Food Finds: The sweetest place on Marco Island

Will Watts

The sweetest place on Marco Island; that’s saying a lot. But I believe I’ve found it. As the name so rightfully indicates, Sweet Annie's of Marco has something delicious in store.

To the left is an old-fashioned ice cream shop; and to the right is tables, knick-knacks of all variety from TY Beanie Babies, tees and a variety of specialty colas.

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First things first: the ice cream. Before pondering over the many selections, you’ll first need to pick a cone or bowl. There are waffle cones, sugar cones, cake cones and even gluten-free cake cones. Something for everyone.    

Next, you’ll need to pick from one or more of the 47 flavors.

I selected a scoop of the non-dairy coffee almond fudge, for the health conscious person I’d like to be, and a scoop of “Twixie” (with bits of Twix bar inside) for the “real” me. And those scoops resided in a waffle cone bowl.      

My friend had a scoop of the “Daiquiri Ice” and a scoop of the toasted coconut, also in a waffle cone.

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What can I tell you about the ice cream? Firstly, it has a homemade quality to it. It’s dense, like a quality ice cream should be; not whipped up and airy.

Due to the rich flavor, you shouldn’t be able to tell the non-dairy coffee almond fudge from the regular coffee almond fudge. It’s that good. The Twixie is just as it sounds, a candy-coated good time. Well, ok, maybe not coated. But it sounds better than a candy-bar-crumbled-into-a-million-bits good time.

The “Daiquiri Ice” was blue. Not my cup of tea, or ice cream; but my friend liked it. The toasted coconut on the other hand was simply stellar.

We also walked away with two pre-prepared pints of ice cream from a freezer at the front door. Wait, that sounds like we stole it. We did not. I took home a pint of French vanilla and a pint of butter pecan. Same quality ice cream; but the containers could use an upgrade.

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From the assorted fudge collection, I also grabbed a French vanilla fudge bar from the Blue Moose Sweet Shoppe.

Whether you’re looking for a novelty gift, to make a child’s eyes shine or just a good old-fashioned night out at the ice cream parlor, Sweet Annie’s will take you back in time to relive those days of yore.

And a hat tip to the service. Top notch!           

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If you go

Sweet Annie's of Marco

  • Located in Island Plaza, 692 Bald Eagle Dr., Marco Island
  • 239-642-7180