We visualized the lyrics of 'Midnights.' See Taylor Swift's new album in charts.

Swift released "Midnights" on Friday. Dive in to a visual exploration of her latest lyrics.

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Taylor Swift, a mastermind of musical narratives, has spun together yet another new labyrinth of stories to explore in her new album "Midnights." Have a question about what those lyrics might look like if they were visualized? You're no longer on your own, kid. Here's a visual exploration of repetition within all of Swift's newly released songs, from "Lavender Haze" to "Anti-Hero" to "Karma."

Visualizing 'Midnights' lyrical repetition

Each square along the bottom of the chart represents a line from a song — and arches connect the lines wherever they're repeated. Tap or hover over the arches to see more.

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