATE: City to consider entering housing industry? :

My advise: Run as fast as you can from this thing.

Written on Jolley Bridge in line for $28 million in federal stimulus money:

Does this mean we get the $1M they blew on the toll study back?

Written on POLL: Marco's electric takeover study re-energizes :

Now is not the time to take on anymore dept. A study is OK but to dive into this thing now is insane....Marco water charges me the same even if I don't use any water, Florida Water never did that.

Written on Hard times — Even on Marco:

The Banks have allways been the biggest thiefs around, its just now becoming more evident. And this Realtor Debbie Turkett of Sand Castle Realty Group, Inc. is a real piece of work saying this lady should be in a nursing home. Anyone reading this should not do buisness with DEBBIE TURKETT or sand Castel Realty. Bottom feeders...

Written on Manager's Report: Public service in an uncivil environment:

I can't believe there is no one else available!? Also, Florida Water does not seem so bad now that Marco charges me the base rate even when we use no water at all. I feel like turning my water on for no reason to use what I am being charged $60 a month for. THANKS CITY OF MARCO. Now please take over the electric service so you can screw everyone over there too.

Written on VIDEOS: Marco officer back on patrol after battery investigation :

Maybe the time is right.......Recker for police chief!

Written on Marco panel begins talk of taking over electrical services:

I remember the city criticizing Florida water about the high rates they were charging us. With this city in control our water rates + FEE'S are higher than before. Look at your LCEC bill now and then after Marco takes it over. After the rate increases and city fee's it is going to look ugly.

Written on Marco Island approves highest tax rate in history, delays fire assessment:

This whole cityhood thing is really getting expensive. Taking over the water service, sewer, and now the electric system is causing us to have the largest city government with the smallest population. And when the police and fire service went union it is a sure bet that the future tax rate will only skyrocket.

Written on WCI’s CEO gets $700K in severance:

This guy should be shamed not paid. I'm sure he knows this company is set to crash and burn after his 10 years of leadership. But in corporate America these guys just walk away with there pockets lined and not a care in the world.

Written on One alternative revenue source taken off the list by Marco council:

I still believe we do not need our own PD and FD. The county handled it well enough before. Now we are talking about assesments to cover retirement pensions and union wages. It does not have to be this way. We could cut back like all other cities are. Downsize not extreem upsizing.

Written on Transportation officials to give presentation on status of Jolley Bridge, tolls:

We need a toll right now to pay for the study to see if we will be willing pay to use a new bridge that will have to be tolled to pay for another study that will lead to another study for the new Marriott construction project in the near future. I wonder if we would have had a study on the effects of cityhood...maybe we could have made a better choice. Hindsight is 20/20!

Written on Short term rental ordinance to move forward on Marco:

Please take note of the realtors on this committee and do not patronize them. The complainers are not the ones that that give them business it is the investors and entrepreneurs that do--and we will be looking elsewhere now. This is nothing short of a home owners association for single family houses. This is really not the time to be making regressive rules it does not do the market any good.

Written on Alternative revenue sources may be answer to Marco's property tax shortfall:

What ever happened to the Marco Island that I used to love prior to cityhood. Way out of control, this is like a steam roller going down hill---with no brakes. It is never going to end, more fees taxes whatever. Another fee attached to water?? Are these the same people who said Florida water was so bad for charging a lot less than them for our water??!!Yea, let them take over the power too. Please, do we really need all of this?

Written on Marco purchases $900,000 East Elkcam Circle property:

Any gambler will tell you not to show all your cards. However, Mr. Tucker had already seen the cards so I guess thats a mute point. As for Tucker being city attorney....Not.

Written on Collier school board accepts settlement with Baker:

Now I think the board members in question should be fired.

Written on Hideaway Beach seeks tourist tax dollars to fund beach erosion control:

This is a gated community......period. I think the case for tourist tax dollars is good--However, trying to twist the truth saying this is a public beach is just wrong.

Written on Resident angered over Marco’s use of property:

Lesson: Do not upset this guy prior to your operation.

Written on Marco landlords may be held responsible for tenant nuisances:

This is a private property issue. Enforce or bolster the noise and nuisance ordinances. Charging me then dictating when were who and how long I can rent my property for the condo association from hell. STOP ALREADY when this all passes it will be a sad day for Marco's future property owners. Shame on all you realtors participating in this.

Written on New Marco city manager contract approved at $160,000 yearly:

I just cannot see $250K for a city this size and to add this sweethart termination clause....who negotiated this?? Please humor us with what we paid the seach firm---my guess $100K.

Written on Marco council narrows in on six city manager candidates:

So we are going to leave this do nothing $250K temp.manager in place for six more months.....insane. This city is really out of control.

Written on Jolley Bridge phone survey underway:

They need to spend that $1M

Written on Rental committee to consider draft ordinance:

Sure glad we sold our rentals on Marco in 2004 at the top of the market! We specialize in vacation rentals not on Marco anymore but in San Francisco and Santa Cruz California. Yes, we pay the cities a 10% tax on short term rentals and hold a buiness license in each. No, the cities do not charge us a fee to harass us with code enforcment and a panel of angry people bent on control. This is very regressive to this city and Embarassing to us since we are Marco Island residents.

Written on Encouraging movement: End users key to real estate market propulsion:

Naples News spinning the story for there biggest advertising customer--realtors.

Written on Committee gets feel for rental property dilemma:

What a bunch of old busybodies you all are. A total minority is trying to change the rules for everybody. Lighten up, get a life, and mind your own buisness. Sorry, but it's the truth.

Written on Marco rental committee seeks input:

Leave it alone! Any restrictions would be an intrusion of private property rights, period. We did vacation rentals of our Marco Island home and condo for many years up to 2004. When the market peaked we sold and took our money and rental buisness to California. This market became to saturated with rentals after the boom as it is today with many unexperenced owners desperatly taking any renter they can get. This is were the problem is--in order to attract the best renters and reduce problems you must have high rental standards and practices in place (handling it yourself personally NOT with a realestate company). All of our years in the Marco Island and The San Francisco Bay area the number of complaints or problems involving nightly/weekly rentals comprised not even a blip. Yes, enforce noise and parking ordinances. But no don't add any more obstacle's in an already tough rental market here. This is a resort island r-e-l-a-x. Anyhow, how many annual renters are you going to get here that will be able to pay enough for the owner to even come close to breaking even-answer=NONE. It's a tough market here with prices and Competition don't make it any tougher. We live here-just don't do buisness here anymore. We have never had any problems with any vacation rental here on Marco-never! City council--leave it alone already.

Written on The Farmer File: A manager of two cities? Why not?:

I'm sorry but $250,000 for a city manager of a 3x5mile island is not right. Just having this much information makes me very sorry for voting for cityhood in the first place.

Written on Marco Council members receive city e-mail addresses:

A Badge and a e-mail go take on the world.

Written on Marriott gets the density it sought, but not the height:

Not really sure what the benifit to Marco Island is? Sounds like a big give away to the Marriott and like. WHY????

Written on Marco, police department finalize new 3-year contract:

Thank you Marco Island, please raise my taxes again....and again....and......

Written on Settling in for the long haul:

Maybe we should build a fence around Marco to keep all these lawless boaters away. Would be cheaper than to fight this for this Ridiculous

Written on Nurses' union: Who belongs in bargaining unit is subject of dispute:

I surmise Dr. Weiss's intentions are to tow the company line and earn his bloated CEO salary. Giving the rank and file choice and good pay is probably the last thing someone living in his caviar world would truly believe.

Written on Resident-owned company settles $2.2 million class-action lawsuit:

Shame on you Mr. Callahan.......there is no excuse for being that cheap.

Written on Collier schools challenging ‘dropout factory’ label:

If it smells like a rat and looks like a rat....ya it's a rat. Any way you cook the books I have to agree with the study--as a whole the collier school system is a dropout factory

Written on Marco hires interim city manager:

It appears these guys just bounce around to different municipalities and collect the money. Talk about a good ol' boys network. I really do not think we need to pay out a quarter million/year for this position. To bad none of our elected officals will stand up for what should be our best interests. Sad very sad.

Written on Man who stole another’s identification to get job gets jail:

This guy filed a workmans comp claim, that is the only differance between him and every other illegal. Most insurance companys just pay out the claim--this one checked up. Most all of them have the counterfeit documents, commit Identity theft, and have no health or car insurance.

Written on Marco council’s closed-door consensus raises questions :

More money down the rat hole.....

Written on Marco interim manager contract drafted:

Am I the only one who thinks this salary is way out of wack? More than $220,000 is insane for Marco Island. I am really truely thinking it is time to Dissolve this cityhood. It's going off the charts in all directions.

Written on None:

The powers that be already paid $1,000,000.00 for a study on tolls for The SS Jolly. Now that this is said and done all we have to do is wait for the toll booths to be built.....its a done deal folks. I agree, we need to use this bridge as long as we can and avoid this new and forever toll. I still cannot believe they dumped ONE MIL down the rat hole.