‘Here and There’ exhibition features six world class Cuban artists


The Marco Island Center for the Arts is welcoming six Cuban-born artists as part of a culturally unique presentation titled “Here and There.”

 As part of this art project the Art Center will host work by Carlos Leandro Suarez Crespo (Cale), Juan Manuel Garcia (Juanma), Jose Luis Diaz (Montero), Jose Luis Bermudez, Yaumil Hernandez Gil, and Raciel Gomez Golpe. 

The Marco Island Center for the is welcoming six Cuban-born artists as part of a culturally unique presentation titled “Here and There.”  Above: Carlos Leandro Suarez known as Cale, "Sweet Blocking."

Carlos Leandro Suarez

Known as Cale, he is a graduate from the fine arts program at the Pedagogical Institute Frank Pais Garcia of Santiago de Cuba.

The work of this young contemporary artist has been exhibited in more than 35 collective shows and 10 personal shows in Cuba and many other countries and garnered praise from international press and art critics such as Jose Veigas Zamora, Yanet Ortiz and David Mateo.

Juan Manuel Garcia, known artistically as Juanma, "Realpolitik."

Juan Manuel Garcia

Known artistically as Juanma, he is a graduate of the reputable Leopoldo Romanach Visual Arts Academy in Santa Clara, Cuba.

Juanma participated in shows at the Milander Center of Arts and Entertainment in 2017 and 2018 in the latter he was invited to pay tribute to Jose Marti. Juanma’s oeuvre is filled with the symbolic power of Marti, and the knowledge of creating social awareness through his paintings.

Jose L. Diaz, known artistically as Montero, "Yunque."

Jose L. Diaz

Known artistically as Montero, he is a self-taught artist that began his career in 1994 using photography to document the environment and people of the cities in which he resided.

In 2004 Montero began to move from documentary work of his early career into several series in Minimalism, Abstraction and Pop art. Montero has participated in over 34 shows including a solo show at Ubicuidad (2008), won first prize at the IV Salon of Plastic Arts, Lo Africano en la Contemporaneidad, May/2008 in the Concha Ferrant Gallery, C. de la Habana, Cuba.

Jose Luis Bermudez, untitled.

Jose Luis Bermudez

Bermudez is a graduate of the renowned Academy of San Alejandro de La Habana, Cuba and has been exhibited in 15 solo and 40 collective shows both inside and outside of Cuba.

Bermudez has been a part of fairs and exhibitions such as SCOPE Miami Beach, SCOPE New York, CH. ACO Vitacura, Santiago de Chile, and The Havana Biennial. Bermudez work has been published in important newspapers and magazines such as “The World”.

Yaumil Hernandez Gil, "Juguete Chino," oil on canvas.

Yaumil Hernandez Gil

Hernandez Gil is a graduate of the National Academy of Fine Arts “San Alejandro” has exhibited in 16 solo shows and participated in more than 50 group shows.

Hernandez Gil has been featured in fairs like Art Miami, Art Basel, and Havana Biennial. His biggest solo exhibition “Mutatis Mutandis” received critical success in two of the leading galleries of Havana and is now a traveling exhibit in Mexico.

Raciel Gomez Golpe, "Fragment 40."

Raciel Gomez Golpe

Gomez Golpe is a graduate of Havana’s legendary San Alejandro Academy and has been featured in serious art fairs like Art Miami, Art Palm Beach, Circa Puerto Rico, Artbo Bogota Columbia, Art Moscow, Arte Americas and Houston Fine Art Fair.  Golpe’s “La erosion del limite” (“The Erosion of the Limit”) was met with critical success in Havana’s leading gallery, La Acacia.

Gomez Golpe has received awards in ceramics (National Ceramic Museum) and painting (National Landscape Juried Show). Gomez Golpe’s paintings appear in major collections in Spain, Italy, Mexico, Holland, Belgium, Canada, France, and The United States.

The work of these world class artists that has been featured in galleries and private collections across the globe and will be at Marco Island Center for the Arts for a two-month engagement from Oct. 12 through Nov. 20.

Due to CDC guidance indoor events are limited to 30 by reservation at Marco Island Center for the Arts. Call Marco Island Center for the Arts to reserve your place for this Second Tuesday reception scheduled at 5:30 p.m., Oct. 13.

La Petite Galerie will feature work by Olga Tkachyk Oct. 12-Nov. 3.

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