Book titles inspire September art exhibition at Center for the Arts

Grizzly from Yellowstone by Joe Parisi.
Lone gondola by Dale and Gail Horn.

Marco Island Center for the Arts is inviting the public to view the main gallery exhibition “Tall Tale Title – Art Inspired by Book Titles.” This call to artist mixed media show in the Lauritzen Gallery encourages artists to create artwork based on book titles.

Artists can find inspiration in fiction books from action and adventure, to magical fantasy, mystery with its sleuths, time traveling science fiction and even short stories by well-known authors like the fascinating Truman Capote.  A few may create art that playfully incorporates popular self-help books or even a noble speech. Expect the unexpected in September at the Art Center. Bring your favorite book lover. Invite a librarian. Come and enjoy the show.

"Awaiting On You All" by Rob Eder.

The exhibition can be seen from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, from Sept. 3-24. The opening reception called “Second Tuesday” is from 5:30 until 7 p.m., Sept. 10. No reservations are required.  There is a suggested $10 donation for non-members.

The exhibition is being judged by Susie Hilton. She was employed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and is a popular docent at Artis-Naples.

In the Rush Gallery, husband and wife photographers Dale and Gail Horn will be exhibiting their popular destination travel photographs. Their images are printed on aluminum giving the work clarity, vibrancy, sharpness and durability.

Rob Eder, the Arts & Humanities Instructor from Marco Island Academy, is stepping out of the classroom to exhibit his most recent art works in the La Petite Galerie. He has called the manipulated digital images of scarves and flowers from his garden “pictures.”  His work is printed with archival quality inks on Plexiglas, canvas, paper and aluminum. Rob Eder said the images represent the flow of “chi” and growth.

All the artwork is for sale in the galleries, unless otherwise noted.

Information: marcoislandart.org.