Celebrity Birthdays, March 26-April 1

Marco Eagle


Diana Ross, singer (75)


Jessie J, singer (31)


Lady Gaga, singer (33)

Women have always played an integral role in film, television, and popular music, contributing to the development of each. Actresses such as Audrey Hepburn and musicians such as Billie Holiday are among our nation's most cherished cultural icons.     The influence of women in the entertainment industry as both performers and those involved behind the scenes -- as writers, producers, directors, and more -- is perhaps greater now than ever before. And as those within the industry continue to push for greater representation of women in high-profile roles, this clout is sure to continue to grow.     24/7 Wall St. has identified 50 of the most powerful women in entertainment. These women represent the most successful and most prominent in popular culture.     The entertainment industry covers multiple creative mediums, including TV, film, and music. All of these fields are built on huge corporate structures that employ women at every level. The most powerful women can be executives or talent. Many are distinguished producers who have built their careers by helping to bring some of cinema’s biggest movies to fruition. As a result, while some of the industry’s top women are household names --  such as the much-admired Lady Gaga  -- others are less recognizable.     The problem of sexual misconduct in entertainment, and how it relates to women, has been a matter of great discussion over the past year due to the advancement of social movements such as #MeToo and organizations including Time’s Up. While sexual discrimination, harassment, and abuse happens everywhere, it receives special coverage in the entertainment industry as it tends to involve the rich and the famous. Major scandals, such as the the  abuses allegedly committed by disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein , have been covered extensively by the news media. Many of the women included on the list have made visible efforts to support -- and even spearhead -- movements against sexual misconduct.

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Elle Macpherson, model (55)


Chris Sale, athlete (30)


Christopher Walken, actor (76)


Randy Orton, wrestler (39)

Guess who?

I am a pop singer born in New York on March 27, 1970. I worked a series of waitressing jobs that didn't pan out before I got my big break in music. I became one of the top recording artists in the mid-1990s due in part to my five-octave vocal range.

Answer: Mariah Carey