Review: Joey’s delivers on those rainy days

Will Watts

If you’ve been reading my work, thank you. This piece will be a slight departure, if I may.

My latest assignment was Joey’s, aka Joey’s Pizza and Pasta. Up until now, all of my reviews have been dine-in experiences; but it was an on again, off again, mostly on again rainy day and it was a Sunday, which got me to thinking, delivery.

Doreen’s salad from Joey’s Pizza and Pasta.

I know what you’re thinking, first, this guy gets paid to eat; and now: and he doesn’t even have to leave his house. That’s fair.

To further shake things up, I didn’t pick a traditional pizza; nor did I choose wings or s side salad; I thought outside of the pizza box, ordering a buffalo chicken thin crust and a full Doreen’s salad.

The salad features thick sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, roasted red peppers, greens, blackened chicken and is served with a balsamic dressing.

This salad is as amazing as it sounds and could very well be the best salad on the menu, as I haven’t had them all. Heck, it might just be the best thing on the menu.
It’s more than a salad, it’s a meal; especially when you realize it comes with a couple of those heavenly Joey’s garlic knots.

The buffalo chicken pizza from Joey’s Pizza and Pasta.

I bought this salad to share – instead of choosing two side salads. Not realizing there’d be two garlic knots, I was prepared to fight with my dining companion. Under no circumstances should you ever leave this restaurant with an odd number of knots when there are two of you, cutting will be involved. Either the knots or the people.

I selected the large, thin crust; and the mild buffalo. And it had plenty of kick still. If the salad hadn’t been so full of chicken, I might have longed for more on the pizza; instead I just enjoyed the generous amounts of cheese. I only have one suggestion for this dish, add some blue cheese crumbles into the mix and take this amazing pizza into outer space.

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If you go

Joey’s Pizza and Pasta
257 North Collier Blvd.
Marco Island