3 To Do: Get outside, go for a daily walk

Marco Eagle
A man and a woman holding hands walking along a sandy beach.

1. Get outside, go for a daily walk

Public spaces and crowds are off-limits, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck inside. In fact, there are many reasons to spend time outdoors, if you can.

Find a safe outdoor space, such as your neighborhood or backyard, and get out in the sun every day.

2. Create a daily schedule  

If you are finding that your days feel somewhat aimless, try creating a daily schedule.

Setting aside time for designated activities will help you stay on top of your tasks and be productive. 


3. Research your family tree

Visit ancestry.com and follow the easy guides to start researching your family tree; a journey into your family’s history.

Exploring your history might help you feel connected to your past and your family.

If you’re already connected, try exploring record hints to find more of your family.