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Written on Comedy is in his blood: Pauly Shore has grown up a lot since his Weasel days:

in response to RayPray:

"Comedy is in my system. I can’t get it out.”

Sadly...true...You can't get the comedy out....

Good luck audience....

RayPray - I usually don't get involved but I read your comments all the time and they really are starting to get old. If you don't have anything positive to say then keep your mouth shut...simple concept (well, maybe not for you).

Written on Marriott’s Marco Island Beach Resort helps in Lighting the Way:

If you would like to make a doncation... please follow the link!

Written on Fishermen find human remains near Goodland:

Shadow, nice comment.. sounds like you were brought up in a much higher society than goodland!

Written on VIDEO: Jewelry thief caught on tape at Marco Marriott :

typical Old Marco Man... trying to find something else for free at anothers expense.

Written on Half of Marco home at risk of being demolished because it violates city code:

whats another million?.. They paid cash!

Written on Beer may be on tap for Marco Racquet Center:

what's the average age on Marco Island??? I'm sure minors would love to hang out at the racquet center and drink (great comment hourigan82247).. maybe you should pick up a racquet membership so you have something better to do!!

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