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Written on Woman, 23, accuses Lee deputy trainee of using Taser on her for no reason :

If this account is true, the deputy should be behind bars not in front of them. Who hired this cuckoo clock.

Written on Guest column: Those saying 'I support the troops' should just stop, Michael Moore says:

Many good points. As a Vietnam Vet who is constantly at war with the VA over meds. I agree with most of them. Most of today's citizens don't have a clue because there is no draft and they or their families have "no skin in the game". Their attitude is let the other guy or gal do it, I'm late for my hair appt. or have to watch Honey Boo-Boo tonight. Get this straight America, I left body parts in Nam and I did not fight for you or your flag, I fought for the poor SOB in the foxhole with me and other guys in my unit.

Written on Records: HMA's admissions not out of line with nation, region's hospitals :

Take everything from "60 Miutes" with a grain of salt. I have had a personal experience with these "nabobs of negativity", they are not honest reporters, period.

Written on Gun store owners report spike in sales after Conn. killings :

Guns and nutjobs not a good combination

Written on Federal appeal court upholds $1.2 million jury award to man paralyzed in Lee jail :

Good decision. The outfit contracted, Prison Health Services is notorious for malpractice. They should have their license to practice pulled nationwide.

Written on Police: Man sexually attacks woman in hospital emergency room :

Put this low life away now.

Written on Mack has $1 million campaign chest for Senate race, lagging Nelson’s $8.5 million:

Bill Nelson is a good man and has proven it. A veteran and a statesman, and has always had his office open to the public. There is no way I vote for an absentee congressman (Mack) or any other piece of drivel that the Rethugs put up.

Written on Bonita Springs teen accused of raping boy, shooting him with BB gun :

Put this disgusting rat in juvenile jail for as long as possible.

Written on Bonita Springs lawyer spearheads class-action suit alleging Samsung phones faulty:

Gilman is correct in his assertion that we have lost rights due to the Roberts Supreme Court. When GWB appointed this numchuk he appointed a stooge for American Corporations.

Written on The new Republicans: Influx of affliation changes for Florida GOP primary :

The reason several of us switched was to vote for the biggest slimeball the Rethugs have. Hopefully the crud will rise to the top and he will get smoked by the Dems. come November. I think you're reporter needs to do a more dilligent research job.

Written on Florida insurance reform measure would close loophole on drug repackaging :

Of course repackaging is driven by greed. Remember, most of these drugs have to do with pain medication under work. comp. as you are talking about an injury.

Written on Fort Myers-Cape Coral dead last in Best Performing Cities list:

Not surprised. This is a two horse area. Construction and tourism. Construction died and with limited beach access in most areas, tourism is slipping. Maybe Lee County can give away the ranch to another bloated baseball team so we can slip further into the red.

Written on New Paddlecraft Park will attract boating enthusiasts of a gentle nature:

Good deal, Sounds like a really great facility

Written on Ex-cheerleading coach says second job at Hooters likely reason for her dismissal :

This young lady was a good coach. The school board in Lee county needs to get a life. Glover should be paying attention to the gang activity in his school before he worries about the cheerleaders.

Written on Postmark West Palm? USPS looking at closing Fort Myers post office:

This is crazy. Better management is what the USPS needs.

Written on Brent Batten: State cries foul over spilled milk :

This State Agency and it's employee,Stecklein needs to be first taken to the woodshed and then Debra "the Dunce" fired immediatly.

Written on Peltier column: ACLU, others may look to courts after legislative session:

The Republican " little boys and girls" have had their day. It is now time to take them to the woodshed as their parents should have done long ago. The courts will and should put them in their place, which in reality should be a pig sty.

Written on Naples says 'no' to requiring beachfront owners to guarantee public access:

in response to arcadiayarddog:

If private landowners built on the beach, beach erosion is their problem, not ours. If the public doesn't have access, public funds shouldn't be made available. If the beach isn't renoursihed, what do we care if their million dollar investments fall in the drink?

Good post. Not one penny of tax money should subsidize these people.

Written on Lee jail medical provider seeks new trial in inmate paralysis case:

Prison Health Serices has a reported bad record on health care for their charges. They should be banned from all Florida prisons and jails. They seem to have the incompetence of airheads at best.

Written on Fort Myers woman dies after bicycle crash with minivan:

If she was in the crosswalk when struck then the driver was at fault, period. Read the statute. The investigative authorities in Lee Coiunty leave a lot to be desired as far as training, and experience, most of them have difficulty doing a report and ignore obvious evidence at the scene. I know, as an investigator for various insurance companies for many years, I relied very little on local police reports. Prior to cutbacks at the state level, FHP did a good job, but since the cutting of the force by Jeb Bush their expertise has suffered greatly.

Written on 350 Collier County teachers rally against proposed budget cuts:

As long as Governor Ricky is here, Teachers will never get a fair shake. When you elect an uneducated nimrod this us what you get, an attack on Education.

Written on Collier high schools step up focus on students in lowest quarter of reading ability:

Why should non-English speaking students knock down the rest of the student body. They should be in a separate category until they are sufficently able to communicate in English

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