Horoscopes, March 20-26

Marco Eagle


Mar 21/Apr 20

Today's horoscope

A few bumps along the way cannot derail you when you're motivated, Aries. Just keep chugging forward and you can plow through any obstacles that spring up.


Apr 21/May 21

Find a way to work a vacation into your schedule, Taurus. You can probably use a respite from the daily grind, and a change of scenery is just what the doctor ordered.


May 22/Jun 21

Gemini, if you slow down and listen to others, you may learn something new about yourself. Sometimes you have to view yourself through another's eyes.


Jun 22/Jul 22

You may have to trust a friend to handle something you'd much prefer to handle yourself, Cancer. Trust that this friend will do a good job and express your gratitude.


Jul 23/Aug 23

Open your eyes to the bigger picture, Leo. Only focusing on the smallest details will prevent you from seeing the grand scheme of things.


Aug 24/Sept 22

Virgo, an unexpected situation will momentarily take you off guard. Take a step back and reassess the situation. Some careful reflection will help you find a solution.


Sept 23/Oct 23

Libra, when someone calls on you for advice, offer it without reading too much into why it's needed. You are there to lend support and a different viewpoint.


Oct 24/Nov 22

Take inventory of your weaknesses, Scorpio. By recognizing your shortcomings, you can become a stronger person and both your personal and professional lives will benefit.


Nov 23/Dec 21

You cannot always remain under the radar, Sagittarius. Sometimes your actions will be out in full view, and you need to accept any praise and criticism as it comes.


Dec 22/Jan 20

It's time to prepare for an adventure of sorts, Capricorn. The excitement may be mounting this week as you get all of the details in order. Start packing for travel.


Jan 21/Feb 18

Lend support to a spouse or romantic interest because he or she will need it this week, Aquarius. You can't fix all problems, but you can show your support.


Feb 19/Mar 20

There's little time to waste this week, Pisces. Be sure you have all of your details set and ready to go. Efficiency is key.