‘Watts for Dinner’: Lely Skillets lives up to established brand

Will Watts

I love breakfast at any time of the day. And on this day, I had it for lunch.

Visiting Skillets at the Stock Plaza in Lely, I went straight for the good stuff: two eggs scrambled with cheese, an order of bacon and two wheat cakes.

When it comes to scrambled eggs, they only come three ways: over cooked, under cooked or just right. When you add cheese to the mix, it narrows it to two options: overcooked or just right – as it’s hard to tell the under-cooked egg from the cheese. These eggs looked just right and had an amazing taste; just what you’d hope for.

Two eggs, scrambles with cheese, bacon and wheat cakes from Skillets, Lely.

But the bacon stole the show. You see, I don’t like it crunchy crisp. I also don’t like it squealing – fatty and under cooked. Amazingly, the bacon was also just right. Both slices! An amazing achievement. It was lean, large and evenly cooked; well done, but still nice and soft. Skillets: I heart your bacon.

Waffles are great! Pancakes are amazing. But wheat cakes, oh my! They not only sound healthier, but the added flavor is a tremendous benefit. Just like an omelet, you can add ingredients: the most popular being the combination of bananas and pecans.

I regret not choosing those two additions. Instead, I went with blueberries and almonds. Don’t get me wrong, the blueberries were incredible and added a whole new level. The almonds were a texture issue for me, unavoidable by the chefs and acceptable to most. For me, they just interrupted an otherwise perfect dish.      

Two eggs, scrambled with cheese, sausage, bacons and pecan-encrusted French toast.

My partner in dine had the pecan encrusted French toast, two scramble eggs, and sausage and bacon. He prefers sausage patties, but links are acceptable. We’ve covered the eggs and bacon already, so on to the French toast. It was a thing of beauty to behold and a massive amount of food that he was unable to finish.

Skillets has many locations throughout Collier County. Below is the contact information for the one we visited.

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If you go

  • Skillets
  • Stock Plaza, 7711 Collier Boulevard, Naples
  • www.skilletsrestaurants.com (for other locations)