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I guess you haven't learned that Marco Island is no longer the "retirement" community you think it is. Marco Island is getting younger and bigger every more little island in the gulf.

Without spending, there is no progress. If you don't want to move forward with progress, move to Arkansas.

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The bad news is that this wife beater will only get a slap on his wrist.

The good news is that people will finally see him for what he is and not shell out their hard earned money to keep an abuser in business.

So long "good doctor"....I wish I could say it's been a pleasure.

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Dear Jim,

Post a link to your FREE remedy so the people who you are concerned with can serve themselves!

Oh....I guess you are trying to make some money on this venture rather than actually promoting a humanitarian effort.

:-) Shoo Shoo, ... Flu.

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Congratulations on your 92nd birthday this year Mr. Creekbaum.

I think you are trying to stir a pot that doesn't exist.

I like your parrot story, albeit far fetched. Thanks for your time on this planet.

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What are you smoking?
A little too much Cheech and not enough Chong.

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????? Really ?????

What kind of post was that?

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I am not affiliated nor do I know Old Marcoman or August8...but thanks for playing.

Using your logic, should I assume Fossil, Sailingalong, and Shadow are all one-in-the-same?

You spout your rhetoric in unison...

"good doctor"? I think you forgot the "for nothing" between the good & doctor.

I'm sorry, but with your "good (for nothing) doctor's" past history :
Wedding, Domestic Violence, Divorce....
Wedding, Domestic Violence, Divorce....
and most recently...
Wedding, Domestic Violence .... you do the math.

I find it appalling that you, Fizzle, would come to the rescue with some "post war syndrome" excuse.

OJ didn't do it.
Mike Tyson didn't do it.
Chris Brown (Fizzle, you will have to google this one old timer) didn't do it.
Guidry didn't do it either I guess.

Sorry, Fizzle and Friends, your beating a dead horse (or dog) trying to defend your buddy.

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You idiots campaigned for this schmuck!

Androux you call yourself, congratulations for the biggest SPIN since Dancing with the Stars.

Are you serious? Do you expect us to believe this drivel? Are you telling us the Marco Police are SO inept that they would make an arrest without warrent?

Get off our island you wife-beating loser! Take your lackey Fossil with you.

Come-on, blaming Post-War syndrome for the actions of a moron....give us a break...where do you come up with this stuff???

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Ever heard of paragraphs Fossil?

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That's because people don't normally like to "waste" their time complimenting services, rather, just condemning them.....

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If Sayre's one of the most intelligent people on this island, we all have a horrific future ahead of us!


Sayre Uhler [sahyuhr yool ur]
a crusty irascible cantankerous old person full of stubborn ideas.

grouch, crank, bear, sourpuss, crosspatch.

see also:

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In the immortal words of Sir Arthur Lange... "Waaah"

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The Moronian,
Do me a favor....
When your nephew visits in June, please ask your great niece how her "Black Daddy" is doing while he's within earshot.

Let me know how that one works out for you and what his official response is.

You're a tool.

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MORONian, I cannot take anything you say on these blogs seriously after your "black daddy" comments. You sir, are a moron.

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Moronian & Fossil....

The two of you sound so ridiculous it's laughable.

I went to Lely High School....I also went to Golden Gate Middle School (the only available school when I moved to Marco Island over 20 years ago).

You want to talk about your precious kids awful commute 20 miles (ROUND TRIP I MIGHT ADD)???

How about standing at 6am on San Marco Road, waiting for my bus, getting dusted by mosquito spray from the airplanes overhead.....I survived.

What you get out of any school is what you put into it. If you don't contribute or put forth any volunteer time or effort at Lely, you CANNOT complain. Lely High School was (and is) a great school that cannot be replaced by an island school.

Have you heard the one about a dead horse and an overdone beating.......

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"At a most important time in children’s lives, when there are developing close peer bonds and friendships, they are being forced apart and often permanently separated."

They are NOT being "FORCED" apart. Parents are CHOOSING to part ways. If the students followed the "normal" transition, they would be together at Lely High School (with the rare exception of students opting for a religious high school).

Stop spewing false propaganda!

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The Voice,

Just because someone served in the armed forces does NOT automatically exclude them as a racist.

Remarks such as "Black Daddy" and "Stick it up your backside because you like it anyway" are absolute racist and homophobic remarks.

Hitler served in the armed forces. Was he not a racist? Or are you one of the folks that believes that the Holocaust was a fabrication?

I believe as an ASSociate of the Moronian, you fall into the realm of guilt by ASSociation.

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First "Black Daddy" now you resort to spewing gay innuendo on me?

I think your remarks justify my comments as well as all the others on here.


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You try to cover your elitist attitude under the guise of "I don't want them to have the commute".

Where do you shop for clothes? Where do you go for entertainment? When you want to purchase a car, where do you go?


Commuting is a part of life. Don't sit in your little box (Marco Island) and make remarks disguised as ridiculous concerns that aren't relevant!

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It's not SINCE, it's Sense.
It's not POOR, it's Pour.
It's not SIGHT, it's Site.
It's not LOOSING, it's Losing.

Your name should be MarcoTOOL.
Maybe next time you can try to get your point across without the use of obscenities (your precious children are reading this too, you know).

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Incorporating a high school into the middle school is a bad idea.

You want your 11/12 year old 6th grader at school with 17/18 year old high school students?

That is not a good mix. It only worked on Little House on the Prairie.

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Marco students flood the halls of Marco Island High to embark on their studies to become cosmetologists, carpenters & welders.

Gibbs High is NOT located in "COLLIER COUNTY" and does NOT have to adhere to the rules and regulations put forth both the Collier County School Board.

Written on Letter to the Editor February 13: Marco Island High School? Let’s go for it!:

What a lousy idea and a lousy article with absolutely NO interesting concepts!

You say students of Lely are no good due to the "D" rating, yet you now ask them to design via a contest a new "elitist" school for Marco?

Design 22 classrooms???? Come-on these kids only have 10 fingers & 10 toes.....can't we just have 20 classrooms?

What are you trying to do here?

This is the most ridiculous suggestion made to date..

Written on Man sues Marco Marriott over 2008 fall, brain damage:

If there was a high school on Marco Island, this never would have happened!

Written on Letter To The Editor: For a school on Tract K:

This has to be the funniest letter I have ever read!

"Cluttering Tract-K with solar would.....destroy the ambiance of the drive to our hideaway beach community and Tigertail Beach"....

Are you joking? You must be, come on...

How can unobtrusive solar collection panels, landscaped with plants to camouflage their existence be MORE "ambiance ruining" than a gigantic High School building?

Small solar collection panels have a much less likely chance of uprooting your precious Bald Eagles than dumping a giant school building smack dab on their heads.

Stop spewing your elitist Hideaway Beach rhetoric and open your eyes to what you are actually saying!

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I suggest a University on the Island.
Maybe we find some land for this.
Once our kids graduate from the Marco Island High School, we need a place for them to go...
This will allow 4 more years of "protection" from outside influences, possibly 8 if we can figure out some sort of graduate program!

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Wow, students from Lely (the "minority" school) who can actually read & write. How can they possibly be able to do that while attending a 'D' school? Hmmmmm...smell the sarcasm?

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I never thought I would live to see the day that Marco "fossils" would become so elitist!
"Let's not send our kids to a D school filled with minorities lacking social skills" is what you are preaching. YUK!

I can't wait to see your Marco Island High School sheltered children get into the real world and not know what to do with themselves when it comes to interacting with the vast majorities. I'm sure they can open their civics books and review before they approach social situations.

School books and professors are NOT the "real world".


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There IS a high school on Marco Island.
8 registered students.

I guess a second school must be needed for the overflow!


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Let's punish the man for being fiscally intelligent!

PS... Let's all vote for Obama too.

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Oh Ray,

I'm so glad to hear from you in this letter. I was extremely worried about you based on your October 2, 2007 letter to the editor "STRP is a boondoggle" when you indicated you were hospitalized due to the inability to breathe during the STRP in your area.

It's a breath of fresh air to know that you survived the nitrogen & phosphorous contamination that plagued you last year.


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It seems to me that Mr. Monte Lazarus was too, exercising his American right to criticize you.

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$.38 cents huh? Was several years ago actually 40 years ago? 50 even?

If I was a clerk and received something like this, I would either think it was a joke or a gesture meant to demean me.

Don't get me wrong, your heart might be in the right place, but your decades didn't account for inflation.

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Waaaah * sniffle, sniffle *

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"Considering what Mr. Kiester had brought upon himself over the recent weeks"...

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I guess the "classy" 4x4 by the bridge campaign really worked! Way to go Marco Island, we knew you couldn't be brainwashed by the (3) anti-city bloggers with "multiple personalities"

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OH MY GOD....I can't believe we are attributing still more things to STRP!!!

You know, I noticed less mexicans working at Publix lately, must be STRP.

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Talk about runaway spending, how much money is being spent fueling the 4x4's running around the island with NEYLON, BATTE, HALL, GUIDRY signs?

At $3.25 per gallon, that's what I call "Runaway Spending"!!!

I thought you guys were trying to "help" the environment.....

Your politics are polluting the island almost as much as your advertisement vehicles are.

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"Elect BATTE, HALL, NEYLON and GUIDRY to get our Island back in the hands of it's residents"?

I think you are missing the boat on who the REAL residents are, not some short time 3-month resident and his band of mindless drones.

It is beyond comprehension to support anyone in a city who doesn't have "HISTORY" here. They want to bring the city back to what it used to be? When, 3 months ago, 1 year ago???

It seems the only people on this bandwagon are the island newbies who just want to save a buck by not hooking up's the ONLY reason they are voting, be honest....

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What name calling are you referring to? I think MarcoFacts is just stating the facts.

I have never seen Hawke1 deny or contest being a constipated old fart on ANY previous occasions.

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Whose truth Batte? Neylon's myths?

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I think Francis may have had some people fooled for a while but his latest drivel is most definitely the Neylon his coffin.

The Hall, Guidry, Batte, Neylon ship is quickly sinking off the sewage infested waters off Marco Island.

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Hawke, you are really living in lala land. I bet your wife still calls you sir and has dinner ready for you promptly at 5:00pm. Change is inevitable, growth is inevitable, maybe you are living on the wrong Island. I would suggest a one-way ticket to Micronesia for you. They have a good 15 years before any economic or evident "growth" is reached.

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Thank you for your insights Craig. Maybe if Mr. Neylon had been a resident of Marco Island for more than a year, he would know a little bit more about how the operations of the Island worked, rather than speculating using German data.

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Way to go Guidry. If that spending is any indication of your future you sure have my vote. I love spending more than I have, maybe you should run for the US Treasury department.

I hope poor Mr. Shaw isn't looking for any repay of his "loan".