3 To Do: From your home

The just-released AirPods Pro are already on sale.

1. Get lost in a new podcast or audio book

Completed Netflix already? Struggling to concentrate on a book?

Audio books and/or podcasts might be the answer. You’ll be immediately transported from your poky house or condo to somewhere you might consider more interesting.

Tune into anything and everything from uplifting tales of human connection on ‘Modern Love’ to 25 years’ worth of the inspirational ‘This American Life.’

2. Support your favorite local restaurant (without leaving the house)

Doing your part to support restaurants by ordering takeout? Want to do more?

Got cash to spare? Now is a good time to ‘invest’ in your favorite restaurants and stock up on gift vouchers from them.

It helps them earn some cash in a difficult time, and you’ll be able to use the vouchers once this blows over – think of it like an IOU. 

See this issue for a list of restaurants offering takeout and curbside service.


3. Take an Instagram baking class

Being stuck inside has some upside: for one, you’re never too far from your kitchen.

This is not the time to worry about waistlines, and baking has therapeutic effects (seriously – Google it). But if your repertoire doesn’t go beyond the freezer, don’t worry: Ace London Bakery Bread Ahead is streaming baking classes on Instagram.

From doughnuts to brownies, there’s no limit to what these pros can help you create. Take their ingredient list on your next shopping run before tuning in.