Social Scene: Woman’s Club summer luncheon



The Marco Island Woman’s Club enjoyed a summer luncheon on August 7. It was held at La Tavola with Pam Spering as host. All in attendance enjoyed delicious food and camaraderie.

From left: Lenore Yale, Lael Kilpatrick, Erna Lovely and Sonya Benson
From left: Susan Ediss, Aren Alter, Priscilla Penn, Vini Just, Alicia Purple and Evelyn Case
From left: Dorothy Barzin, Jill Dizio, Marie Senechal, Jean King, Cristina Leske and Joyce Frame.
From left: Penny Weidner, Peggy Potter, Susie Berenzweig and Lorraine Rodgers
From left: Leesa Carls, Caitlin Robinson and the luncheon's hostess Pam Spering .