What's in the stars for you? Horoscopes, March 10-16

Marco Eagle


Feb 19/Mar 20

Your brain is currently wired to make top-notch business deals, Pisces. Put all other plans on hold for the time being.

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Mar 21/Apr 20

This week should begin with seemingly little activity, Aries. But like an iceberg, much is hidden beneath the surface ready to be exposed when the time comes.


Apr 21/May 21

Taurus, there is no need to take everything on this week, Taurus. Focus on small details to keep yourself occupied and engaged for some time to come.


May 22/Jun 21

Gemini, you have unique goals and ambitions. Do not let others' preconceived notions get in your way. Stay the course and reap the rewards of your hard work.


Jun 22/Jul 22

Think long and hard about what you have to say before you start sharing your opinions, Cancer. It is hard to retract statements, so choose your comments wisely.


Jul 23/Aug 23

Move outside of your comfort zone this week, Leo. Doing so can be especially valuable as you embark on a new path that you believe will help you in the future.


Aug 24/Sept 22

Virgo, skip any shortcuts this week, however tempting they may be, because they'll only cost you more time in the long run. Invest the time up front and you'll be rewarded.


Sept 23/Oct 23

Libra, some time off in the days ahead provides a great opportunity for some relaxation and reflection. Make the most of this free time and form a plan for the future.


Oct 24/Nov 22

Scorpio, your social schedule has been busy of late, and the roller coaster ride does not figure to end anytime soon. Take some time for yourself to get away for a few days.


Nov 23/Dec 21

Sagittarius, an influential person may come into your life this week and make some big changes to your perceptions about the future. It may be an exciting time.


Dec 22/Jan 20

Some powerful people have taken notice of your efforts, Capricorn. Your hard work may be paying dividends before you know it. Expect to see more of these people soon.


Jan 21/Feb 18

Aquarius, it is alright to share your latest successes with close friends or family and perhaps shout it to an even wider audience. You are modest about much of what you do.

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