Review: Snook Inn has me hooked

Will Watts
The Caribbean fish tacos at Snook Inn.

There’s not too many places where you can maneuver your boat right up to the restaurant, offboard and chow down. The Snook Inn on Marco Island just so happens to be one of the places where you can; and so many do. So, so many.

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We started this food journey with some Florida Gulf shrimp, buffalo style, served with blue cheese dressing, as the appetizer. There’s only six shrimps, which is disappointing, because they’re so darn good. More mild than wild, but with some kick. Nothing a sweet tea can’t wash away.

The Snook's grouper fingers and fries. Who knew grouper even had fingers (lol!).

For the main event, I had the Caribbean fish tacos. Fresh blackened mahi-mahi served on soft blended corn/flour tortillas. It’s served with remoulade slaw, shredded cheese and pico de gallo, all on the side.

You can choose rice and beans, fries or fruit as your side. I stayed in theme, choosing the former.

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The mahi, mahi tasted amazing. I was disappointed there were only two tacos – I expected three – for some reason tacos always seem to happen in threes (like celebrity deaths). But there was more meat in the two than you get at many places in three. I would have likely made four or five tacos, if only I had asked for more tortillas.

Florida Gulf shrimp, buffalo style, served with blue cheese dressing; an appetizer at Snook Inn.

I liked that the toppings came on the side. It allowed me to test the pico before use – it only takes one semi-bad tomato to ruin the whole batch for my somewhat delicate taste buds. 

I added the pico and the slaw but stopped short of adding the shredded yellow cheese. A personal choice.

The rice and beans were better eaten together than they were apart.

Some offerings from the salad bar.

My friend-in-dine ordered the grouper fingers with fries. I’m always slightly appalled, yet a little bit jealous, when deep fried food shows up at the table.

His only complaint was the small amount of tartar sauce that arrived with the meal; a problem we quickly remedied.

Both meals came with a trip to the Snook’s salad bar that was quite busy this sunny Sunday afternoon. In addition to the traditional fixins,’ you’ll also find cole slaw, potato salad, a variety of noodle salads, fresh bread (you slice yourself) and a giant pickle barrel.

The service left a bit to be desired, but the view more than made up for it. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might see a frolicking dolphin or two. The view is great at most of the seats, whether you are dining inside or out.

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If you go

Snook Inn

1215 Bald Eagle Drive

Marco Island