Horoscopes, Dec. 26-Jan. 1

Marco Eagle


Mar 21/Apr 20

You may be operating on some false information, Aries. It's better to get the facts before going forward in the coming days. You may end up changing directions midweek.


Apr 21/May 21

Taurus, if you are feeling upset because someone is getting more attention than you, you may need to focus your thoughts elsewhere. Think of what makes you special.


May 22/Jun 21

Your emotions may be all over the map in the coming days, Gemini. The secret is to surround yourself with people who will guide you in the right direction.


Jun 22/Jul 22

Cancer, there is a time for joking around and a time for being serious. This week you may have to lean toward the latter. Others may not share your joviality right now.


Jul 23/Aug 23

Running yourself ragged, especially early in the week, will cause all of your energy stores to fizzle out, Leo. You need to learn to pace yourself better for the long haul.


Aug 24/Sept 22

You are always one to lend a helping hand, Virgo. But now you may need to call in some favors of your own. Don't be afraid to ask for help this week.


Sept 23/Oct 23

Libra, think financial decisions through before acting. Patience is a friend when making important financial decisions, and it's time to take such matters more seriously.


Oct 24/Nov 22

Scorpio, try something outside of your wheelhouse in the coming days. You have a knack for teaching yourself new skills, and you are a fast learner.


Nov 23/Dec 21

Sagittarius, you might be seeking answers in the wrong places. Refine your parameters and look in a new direction, especially if a resolution is taking awhile.


Dec 22/Jan 20

Capricorn, if family life is taking over and tiring you out, shift your gears in another direction. You need to recharge and let your other interests take over for awhile.


Jan 21/Feb 18

Aquarius, words shared at work may have you worried you've burned some bridges. It's not the case. Others still look to you for help and guidance and value your input.


Feb 19/Mar 20

It's common to make life assessments throughout the year, Pisces. Jot down some easy changes you can make for the future.