3 To Do: Create a scavenger night

Marco Eagle
Scavenger hunt map

1. Create a scavenger night

Everyone likes hunting for hidden treasure.

Type up a list of items that need to be “found” and give everyone the list. The items can be inside your home or even in the yard. Place a time limit for the hunt.

Let your creative juices flow. You can make your list in the form of clues, so players have to figure out what the item is. Have a prize for the winner.

2. Enjoy our puzzles 

Puzzles are a brain-teasing way to spend time at home.

And getting started is easy. You'll find an assortment in this and every edition of the Marco Eagle. And the best part? They're free.

Crossword puzzle close-up.

And if you can't make it to a newsstand, just click on the e-edition at marconews.com. There you can download pdfs of the puzzle pages and print them out at home.

If you picked up the hard copy, puzzles start on page 7B.

3. Have a movie marathon

There are many movies that have sequels and offshoots. “Avengers” anyone?

Pick a genre that your family will enjoy. Plan for an entire evening of back-to-back viewing.

Iron Man was the first avenger to get his own movie.

Have plenty of popcorn and snacks! If you want to be extra creative, find props that go with the movie and display out.

You could make a dessert that matches the movie theme.