‘Watts for Dinner’: Hoot’s builds a better breakfast

Will Watts
The andouille scramble from Hoot's.

Real food for breakfast is a rare treat for me. I usually just have a bar, shake or cereal. So, when the occasional rolls around to have a real breakfast, I’m all in.

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One of my favorite breakfast spots is Hoot’s, located on Marco Island and in South Naples. Typically, I’ll be craving some bacon or sausage, but for the first time in years, I ordered steak and eggs ($11.95, one of the most expensive items on the breakfast menu; ooh la la!).

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In addition to a hearty slab of steak, you get two eggs cooked any way you like (I picked scrambled) and you can add any cheese (I chose jack), toast (wheat) and hash browns, home fries or grits (I asked for hash browns, but I wish I had picked home fries, once I saw them pass to another table).

Steak and eggs from Hoot's.

The steak was juicy, meaty, with very little fat and cooked to perfection. And the two eggs used for my plate must have been jumbo, because I had a huge pile of jack-covered scrambled eggs. Anyone familiar with Hoot’s knows they have a unique bread they use for toast; I haven’t found it anywhere else. Is it like the best ever? No, but the uniqueness in and of itself has me looking forward to it.

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My partner in dine had the andouille scramble ($8.95), eggs scrambled with andouille sausage, green peppers, tomatoes and cheese. It’s served with red beans and rice. You also get a side of sour cream and salsa. This fun departure from the traditional routine tastes as amazing as it looks. This is without a doubt his favorite breakfast dish at Hoot’s, giving it a solid two thumbs up.

Previously I visited Hoot’s on Sept. 14, 2018. During that visit I ordered from the Mediterranean omelet from the specials board. It was filled with spinach and feta and covered in Hollandaise sauce. It came with a side of hash browns and I added an order of bacon.

The Mediterranean omelet at Hoot's.

Two bites in and I regretted ordering the bacon – which was a reaction to ordering a meatless omelet. This dish is large and satisfying all by itself and requires no add-ons. That doesn’t mean I didn’t eat some bacon. I’m not made of stone you know.

The feta was powerful and plentiful; the eggs light and fluffy. I wish I had held on the sauce. It was tasty, but unnecessary and distracting.

The potatoes were solid, just what you’d expect – no surprises there.

The bacon was a bit harder to explain. There were five slices. One was fatty and undercooked; and several were crispy and slightly overcooked. Something for everyone, I suppose.

When it comes to breakfast, you can't go wrong by visiting Hoot’s.

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