Blog, book doggie to make appearance

‘Lina Unleased’ subject, author appear Feb. 20 at Sunshine Booksellers

Robin Kelleher and five-year-old Toy Australian shepherd Lina.

Lina is at it again. The Australian Shepherd has a follow up to her award-winning book, “Lina Unleashed,” with more tails about life with a difficult momma in her recently released “Sit Stay Pray.”

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It seems her topsy-turvy life has only gotten crazier. Like the time “momma” set the house on fire by mistake (presumably) and the time Lina almost got arrested by Animal Control during a photo shoot momma arranged in Naples.

At one point, Lina decides she has had enough and puts herself up for sale.

With no takers, Lina is still “living the dream” with momma, and woofs that every day above ground is a cause for celebration. She invites you to sit for her story. Stay and enjoy. And pray for the little Australian Shepherd. 

“Sit Stay Pray” features five-year-old Toy Australian Shepherd Lina.

And remember, not only will you be treating yourself to a laugh-out-loud funny book with “Sit Stay Pray,” you will also be donating to two great causes. Proceeds will go to the Humane Society which cares for over 23,000 animals per year, and Helping Paws of Minnesota which breeds, trains and places assistance dogs to help the disabled, and veterans and first responders with PTSD.

Lina is a five-year-old Toy Australian Shepherd who hails from Florida. She is a keen observer of human behavior, and the pseudo author of the popular blog, Lina and her co-author and momma, Robin Kelleher, received a 2017 Foreword INDIES book of the year award for their debut book, “Lina Unleashed.”

Lina enjoys chasing her big orange ball, chewing on a bully stick, performing tricks (for treats), and playing with her furry friends. She does not enjoy being in any lake, stream, ocean, or even the rain.

Robin Kelleher is a retired labor and employment law attorney, real estate agent and music teacher.  She enjoys golf, travel, reading, writing, and all things water.

Lina and momma divide their time between Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and Marco Island, one of the Ten Thousand Islands of Florida. What are the chances?

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