Mar 21/Apr 20

Aries, you will likely experience a week of thoughtfulness and reflection. It can be a very "zen" experience for you, as you're not typically used to slowing down.


Apr 21/May 21

Taurus, keep your cool in the week ahead, which might be more tumultuous than you're accustomed to. Don't take things personally, and rest assured things will blow over soon.


May 22/Jun 21

Old stories from your past may resurface, Gemini. These could be humorous, so approach them with a positive attitude and enjoy the fun-filled trip down Memory Lane.


Jun 22/Jul 22

Cancer, this week you may feel as if your energy doesn't go as far as it once did. Speak up if you find yourself battling exhaustion. Others can help.


Jul 23/Aug 23

Leo, others see you as witty and a good storyteller, so you might be called on to make a speech or emcee an important event. Make it your own.


Aug 24/Sept 22

Virgo, you may have to play the role of peacekeeper this week when bickering between others gets out of hand. Step in and negotiate a truce.


Sept 23/Oct 23

Libra, be your own person, even when someone else tries to guide you into his or her line of thinking. Don't fall for any subterfuge or get carried away.


Oct 24/Nov 22

Cooperation instead of competition may be the way to get ahead this week, Scorpio. Take a look at what others are doing and see if you can combine your efforts.


Nov 23/Dec 21

Sagittarius, meeting new people is often exciting and you could have the opportunity for new introductions this week. Just remember that first impressions last.


Dec 22/Jan 20

Simple pleasures will offer you the greatest rewards over the next few days, Capricorn. You don't require a lot of fanfare or extravagance. Relish in creature comforts.


Jan 21/Feb 18

Aquarius, you are becoming more attuned with how others may be able to help you advance your career. Don't hesitate to seek advice. The time for change could be upon you.


Feb 19/Mar 20

Pisces, make an effort to communicate more with those around you. Life can feel isolated without a good foundation of friends.

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