The next stop on this dining train is Pelican Bend on Isles of Capri. In the back you’ve got tables, two bars and a marina. It’s a great place to watch the sunset while you wait on your table. And you will wait … this place is popular.

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As we made our way to the table, I casually noticed what appeared to be cake on many tables. Oh, but it wasn’t cake. More on that in a moment.   

For our main course we decided to pick from the lightly fried combinations – featuring shrimp, fish fingers, scallops, oysters, frog legs and clams. Here’s on it works. You get a choice of two for $18.99, three for $19.99, four for $23.99 or five for $27.99.

We did the pick five, choosing all but the frog legs. Actually, when asked which five of the six items we wanted, I said to the waitress, “guess which one we don’t want?” She got it right.    

This particular platter also comes with your choice of two sides – we picked fries and mixed veggies; and your choice of coleslaw or salad wedge, with your choice of dressing – creamy garlic, blue cheese, thousand islands, French or Italian. We picked the wedge with the house creamy garlic.

When it arrived, I realized what all those “cakes” I saw where when walking in – the wedge covered in the creamy garlic.

This simple wedge was a tasty treat; and it all rested on that wonderful garlic dressing.

The platter provided a nice, sharable variety for dinner and was more than enough for two.

The surroundings are homey and harken back to a simpler time.

In the mood for fish, fried fish or fried anything, head over to the Bend.

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If you go

Pelican Bend

  • 219 Capri Blvd., Isles of Capri
  • 239-394-3452
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