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A new team with many kids that have never played football before joining the team. The MIA team did an outstanding job. The score did not reflect how well this team played. The boys managed to hold Imagine to one touchdown a quarter, until the very end. Although it may not sound like much to the readers, it was impressive as these kids are young, and playing on a varsity team, with three juniors. The juniors stepped up and did a remarkable job, also. The juniors are playing positions they have never played, as they are required to step up. The last quarter this young team was simply out of steam. Imagine scored as many touchdowns in the last quarter as they did the entire game. Three additional. The kids do not have a weight room, no strength training and are learning as they play more experienced varsity teams. I am very proud of these kids, and I predict many wins for the remarkable coaching staff and kids that play with heart and dedication. Our child is at this school, I can not speak for the first year, but this year the school is organized and on target with excellent teachers and an outstanding principal. We are proud to support MIA. Any parent that is a hater should be a shame. Let parents and kids have real choices. This team will win many games in the future. Dedication of the students and coaches will bring success. The score was respectable and held respectable until the last quarter. As commented in post above, there were many finals with 0. MIA was on the board with one touchdown. This team is getting better every week, and stronger. It is very difficult for these kids, all of them, including the juniors.. to have the energy in the last quarter to keep the momentum. Time and work, will bring it.

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In response to bigfishkd.

A Head Shake? Is that a new term for a Head Smack? didn't realize we were Head smacking our kids for motivation. Assaults and head smacks are not motivational tools. Collier County has a zero tolerance policy to bullies that smack kids in the head and harassment

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Acceptable coaching or bullying? happened in many games at Lely High School. These are assaults in our eyes as a parent, and the athlete did nothing to provoke this bully, he was walking out on court to play, there were countless smacks, this is wrong.

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eaglepalooza. the truth is not slander, yep choose your schools wisely parents, or you might just have wished you had picked a different path. This isn't about MIA, the article states it happened at MICMS.. can you read? let me guess. you are one of those parents that graduated from "the real world"? that world has changed a bit, since you likely came from there.

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Mike helps many kids, my children were never coached by him, but hey, then again.. maybe he is getting them ready for "the real world" aka Lely High School. Where the norm these days is to slap, body slam, hit those Marco children. Mike= one time s----- mistake occurrence, Lely =happens frequently to Marco kids. Parents, get involved when you see abuse, report it and choose your school wisely!

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Good Luck Coach Stewart! may God help you fix the mess with Lely's football program. I believe you were called back to Lely, to fix a program that is in great need of an overhaul. A man with a mission, Best of luck, in your hard work to turn this program around for kids to enjoy.

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I agree with Marco Defender. I am a parent that has children at Lely High School. Lely is a good school and a great school for some students, with that said, it is a public high school. Driving over the bridge, countless times a day when parents work, and kids need rides to practice or forget items is a hardship for working parents.There are many of us that feel the public high school is too far off the Island. Having a high school on Marco, is a goal that I commend all of the supporters for following through on. It will eventually be top rated A grade, just like the Marco Charter School. If you want your kids at Lely, send them there.. but please don't trash a new high school and the many good people that are behind it. Marco does not mess up schools, they do them right, it will take many years of growing pains, but this school will be top rated, with a waiting list someday, like the Charter Middle School.

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I am so happy to see these comments. It tells me that America is awake, and we are onto the rigged game and crooked politicians that puppet for the elite. So now lets, work at unrigging the game! no more phonies! Get a true American in there with heart and soul not motivated by money, greed and control. We have a real choice this time, and it may be the last time we are truly given a free choice. But then again, even in a landslide victory. .would the game be allowed to be played fair? By the sounds of the bought controlled media, answer is never.

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I will back Ron Paul, the only real change in a group of hand picked puppets! Of course, real change will never be allowed. Go ahead and vote Romney into office, finish destroying our liberties. If you thought Obama was the worst, it is going to get much darker. No thanks, I am tired of the phonies.

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The good citizens of America get fooled by the controlled media, like this article. There is no highlighted link for Ron Paul, they keep him out of sight or spin what he says to his detriment. The general public does not research and listens to the media, and controlled talk show hosts like Hannity and Limbaugh. The results you get, are four more years of the same.. a well paid, puppet in office that does as he is told to benefit the elite and Corporations that keep the rigged game going. I wish more people would take the time to research and demand, real change! the only real person (my definition- can not be bought or influenced and thinks for himself) is Ron Paul. He is not a puppet and is for bringing back our Liberty that has been stripped in many areas. He is 100 percent for our Constitution and for America Citizens.

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Marco Island voted against City Hood so many times, NOONE wanted it, and they snuck it in the back door.. only a few fools voted for City, guess they had unlimited money to spend on City back then. The good old days were before City started all of these unnecessary expenses on Resident's backs

Written on Election 2012: Romney wins in N.H., cements front-runner position:

Marconews: Good old media reporting at it's controlled finest. Ron Paul came in 2nd, yet his name does not have a link to it, anywhere in this article? for archives. Readers can not click on his name, for previous articles with your papers? Of course EVERY candidate (except Paul) does! including Obama. Every Candidate is giving a link, highlighted in blue, except Paul. So is there no stories in your bias controlled reporting, that pertain to Ron Paul?, does he not have any previous articles? Please explain, your slight.

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Glad to see Lely improve the grade score, it looks like the scale was changed to accommodate more diversity. Public Schools are what the kids make of them, and different kids do better at different ones. The school, the child and the circumstances are not the same for each student. Not every A high School brings an A student, with this said, not every student belongs at Lely either!

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Good luck to Miller, we could see that writing on the wall Rumor has it that Loebig will take his place, not certain of what that decision would bring for Lely kids. Remember these kids are a team, it takes more than one or two players to win games, and very good coaches to say the least!

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Miller can not win a game, and he knows all. At 30, I thought the same. At Lely, you have a young group of leaders in together, that answer to no one, the new principal delegates and the A.D., is a friend of the lead coaches. Miller has had his time, and Lely has suffered enough, time to go. Clean out at the top, and start over with coaches that play for team wins. The A.D., and principal should look at the losing record, and unhappy kids in football, three years of losing, goodbye Miller.

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Lely has talent, and many football kids who are dedicated and many that were dedicated that never get utilized or properly coached. Spread the love to all the kids as coaches, not just a few stars. All the losses end up as results of poor coaching. One or two players can not win football games and Lely has many good players not being coached well. Losing every year with talent is not good but the norm here.

Written on Marco Island Utility Advisory Board: Special assessment for some or rate hikes for all?:

We are looking to move also.. and I want off the island.. why? because of the water bills!!! and we have lived here for 26 years... HOW MANY FAMILIES DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE TO FIX YOUR SPENDING GONE WILD, CITY HALL? by the way.. I was hoodwinked into voting for the water control of the City, the polished tongues of the deceptive crooks.. telling us that our water bills would be lower and the utility would be best managed by our City... yep, I fell for it! even wrote a letter to the editor in those days long ago, supporting our City Water.. What a mistake I made! The water bills are out of control and outrageous and there is no solution in sight but to spend spend spend, more on the broken backs of the residents. Goodbye Marco Island, run all your families out of here, when you have more vacant houses, foreclosures and short sales..there will be no buyers as nobody will be able to afford the water usage charges!!

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One player or two can not win a game for a team, predict more of the same losses for this sloppy team.

Written on PHOTOS: Cathy O'Clarke's Irish Pub celebrates 10 years on Marco Island:

Only place that I ever got food poisoning from.. on our celebration of anniversary. Still waiting for that gift certificate from the paid bill.. many years latter. stay away from the stuffed crab seafood dishes, if still offered. at least they are still in business.. must be doing some things right.

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@ OldMarcoMan.. maybe you were a rich white kid, but most of the Marco kids attending Lely High School are not. I applaud Mr. Fairbanks, he did the right thing, and enforced a rule. Odd how 18 kids did not understand this rule? my senior understood it just fine.. perhaps if Lely would quit bending rules for the needy, they would not have thought that they were entitled to break the rules. So when the rules were enforced CORRECTLY.. they run to the newspaper crying? This story is laughable.. maybe they will be at graduation on time? This is a great lesson, but unfortunately it is not the norm, and many usually do have rules bent and feel entitled. We live on Marco, not the Manor.. and we would never rent our children a expensive rental car like a Cadillac Esaclade to show up at prom.. nor did my kid's entire dress (shoes, jewelry, etc.) cost more than $200 bucks. My kid would show up in the many years old and dinged up car they own, or they would not be attending. The rules are the rules, and I wish they were enforced more often, so that these kids do not feel entitled with the attitude that everyone needs to cater to them. I applaud Mr. Fairbanks, he is the greatest asset of Lely High School.

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Congrats to Mike! my son knows him from football, has never been coached by him but likes him. In fact, my son is so comfortable with Mr. Vanderjagt that he has stopped by with his friends on occasion at his house, to visit with him. Mike takes the time to talk to him and all the kids. He is great for this new school, and will help make it succeed by offering a great program to the brave children that enroll. It is alway hard for new schools and it will likely be the same getting a football program off and running. I have full confidence in the group of individuals associated with the Marco Academy and this school will compete with both public and private. Marco Charter Middle is so A+ and Marco Academy High school will also be A+. Congrats and Good Luck to this new football program and Mr. Vanderjagt

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People can be so heartless and attack another human being without truly knowing the individual. Our family did have children attend the Marco Charter Middle School and know Mr. Raymond. This is a person who puts kids first and works countless hours at part time pay. For the record, Raymond's work ethic is something that most lazy Americans could never do half of. He is a marathon runner, up before sunrise, A.D. of Charter, small business owner, on boards that help the community, and gives back countless hours off the clock to this Island. Do you really know Roger Raymond? and what makes this man tick? It is work and his work ethic and helping the community he lives it! Marco could not have picked a better person for this job and this man knows how to roll up his sleeves and work! As far as the comment above, I had children in Marco Charter, so please tell me what the "Real Reason is" as you are wrong!
freedomofspeech1 writes:
Anyone that attends the middle school is quite aware of the athletic directors REAL reason for being has nothing to do with athletics....he will have the same interest at the academy....

Perhaps you are just being hateful and using ill attempts to try to halt progress, if so,it is not working.

Before you say s----- things, please check out Roger Raymond's credentials and accomplishments. Congrats to a wonderful man. I am certain that Marco will have an excellent sports program at this high school in the building years that follow.

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Awesome news.. the snakes can slither back under the rocks.

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Ocram: I did not attend the meeting, but I support both schools. My kids go to Lely. Lely will never be an A School until Lely learns that the students that they are trying to keep are not necessarily the children getting the full benefits of the school. For this school to become an A school, more concentration needs to be given to the kids in the middle and the kids at the top. The programs at this school that get added are mostly for the English second language at home students. This route will never bring the school up to anything other than C or D. The middle kids and top students need to be given additional programs not offered at other public schools to stir interest and keep the top students and funds coming in. If Lely would work more with the middle students that do not get the extra special attention, they could make a B grade. Concentrate on your middle B students and get them up to A's, along with your English challenged that you already are helping. Lely is a better school than what many portray and it is not the perfect school that the other side is portraying. It is a public school that works and does try very hard to accommodate, but with students flunking 2-3 grades and struggling,most all funding and effort goes to these needy students, fair? no, but of course part of a very liberal public school system.

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Marco Island is a City. This City includes a fire department,and a police department (very nice I might add), new roads, forced sewers (expensive)..a brand new bridge (thanks Obama), elem. school, charter middle school, fancy landscaping, fancy police cars, nice folks.. high paying City jobs.. expensive taxes, expensive water, expensive electric.. I say let the island have a high school. Work with this group, and support the younger generations that will be your island someday! There is enough money and families on this island to support a high school. Bring it! and shame, shame, shame on the school board and the high and mighty ones that are being thorns. Remember Karma is not nice!

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Freedomofspeech1: From you constant post, against Marco getting an asset that will bring up real estate values, and more families into the area, if done correctly, I am guessing that you are a Marco resident that works closely with the public school (Lely), and that you graduated from Lely and have children that attended Lely. This is NOT about Lely High School. This is about Marco Island, the community (City) over the bridge, not East Naples. Kids are cheating to get out of Lely? Why do they choose another public school instead of Lely? I am sure you are convinced that Lely is the best school in Collier County, but I find it very disturbing that families will go out of their way not to send kids to this school. There has to be valid reasons, and there are! Also the rezoning, kids and parents tried so hard to stay out of Lely, and many of these parents are cheating.. why? The truth known is that Lely is improving (a little late) but it is lacking and to think that Lely is the real world, it isn't! Lely is an okay public school, if it wasn't, my kids would not be there. Marco will have a school!! great news! and the Charter school could add on grades and accept kids at present in the nice building that is already built, and if need be the trailers will work for awhile. There is a nice open field that is not used at Charter, this field has enough room on it, to build a very nice large building. If a soccer, baseball field or something is needed that is not in the three school's area, then there is the local parks, and YMCA that are always willing to help out the local kids, and the Charter school of Marco has a very nice gym, that could also be shared. Please support the Community you live in, you can also support Lely. Lely will get better from this, and you will see, that competition is a good thing. If Lely does not survive, then it was never a school intended for all. I believe that Lely will survive stronger, and a better school for all children not just the needy that it caters to.

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I drive from Marco to Lely, two to three times a day, while working. It is time consuming, and in the season with our Winter residents, it is a long day of road trips. Marco kids that participate in clubs, activities, and sports are picked up and brought back later, and then picked up again. The school can not schedule every single activity or practice right after school, and the parents have to juggle and/or chose work loss for helping the kids. Most of us let work go, and struggle to help the kids. So unless you have kids at Lely or have a clue on what actually happens, do not comment on the time and trips to the school. Also, I should add, there are the days when the kids forget lunch boxes, gym shoes, homework, permission notes, etc, etc. Most of the kids, at some point, forget something that requires parents to spend more time, gas, car wear, tire wear, and work loss to get the forgotten items to kids. We were all kids once, and we want what is best for Marco kids. A high school on Marco will be a great asset for the future of this Island. My kids will not be at this school, but I will support it, the same as I support Lely. Choice is a good thing. As far as a small school and low attendance numbers, that will probably be true and a good thing for the beginning of a new school, but like the Marco Charter School, these numbers will increase with the years. Competition will make Lely a better high school for all students.

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My kids went to Charter, and I would be shocked to see 100 kids from off the island. I am guessing Jane's numbers are not accurate, but she is very educated on this, so perhaps I am shocked. My guess.. not facts! is that there are maybe 30 kids max, that come from off the island, if you are counting Manatee kids and Lely resort. Not Fiddlers or Isle of Capri, I would have considered them part of Marco school. So that is probably where we differ. It is just numbers.. and the school numbers at all schools change every year. 100 kids does not seem correct, but ask Jane and Ed!.. they can tell you.

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I Support Lely, and I Support the new school. I disagree, you can do both, and I will. I do not believe a new school on Marco will hurt Lely. What I believe will happen is the opposite, Lely will have to spread the wealth across the board, to all A, B, and C students.. not just the C, and D students. The school does try to help all students but the emphasis at Lely is placed with the C and D students. Not acceptable, and needs changed, and the new school will change this. Lely will survive and perhaps even become a better grade school, maybe a B? If Lely can not change, then it does not need to be a high school for all students. This is the outcome, I predict. We will have to just wait and see.

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Wear orange and black, or green! Support Both! be a good citizen and allow families to have rights just like the retired folks. Competition is a good thing, it holds us accountable and Education should always be held to the highest standards, your children should be taught at the highest levels possible.

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Ed, shut up! and go enjoy your retirement and take up a sport!

"And most of us ask why?? Marco has 375 kids in the Charter Middle School of which about 100 are from off Island. About 1/2 of those kids will attend Lely because their parents understand the need for having their kids exposed to "real" life and a social environment in these special years. Elementary and Middle school are totally different than High School.
Tell us WHY ?? Without s----- statements about a 20 minute Bus ride.
And after you tell us why, we will tell you why not !!
Ed issler "

For your information, Lely is not "Real" life. Is it a socialist society that you prefer? I bet you voted for Obama? Marco Charter is an excellent school and top notch. The few families, not 100 kids! that you spew your false numbers out about that live off the island come to Marco to have get the best education from an A school. The families that you spew false numbers about that will still attend Lely, might be correct or less or more. You have no idea, but we know you are the authority on percentages. Do you have a hat that you pull these numbers out of with your rabbit? My children are exposed to good and bad at Lely, and they will survive. But if I had my choice, they would be at a top notch A rated school, the sports would be an after thought. The 20 minute ride can be 30 minutes, I have had many days, when it takes me at the least 30 minutes, if you are in traffic, or grandma and grandpa are out for a nice drive, with the countless tourist looking and not driving the speeds. Children have been killed and lost life from driving the 951 back to Marco, Yes.. these are Marco children so they perhaps do not matter to you? Ask one of the moms who lost a child on this road and maybe you might have a change of heart.
You are correct, High school matters the most. That is why, Marco Island should have its own high school. Lely will survive and competition is a good thing. A socialist community is not.

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Lely high school is about a 20 minute drive in slow season, and can be a 30 minute drive in high season, and who knows? with our glorious (not needed) new bridge, thanks to Obama stimulus.. we might need 45 minutes to get there, with the construction of progress. I drive this route several times a day, as I do have children that attend this Lely. Lely is a good school, if parents have the time to be involved. A high school on Marco is also a great asset to a wonderful area, and although my children will not be attending there, I say let them build it and division does nothing. The diversity at Lely is not the real world, and neither is Marco Island being so small and compact. The world is what we make of it, and Marco, East Naples, and Manatee kids get along just fine and tolerate each other, and develop very nice friendships, just like we do in the real world, diversity has nothing to do with this. A ridiculous racist argument against Marco Island, that offends me as a resident here. Get over yourself, and let progress happen, just like that not needed new bridge we are getting.

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A very nice letter, and this teacher is in the know, as she also has a child that attended Charter. A Charter High School should be allowed to proceed, it will bring property values up, and provide excellent education to many students. Children from Marco say how easy Lely is after attending Marco Charter, this is not a good thing. Middle school should prepare the students for harder courses. High school should prepare all students for college, and many Lely students are struggling with the work load of college, from the easy curriculum of high school. A Marco high school would bring competition to Lely. Competition is a good thing! It gives a check and balance, Lely school needs the competition to make it a better school for the A' students, and middle students and of course the low grade students that it continuously caters to at the present. Any extra funding for this school,goes first and foremost to the lower group of student. This is not acceptable, all extra monies should be split between lower grades, middle and A students. The new school on Marco, would hold Lely accountable to the Marco students,and many other students and parents that do not accept C grades or C students. As far as parents volunteering, the majority are Marco parents and the funds do not necessarily go back to all the students. Regardless of income levels, and grade levels this school needs to help all students not just the C or D students, when Lely learns to treat all students fairly and equally then this school will have a better chance of surviving with A, and B students,not just the C,and D students that it caters to. If you cater to only C and D students, you become a C or D school.

Written on LIVE CAM: Relief for Gulf is 2 months away via two drilling operations:

Responsibility is knowing how to stop a leak, BEFORE you start drilling.. Responsible government would not have allowed or approved drilling without safety in place! environment to be destroyed

Written on VIDEO: Holiday lights a joyful disturbance on Marco :

Great job! and they deserved to win. This family has decorated for many years and it takes a lot of time, energy, and effort to get the beautiful results they have. It is a shame that the house is on such a busy road as more families would enjoy looking at the lights at a more slower pace. Perhaps the Marco City should have put a police officer at the address directing traffic around for the evening viewing hours. It would have been a nice gesture from our City. The neighbors should just smile, grin and bear it as it is only for a couple of weeks and it brings much pleasure to many kids both young and old.

Written on Guest commentary: There's more to the story of Lely High suspensions:

Having a child at Lely, and another that may go to Lely, I feel the need to comment on this. I also feel that the parent needs to realize that a lighter is used and needed only for a few things. Why would your son have a lighter? the coaches obvious knew why! The coach was correct. However, would the same discipline been given to the black student-athletes at Lely? I have seen the difference already in sports and this applies to Lely and before Lely, I think that the decision of the coaches were correct but the decisions of fairness need to be across the board and not changed because of black or white skin color! Fairness and discipline everyone the same.

Written on UPDATE: Waiting and hoping: Young dog bite victim seeks help :

We have other options for a dog park, and wonderful park on North Barfield, with a lake and walking paths.. THIS IS WHERE THE DOGS SHOULD HAVE BEEN PLACED, Our s----- council.. and the city will pay the price for putting a dog park at the local kids park.It is a great idea, (at a different location on Marco.. we have other park options) and should be changed immediately, this happening before the dog park is even open should be a wake up call. People do not have common sense, and pets do not act proper at all times, and many dogs are nervous around kids, and large crowds and the dog bites will happen again and again. Marco, please speak up and put this much needed dog park.. at the other park on North Barfield, or find another location. Your kids or grand kids could be next and it could be a more serious attack or horiffic bite scarring a kid physically and emotionally for life. Wake up Marco, this is a s----- place for a much needed Dog Park!

Written on Marco campus: Blue sky, green concepts :

Applaud this group, they are looking out for children that will someday be the future of Marco. We support this cause it is good for Marco. We also agree with Ed above, this is a good cause and it is nice to hear that others can and will help with fund raising.

Written on Guest Commentary: Facts not fiction - The buying of the water system:

I went back and read this article again, as I was a supporter of our city owning our water, it sounded like a good idea when it was sold to all of us citizens and I supported and voted for city water. I never dreamed that my water bills would go from approx $40 a month (1989) to $250 a month (2009) which is what we now average a month. I would like to say that we were never told of such increases before and I truly believed that rates would have stayed reasonable with city owned water. Ed Foster says the above well. We do all need to get along on this island so maybe it is time to find a new paradise. Issler I agree with you on some issues, but the water bills & rates on Marco and Arceri, we disagree on.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Just the facts:

Let's all try to get along. We all have different opinions and maybe it is time to just move on to another area. Yes, leave Marco. Many families every day are leaving, as it is getting very difficult to afford our paradise. I hate to say it is time to perhaps throw in the towel but I see no end to the spending and unfairness. Our family will not be able to keep affording to live on paradise at the increasing rate of tax and fees each year.

Written on Guest Commentary: Facts not fiction - The buying of the water system:

Well John Arceri and Ed Issler are not the majority.. but they would both like to pat egos and play slap a-- with each other, and believe that everyone on this Island are idiots, except only their chosen few. I agree with Shadow..Shut Up John, and Please Shut Up Ed!
You are ruining our island with your ego and money spending crew.. get a canoe and find another island. TODAY!

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well said, I haven't followed Dr. Guidry. I do recall a couple of problems with council, parking, etc. but I have not followed enough the facts. Perhaps the blogs above have looked into his past, and the comments are just and fair. Facts and actions speak loud, good or bad.

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please.. people.. what is wrong with you? this is a nice gesture and perhaps you are judging someone and not correct. I for one would take my kids there until I had all the proven facts. It is too bad that I already paid over $100 each for two physicals for two kids on our wonderful Island by another local doctor. Nice gesture. If this man did beat his wife (if correct) yes, I agree, he has serious issues. Is he trying to make up for being a wife beater by offering free physicals- perhaps he is trying to help the community, I do not know this doctor but I hate the way this Island just decides to beat up everyone they don't like.. be the better persons! please!

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Our city can and does take all land that they want and for whatever s----- reasons they can come up with. What road is next? Council what are we closing next, and how much more money are we spending to tie up more traffic? locals will have no roads around the traffic mess, soon. Little Government acts and spends like big government. Bad idea and s----- council!

Written on Jolley Bridge in line for $28 million in federal stimulus money:

$28 million dollar project.. this will not be enough for the new bridge.. watch Marco Island residents very carefuly this project.. will be another item that will eventually come out of your pockets.. NOTHING is free.. and this will not be. Marco City is in business to make money while managing and keeping our City beautiful.. we live on a very expensive Mark-up Island.. watch the results many years from now.

Written on Video Update: Marco Island charter high school planned for 2011:

Do not listen to the negative.. think positive and get that high school for Marco Island!.. it can be done.. there are a lot of smart individuals on this island. I am glad to see this happening, my children will not benefit, but many other children will benefit from the caring individuals that live here.

Written on City Council weighs in on structure of city government :

Put a Mayor on Marco. This is a wonderful step in the correct.. right direction.. and should be done.. Lets get a Mayor! Marco speak up.

Written on Eagle i: Researchers working for Marco charter high school share plan, opposition issues:

Ed. I usually do not agree with you.. but you are probably right on this.. there will be little or no support from Collier County Schools.. so hopeful all the smart people on this island can get this going... a wonderful addition (and needed)

Written on Bill Green: Tract K, a high school and Lely :

faithfultrojanette- You are critical of eveyone's spelling of simple words.. yet you seem to not be able to control your fingers with the send button... This teacher is a problem and there are many more of these teachers at Lely... that is the results of the D grade..Lely is not acceptable.. as the teachers are the REASON the school is failing and getting a D grade.. Wake Up!

Written on Bill Green: Tract K, a high school and Lely :

The D rating at this school is the responsibility of the teachers. If a child is allowed to attend a high school, the child needs to be able to pass the FCAT test given each year! If the teachers can not teach the child to pass, then the teachers are not execeptional and are not up to standards required for teaching our children at Lely. The teacher mentioned above.. told another parent that he did not believe in Lely, and that kids do not learn anything and that his kids would not ever go there.... now does that make you want to send your kids to Lely... and what do they get out of his class...funny stories & family guy, my child did not learn anything from this teacher.. and there are many other teachers at Lely that are causing the D grade! The teachers give up on the students that require more assistance and strict discipline. My child is in honors and gets A grades or would not be at Lely...this is the truth.. this school is a D because on inadequate teachers and teachers that really simply don't care about these students. Freedom of Speach: Lely is a D school, Marco Middle is an A school... the fcat score says it all.. wake up Marco