Horoscopes, July 28-August 3

Marco Eagle


Jul 23/Aug 23

Your significant other can be the catalyst for change, Leo. He or she may help you propel your career and potentially open up doors you never considered.

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Aug 24/Sept 22

Virgo, you may need to get some things of your chest soon. But don't fret. You'll be able to get your emotions out and start over with a fresh and calm perspective.


Sept 23/Oct 23

Surround yourself with your favorite things and people, Libra. This will make daily life that much better and help you put a positive spin on anything.


Oct 24/Nov 22

You may be a little moody and things may not be going according to plan right now, Scorpio. But all it takes is a minor adjustment to change all of that immediately.


Nov 23/Dec 21

Sagittarius, with all the pressure you have been under lately, it can be easy to buckle. However, you have energy reserves in droves and can muscle your way through.


Dec 22/Jan 20

Miscommunication at work may lead to confusion and broken agreements, Capricorn. You may have to be the level head in this situation and pull everyone together.


Jan 21/Feb 18

Aquarius, keep a level head through a demanding time. You're being pulled in many directions, but you've always been cool under pressure and now is no different.


Feb 19/Mar 20

Dreams fill your mind, Pisces. But you have to operate in the real world. See if you can merge your goals with your dreams this week.


Mar 21/Apr 20

What seems like innocent fun can quickly escalate, Aries. Be sure to rein in the excitement. If you can't do so on your own, ask a buddy to assist you.


Apr 21/May 21

This is your time to ramp up the romance, Taurus. If you are single, employ some dating apps to find a new match. If you're in a relationship, exchange romantic texts.


May 22/Jun 21

No one can make healthy decisions for you, Gemini. It is up to you to make some changes. Recommit to healthy eating and exercise this week.


Jun 22/Jul 22

Cancer, if your relationship has been complicated by finances and power struggles, that will start to settle in the days to come. You will find a middle ground.

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