Attention Swifties: Ahead of 'Midnights' drop, here's every Taylor Swift lyric with that word

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Taylor Swift's new album "Midnights" comes out tonight at, well, midnight. The word "midnight" has previously appeared in five of her song lyrics across previous albums — take a look at how she's used it, from "Red" to "evermore."

In "22", from "Red," Swift sings, "It feels like like a perfect night for breakfast at midnight." In "Style", from "1989," "midnight" references when her beau comes to pick her up with no headlights, and it's used in "You Are in Love" to describe having coffee at the same late hour. In "folklore" and "evermore," it's used in both "the last great american dynasty" and "happiness".

She also uses the plural form in "New Year's Day", from reputation:

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Midnights: Explore repetition in songs with the lyric

Swift often repeats lyrics within her songs, but "midnight" is not frequently used in choruses or repeated verses. Two exceptions are "New Year's Day" and "happiness": Tap or hover over the arches to see where the lyrics repeat.

Midnights track titles: Explore more lyrics based on the names

Many of the track names Swift has revealed for "Midnights" don't contain words that reference multiple previous songs, but some do. Inspired by "Snow On The Beach", "Midnight Rain", and "Question...?", explore more lyrics Swift has sung before:

When is Taylor Swift releasing 'Midnights'? 

"Midnights" will be released tonight, Oct. 21, at midnight U.S. Eastern time. Visit Swift's website to buy copies on vinyl or CD in advance.

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