Review: Thai Thai Sushi Bowl welcome addition to South Naples

Will Watts

Once upon a time, getting the right Thai, Japanese, sushi could mean a long ride in the car. We recently told you about Thai Sushi by KJ on Collier Boulevard, Marco Island. Now, there’s also Thai Thai Sushi Bowl, located in the Naples Outlet mall, with their own somewhat unique spin on the classics.

The calamari aappetizer t Thai Thai Sushi Bowl.

From the appetizers menu, my dining companion and I chose the Thai calamari, described as crispy deep-fried calamari rings.

Served with a delicious plum sauce, the dish arrived looking like small tempura onion rings. This was a good start.

We also ordered an avocado roll from the sushi roll. And yes, that deserves an explanation. I had yet to find anyone who has eaten here before, as it’s newly opened, and I will not try raw fish without first having ...

  • A great recommendation.
  • A previous satisfactory dining experience at the location.

The avocado was like butter. Everything about this simple roll screams amazing. I immediately wished I had my own.

Thai Thai Sushi Bowl’s avocado roll.

For my entree, I chose the Thai basil from the huge menu -- all the curry and fried rice dishes were begging me for attention; I will have to return soon.

With sautéed basil leaves, bell peppers and scallion in a spicy chili garlic sauce -- and served with either more veggies, tofu, chicken, pork beef, seafood or a combination (I choose chicken) -- this dish is light and wonderfully fragrant.

I must admit I have had better; but only because it was different. There’s a version of this dish at my favorite Thai restaurant that features mushrooms and bamboo shoots.

My partner in dine chose a dish from “curry land” that I had never heard of before, jungle curry. The dish features baby corn, bamboo shoots, bell pepper (or bell paper if you are to take the menu at its word), finger root, green beans, mushroom and jungle curry paste.

Thai basil entrée at Thai Thai Sushi Bowl.
The jungle curry entrée at Thai Thai Sushi Bowl.

Unlike most curry dishes I’ve seen, this one did not use coconut milk; and instead resembled a pho. It received high marks as a spicy delight.

This new restaurant is a welcome addition to South Naples. Just one minor warning, the restrooms, while nice, are accessed from the outside, so bring an umbrella in this unpredictably predictable rainy season.

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If you go

Thai Thai Sushi Bowl
6060 Collier Boulevard, #23
Naples Outlet Center