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Bill, I'm sure the Marco city council will still want to give you another bonus.

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Maybe a good idea to have the county take back police and fire. I don't feel any more safe or secure now than before cityhood. In fact with all this talk of assesments and taxes could be a little less secure in the pocket book.....

Written on Industry downturn leads to more job seekers at Career and Service centers:

I agree if the crackdown on fake S/S numbers is successful then the huge void (which is now filled with illegal workers)would have to be filled. I can tell you there are plenty of experenced workers and fine craftsmen that have been displaced over the last five years alone that will happily fill the void. Sure wages will have to go up but the quality of the work and pride in craftmanship will rise much higher.

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Only a few boats have ever parked near our waterway over the years. Never for very long and never any problems. Note to city: please don't spend any more money or time on this. If this bulls---t Marco Waterway Organization wants to pay for it then let them not us!

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Bryan Milk is The city planner...didn't they hire anyone when the last guy left??? Lackluster would be a complement to Milk. Anyhow, I agree the dock proposal is just to big...unless they want to donate a mil or so then I say anything goes....right???

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Realtors..a nessary evil I quess. I never trust them to tell me when to buy or sell,though. You really have to go by your own gut because their's my be a little yellow.....

Written on Market Update: What is the latest on Marco’s condo market?:

Realtors..a nessary evil I quess. I never trust them to tell me when to buy though.

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We also live in California and Florida. On Marco part and full time since 99 and have been watching projects go to Quality Enterprises ever since. Why....not for quality thats for sure. Someone may want to ask the city it the lowest bid or some sort of sweethart deal???

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They have allready spent 1 million on a "study" for a toll. You know what they say..."Build it and they will come" (the toll booths)

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You aint seen nothin yet. Take a look at California....yes, this is the future for Florida if this problem is not addressed.

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I hope Bill does not get another bonus this year.

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Its a path for gods sake, why do we have to pave it in gold. use the money for additional parking. The city planner screwed this up from the start with out giving any consideration to this path (we knew would be there) when designing the collier Blvd project. Put a concrete sidewalk in for 30K and a couple park benches...A no-brainer you would think.

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The Marriott--allways wanting to go higher with more density than codes allow. Note to city council: Just say no for once, force them to build a normal size building within the boundries of current code.

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First, Pay your full assesment if you are not already hooked up to the system--don't make the rest of us pay your share. Second it will never be less expensive to build than it is today. Third, your property will be more valuable as a result of this. Don't make everyone else pay for your own riches. Think about it........ were is the rest of the money going to come from? Right, higher taxes on all of us!

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Yea, Ive noticed alot of sloppy work on this project also. Is'nt anyone inspecting this?

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I think it is O.K. to lay the Mexican flag on the ground, they just don't know any better.......

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Sounds like Quality Enterprises is finally stepping up to the plate.....

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can't we all just get along???? Geezzz

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I have to agree more with Mr. Hall. If I remember correctly the city paid for the total initial cleanup. What Ms. Douglas means by associated expenses does not say much. The last I heard the city works for us.....not damage control for Quality Enterprises.

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We quit giving MICA our money several years ago. Sad but we are not in agreement with most of what MICA stands for and does with all that money it collects. All possible paths should be open to all....period.